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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
10 Comfortable and Stylish K-Outfit Ideas for the Perfect Holidays

10 Comfortable and Stylish Outfit Ideas for the Perfect Holidays

Thanksgiving may be over, but the holidays are just beginning. With Christmas and the end of the year coming up, it usually means two things: seeing our family again, and eating to our heart’s content. Whether you’ll be seeing our family members in person, or if you’ll be having a virtual get-together, holiday parties are an occasion where you want to dress to impress. This is even more important if you’re spending the holidays with your significant other’s family! 

But don’t rush to put on your favourite pair of skinny jeans just yet, or you might have to forgo dessert. Luckily, there are ways to be stylish while still being comfortable, and in this article, we’ll list some of the top fall fashion trends to ensure that you can put together the perfect holiday outfit.

For a little bonus, read till the end to find out how to put together a simple and cute holiday couple outfit.

Long sleeve top

Long sleeve tops are an essential fall item. If you want to go for maximum movability, then you can wear a loose fit long sleeve top on its own—maybe style it with a jacket that you can take off once you’re indoors. However, long sleeve tops can also make great base layers. The dress worn over a t-shirt trend is very popular in Korean fashion, and swapping out the t-shirt for a long sleeve top instantly turns this spring and summer trend into fall fashion.

Muah Muah Graphic Crop Long Sleeve T-shirt

Cosy turtleneck

The high collar of a turtleneck is not only great for keeping you warm, it also has an elegant vibe. And because turtlenecks are often made with soft, stretchy material, it’s definitely a great choice for comfort! Turtlenecks are also a great way to show off your bling. With a lower and looser collar, necklaces may end up hidden underneath the top. However, in the case of a turtleneck, most people choose to layer their necklace over the high collar, ensuring that it will catch people’s eyes.

Ncover Checker Board Turtleneck Knit

Comfy knit sweater

Many of us have pulled on a sweater while sitting in cold lecture theatres, or chilly cafes, but the great thing about fall fashion is that you can even wear a sweater as a top. And there are few things comfier than a soft knit sweater. Pair an oversized sweater with your favourite pair of leggings, and you’ll have an outfit that is super stylish while still leaving plenty of eating room. If your knit sweater has a wide neck, you can wear it with the collar hanging off one shoulder for a more unconventional look.

[NCT Shotaro] Ames Colored Logo Knit Sweatshirt

Oversized hoodie

Oversized hoodies are a top trend in Korean fashion, so it’s unsurprising that their popularity carries on into the fall season. While oversized hoodies are a trend that first evolved from hip hop culture and street fashion, because of how popular they are, you will be able to find hoodies in many different designs. Go for a cute bear design—which is one of the top trends of 2021—or even something colourful for an extra festive vibe. And because of the oversized fit, you’ll be able to eat as much as you want without having to worry about your clothes getting too tight.

Muah Muah Point Logo Overfit Napping Hoodie

T-shirt dress

T-shirts are a versatile clothing item that everyone owns. Not only do they come in many different designs, they’re also super comfortable. Anyone who is a fan of Korean fashion knows that oversized t-shirts are the way to go, but if you’re worried that wearing a t-shirt to a holiday party is too casual, then why not go for a t-shirt dress instead? A t-shirt dress combines the elegance of a dress with the comfort of a t-shirt. If you want to dress it up slightly, you can style your t-shirt dress with a belt to cinch your waist, which you can always loosen if it starts to get a little too tight.

Veteze Time Basic Dress

Flowy dress

If you prefer something with more of a feminine vibe, you can opt for a flowy dress instead! These dresses may be cinched in the waist to create a nice body line, but feature a flowy or A line skirt that are definitely more comfortable than a tight-fitting dress. Not only does the flowy material have a girly and ethereal vibe, it is also practical, and the loose fit will make you less self-conscious about any food baby you might have by the end of dinner. 

Heart Club Chiffon Dress

Fancy sweatpants

If it were socially acceptable, I’m sure many of us would consider a pair of sweatpants to be the perfect holiday outfit. However, despite the loungewear trend’s increase in popularity, it might not be the best idea to wear your most comfortable—and worn out—pair of sweatpants to a family gathering, especially if you’re meeting your significant other’s family. However, that doesn’t mean sweatpants are completely off the table. Many Korean streetwear brands have sweatpants that don’t look like sweatpants, but feature the same stretchy waistband that makes sweatpants so comfortable.

Aambition Scotch Logo Stitch Pants

Stretchy skirt

Sweatpants are not the only bottoms that come with elastic waistbands. While less common, there are some skirts that also feature an elastic waistband, making them just as comfortable to wear as sweatpants, but with a much more feminine vibe. Skirts with elastic waistbands can also be elegant, like Ames’ A line skirt, which has a stretchy waistband while still flattering your figure and making you look super stylish. 

Ames Twist A-line Knit Skirt

For a more casual vibe, you can go for Veteze Studio’s mini skirt, which looks like a skirt version of sweatshorts.

Veteze Studio Mini Skirt

Loose-fit cardigan

Fall fashion is all about layers, and cardigans are the perfect items to layer with. Because cardigans are usually made of a slightly thinner material than other jackets, you won’t have to worry about feeling too hot even when you’re indoors. Apart from adding depth to your outfit, wearing a loose-fit cardigan can also help you hide the dreaded post-dinner tummy—all you have to do is button up your cardigan, and no one will even notice a thing!

[BTS Taehyung] Trunk Project Color Mixed Wool Cardigan Jacket

Fleece jacket

Fleece is not just a practical material that keeps you warm when the weather gets cold, but also super fashionable as well. With more and more K-Pop idols choosing to rock fleece jackets, it’s clear that fleece is becoming increasingly popular as a stylistic choice. Because of the increase in popularity of fleece jackets as casual wear, Korean streetwear brands offer fleece jackets in a variety of different designs. Whether you’re going for a cute look, or something that works as more of a statement piece, a fleece jacket is the perfect way to spice up your holiday outfit.

[Twice Mina] Graver Elbow Heart Smile Fleece Jacket

Couple outfit

If you’re planning to spend the holidays with your significant other’s family, rocking a couple outfit at family dinner could be a cute way to show that you and your partner match well together. The easiest way to pull off a holiday couple outfit is to wear matching sweaters. A cosy and festive sweater can be styled with sweatpants, a skirt, or even over a dress.

Veteze Studio’s Dear Buddy knit sweater even comes in two different colours that make for a perfect His & Hers holiday couple outfit set.

[VICTON Byungchan] Veteze Studio Dear Buddy Stripe Round Knit

Shop for the perfect festive holiday outfits at StyleupK today! Worldwide delivery is available, and free shipping to Singapore and the US applies if you spend a minimum of SGD100 or USD190 respectively.

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