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10 Cutest ADLV Designs That You Cannot Miss Out On

10 Cutest ADLV Designs That You Cannot Miss Out On

Korean streetwear brand Acme de la vie (ADLV) is the epitome of chic casual fashion. Their oversized graphic tees are not only loved by Koreans, but by people all over the world too.

With K-pop girl group Twice as the ADLV model, you can be sure this korean streetwear brand will get even more popular!

Most ADLV tees have their distinctive donut graphic on it. With the ADLV baby face holding the colorful donuts, it makes for such cute T-shirts!

In this article, we will look at the 10 cutest T-shirt designs from ADLV!


1. ADLV Teddy Bear Doll T-shirt

adlv teddy bear tshirt styleupk

ADLV Teddy Bear Oversized T-shirt retailing at SGD 70 at StyleupK.

Doesn't this cute teddy bear tee from ADLV just make you go Aww... just by looking at it?

ADLV is a hipster brand with many cool designs, which makes this teddy T-shirt especially adorable!

No one can say no to a cute furry teddy bear, and definitely not the ADLV bear which looks at you with an indifferent expression!

2. ADLV Baby Face Bubble Boy T-shirt

adlv bubble tshirt styleupk

ADLV Baby Face Bubble Boy Oversized T-shirt retailing at SGD 72 at StyleupK.

Just look at this baby taking a blast with bubble bath! He looks so cute with the bubbles on top of his head!

Are you reminded of the times when you were younger and your mom did this to you so that she could take a picture for remembrance sake?

By the way, don't you think this ADLV baby face look like Bentley from the Korean variety show Superman Returns?

3. ADLV Easter Bunny Rabbit T-shirt

adlv easter bunny tshirt styleupk

ADLV Easter Bunny Rabbit Oversized T-shirt retailing at SGD 70 at StyleupK.

Remember the korean bunny ear hat that took over the world by storm just a few years earlier?

Now, you have an ADLV baby face wearing a cute bunny rabbit costume and holding up some easter eggs.

It makes for such a cute outfit. Oh, and by the way, now you have a great shirt to wear for Easter Day!


4. ADLV Embo Record Player Donut T-shirt

Streetwear brand Acme de la vie goes retro! Their iconic donut now take the form of a cute record LP player.

The cute blue glazed donut with sprinkles is blasting out music made with colorful ADLV logo!

5. ADLV Marshmallow T-shirt

Yummy marshmallow in the house!

ADLV goes cute this season with marshmallows! The cute marshmallows are served on smiley face forks!

And look at how big and cute the Acme de la vie logo is make the tee even cuter!

6. ADLV Baby Face Lipstick Girl T-shirt

Wasn't it a fantasy to try on your mom's lipstick on her dressing table and pretend being all grown up when we were young?

Just look at this ADLV baby face girl dolling up and applying some red lipstick! Is she going out for a date?

7. ADLV Green Referee Bear T-shirt

Another bear oversized tee from ADLV, now in the form of a standing green bear!

This bear is not your cute fluffy teddy bear, it's a strict referee mind you! It has its arms tucked on both sides, and it's going to monitor the game in the fairest way ever!

But no, we still think it looks so cute!

8. ADLV Baby Face Snow T-shirt

adlv snow tshirt styleupk

ADLV Baby Face Snow Oversized T-shirt retailing at SGD 70 at StyleupK.

Check out this child looking so cold and getting so wrapped up in thick clothing!

It's winter season and she's all prepared for it. But she's yawning, and the snow drops down from her hands!


9. ADLV Ghost Elmo T-shirt

Guess who is pretending to be a ghost under the white cloth?

Hint: He's got big round eyes, a yellow nose and bright red feet!

Yes, it's our childhood friend Elmo from Sesame Street! The ADLV x Sesame Street collection is just too cute to miss out on!

10. ADLV x Buried Alive Matrix T-shirt

adlv buried alive matrix tshirt styleupk

ADLV x Buried Alive Matrix Oversized T-shirt retailing at SGD 70 at StyleupK.

Do you happen to be a student in an engineering or computer major?

Does this ADLV green matrix tee with the child being surrounded by digits resound with you?

Or feeling overwhelmed or swamped with school? Wear this ADLV matrix tee and show how you feel!



No one dictates that streetwear can only be cool. It can also be a combination of cool AND cute!

Just look at how the leading korean streetwear brand ADLV does it with their T-shirt designs. They have created a cute revolution and we just love these adorable designs to bits!

Let's look forward to their new cute designs in the future!

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