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10 Female Idols to Follow on Instagram for Fashion Style Tips

10 Female Idols to Follow on Instagram for Fashion Style Tips

Looking for style inspiration? Look no further! Take a page out of these female idols’ books and learn how to dress fashionably no matter the occasion.

From music, to accessories, and even books, many of the things we like and enjoy are influenced by our favorite celebrities. It’s no surprise then, that so many trends in Korea originate from idols, and they set the trend for the must-have korean fashion items.

We’ve compiled a list of 10 female idols with impeccable style to follow on Instagram for inspiration.

These idols not only post beautiful selfies of themselves, but also countless OOTDs that we can all learn from!


1. Jennie (Blackpink)

jennie insta

Image: @jennierubyjane

Of course, we can never exclude fashion darling - Jennie of Blackpink.

Known for having a luxurious image, Jennie has worked with high-end luxury brands such as Chanel and Gentle Monster. She features them on her Instagram feed pretty often too.

At the same time, Jennie also posts plenty of photos of her in dressed down, casual outfits.
jennie tshirt
Monochrome fashion is popular among idols, and it seems Jennie is no stranger to the trend too!

She looks absolutely comfortable in her white T-shirt and long black pants, paired with a black bucket hat—an idol essential—and a pair of white sneakers.

For a similar style, wear the Kangol Korea Vintage Washed Bucket Hat paired with a pair of Excelsior Bolt Lo Steam Full White sneakers!

kangol bucket hat

 Kangol Korea Vintage Washed Bucket Hat


Excelsior Bolt Lo Steam Full White

Excelsior Bolt Lo Steam Full White


2. Lisa (Blackpink)

lisa insta

Image: @lalalalisa_m

Also from Blackpink, Lisa is undoubtedly one of the top dancers among korean idols. Like Jennie, she has her fair share of luxury brand deals too, looking a million dollars in many of her photos.

lisa street wear

However, perhaps due to her background in hip hop dancing, there is a clear street-style influence in many of her casual everyday outfits.

Get the similar Lisa style with the Adlv Embroidery Beanie Pink and Quietist Surfing Dog Oversized T-shirt!

adlv beanie

 Adlv Embroidery Beanie Pink

Quietist Surfing Dog Oversized T-shirt

Quietist Surfing Dog Oversized T-shirt

3. Solar (MAMAMOO)


Image: @solarkeem

Solar might be somewhat new to the Instagram scene—she only made her first post back in December 2020! But she has quickly proven to be a fashionista, and her feed is full of OOTDs.

This kpop queen style is more feminine, often wearing dresses and heels as well as accessorizing with necklaces and earrings.

She is also a fan of handbags, featuring bags of various shapes and sizes in her photos.

solar handbag

In particular, this lime green handbag complements the various shades of blue and cream on her dress perfectly, the colours reminiscent of clear blue seas with a slight green tinge.

Many people may be wary of bright-coloured handbags as they are difficult to pair, but Solar shows that being bold can pay off! If you’re a fan of bright patterns, her Instagram feed will surely inspire you to be bold as well.

alice martha bag
Alice Martha Eldar bag

If you’re hesitant to go all-out just yet, you can always start out by completing your outfit with a bold point accessory, such as a brighter color handbag.

Each Alice Martha bag comes in many colors, such as the Eldar bag, which is available in five different colors.

4. Yeri (Red Velvet)


Image: @yerimiese

Red Velvet’s Yeri is a bit of a free spirit, and it shows in her fashion style as well!

She is an extremely versatile fashionista, and it shows in her Instagram feed! They feature her in a whole spectrum of outfits, from fancy dinner looks to much more laid back casual looks.

yeri covernat

No matter what kind of style inspiration you’re looking for, it’s likely that you’ll find an outfit on Yeri’s feed that you love.

Yeri has worn items from Covernat on more than one occasion, such as their sweatshirt (pictured above).

covernat laundry tshirt
Covernat x M/G Laundry Layout Logo Tee White

While sweatshirts may not be very practical for day-to-day wear in Singapore, Covernat also has a collection of T-shirts, which Yeri has also worn on occasion.

5. Joy (Red Velvet)

joy insta

Image: @_imyour_joy

Befitting her name, Joy is known for being a ray of sunshine who brings joy to others.

She has a sweet, feminine vibe that shines through no matter which clothes she wears. We just love her confidence!

joy sweatshirt

Look, even when dressed in only sweatshirt and jeans, Joy gives off a sweet and approachable girl-next-door vibe!

The pretty pink color makes her look more radiant, while remaining sweet at the same time. The white platform sneakers also match her outfit perfectly.

Get this pink sweatshirt from Opwee for the girl next door look and pair it with the iconic Fila disruptor 2 shoes in white pink!

opwee sweatshirt

fila disruptor 2 singapore
Fila Korea Disruptor 2 Shoes White Pink

Chunky platform shoes are catching on as a trend in Singapore as well, with Fila being one of the most well-known sneakers brands!

6. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

doyeon insta

Image: @lafilledhiver_

With her tall height and striking features, you would be forgiven for mistaking Doyeon as a model and not an idol.

Perhaps due to her model-like features and proportions, clothes just fit amazingly on her!

doyeon champion

Doyeon’s Instagram style shows the importance of fit, and that even basic simple outfits can look amazing if they fit well, or are paired with the right accessories.

Get the same Champion Korea Reverse Weave Sweatshirt from StyleupK!

champion sweatshirt white styleupk
The way the blue classic Champion logo on her sweatshirt matches the blue colour of her nails just shows how attentive Doyeon is to the small details. It’s this little detail that really makes her all-white outfit interesting!


7. YooA (Oh My Girl)

yooa insta

Image: @yoo__sha

YooA is well-known for her doll-like visuals, but that doesn’t mean she’s only capable of pulling off a single fashion style.

Jeans, skirts, dresses, blouses, T-shirts—YooA has worn them all, and look amazing in all of them!

She looks adorable no matter what she wears, but we definitely love the girlier style of her style.

yooa red dress

From the red dress, to the red hair pins, to the red accent on her sneakers, YooA ensures that the color scheme of her outfit is cohesive.

The shape of the dress is very flattering as well, cinched in slightly at the waist and short enough to show off her legs.

While YooA may not be on the taller side, pairing a shorter dress with a white low-top sneakers elongates her legs and gives her the illusion of height.

Get a similar style from StyleupK by pairing the Romantic Crown Thick Strap Square Neck Dress with Fila Korea Classic Kicks B Sneakers V2 Beige !

Romantic Crown Thick Strap Square Neck Dress

Romantic Crown Thick Strap Square Neck Dress 

fila sneakers

Fila Korea Classic Kicks B Sneakers V2 Beige

8. Chaeyeon (DIA)

chaeyeon insta

Image: @j_chaeyeoni

Like Doyeon, Chaeyeon is also a former I.O.I member.

Known for her pretty features, Chaeyeon sure knows how to dress well—regardless of whether she is dressing up or dressing down.

chaeyeon sweatshirt

She also seems to be a fan of comfort, with sweatshirts, T-shirts, and sneakers being a staple in her wardrobe. She often keeps her outfits simple as well, proving that there is some truth to the statement ‘less is more’.

ambler sweatshirt
Ambler Korea Big Pink Bear Oversized Sweatshirt in Black

If you would like to embrace the minimalistic but cute aesthetic like Chaeyeon, Ambler has a whole collection of teddy bear tees and sweatshirts.

Pair it with a pair of comfy sweatpants and a cute scrunchie like Chaeyeon, and this would be the perfect outfit to wear to dance practice!


9. Naeun (APink)


Image: @marcellasne_

Legend has it, a pair of leggings sold out just because Naeun wore them once!

But Naeun’s Instagram feed proves that she is a queen of more than just leggings.

While she may be better known for her athleisure looks, she is no stranger to dressing up either.

naeun dress

Her figure looks as amazing in maxi dresses as it does in leggings, and Naeun boldly pairs this dress with a pair of sturdy all-white boots, and a classic leather handbag. It’s an odd combination for anyone else, but it sure works for her!

mlb shoe
MLB Chunky High Sneakers in White

While many people may think that dresses are only suitable for formal events, pairing them with platform boots makes the outfit appropriate for casual get-togethers as well.

Get this MLB Chunky High Sneakers in White from StyleupK and rock it like Naeun does!

10. Somi (Soloist)

somi insta

Image: @somsomi0309

Rounding up our list is a third former I.O.I member—and current soloist—Somi. From more luxurious outfits, to street-style casual, there’s no look that Somi cannot pull off.

somi streetwear

She is unafraid to experiment with different clothing items and styles, which makes her the perfect source of fashion inspiration.

Apart from brands like Louis Vuitton, Somi also rocks streetwear and athletic brands such as Romantic Crown and Nike.

While she looks amazing no matter what she wears, she sure fits the casual, street-style look perfectly.

The streetwear gives her a youthful energy, making her look more her age. 

For a similar checkered shirt, get the Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt from StyleupK and dress up like Somi!

romantic crown shirt

Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt


From sweet girly looks to edgier street-style looks, these idols have you covered no matter the style.

It is clear that they have great knowledge of the fashion trends in Korea, and are able to incorporate these trends into their own personal styles effortlessly.

Following their Instagram accounts will surely help us to become trendy fashionistas ourselves!

Shop at StyleupK for similar styles as these kpop idol fashionistas! StyleupK sells only 100% authentic korean fashion brands from Korea and ships worldwide.

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