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10 Korean Street Fashion Brands You Need To Know in 2021

10 Korean Street Fashion Brands You Need To Know in 2022

No fashion lover can deny the designs and popularity of Korean street fashion.

In fact, many street fashion brands are getting featured on the Seoul Fashion Week too.

Many people love korean streetwear brands for its unique designs, great fit and quality material.

Not sure which street fashion brands to pay attention to this year? Check out our top 10 Korean streetwear brands in 2022:


1. Alice Martha

alice martha bag styleupk
Alice Martha is a korean bag brand that makes amazing bags for women.

It was founded in 2015 and currently has its headquarters in Seoul.

Frequently seen in offline A-land stores, Alice Martha bags are known for its minimalist designs and pretty colors.

alice martha bag styleupk

The bags feature classic curves and are made with quality material. And the best thing is that the bags complement outfits easily.

A keen eye would find their color shades to be different from the usual bags. They seem to have a focus on more in-between colors like a darker tone of brown, a different tone of mustard yellow.

alice martha bag styleupk

However, instead of clashing with outfits, these korean bags are made with your fashion outfits in mind.

These beautiful and functional korean bags have gained the love and attention of both locals and people abroad.

Also, not only are the Alice Martha bags stylish, it's good to know that they’re also eco-friendly.

All Alice Martha products are made with eco-friendly material, with a large usage of vegan leather.

2. I'm Not a Human Being

imnotahumanbeing styleupk

The name alone is quite intriguing, isn’t it? ‘I’m Not a Human Being’ is a Seoul-based streetwear brand.

Launched in 2015, the brand reinterprets what it means to be human.

imnotahumanbeing styleupk

As such, their clothing are interesting and dynamic. They’re meant to bring individuality and playfulness to your everyday look.
imnotahumanbeing pink panther styleupk

imnotahumanbeing playboy styleupk

Also, they are a huge fan of collaborations, with Pink Panther and Playboy on their list! They have also done a collaboration with Fila Korea too!

How should you style your I'm not a human being clothing?

imnotahumanbeing tshirt styleupk

Simply pair one of their logo T-shirts, hoodies or caps with a plain tee and jeans. You’ll look like a fashion style-icon in no time.

3. Frankenmono


Next up, there’s Frankenmono. Founded in 2017, this is a relatively young brand but has been growing rapidly.

frankenmono tshirt
The brand makes amazing Korean streetwear attire. From hoodies to oversized t-shirts, you’ll find everything you need to follow Korean streetwear trends at Frankenmono .

The products are pretty functional. You can make them work for all seasons and occasions.

frankenmono hoodie

For example, the above hoodie is perfect for casual wear. It will also make for a nice casual Friday attire!

Moreover, all Frankenmono products are unisex, this makes selection so much easier, isn't it?

4. Fila Korea

Fila is one of the pioneers of streetwear fashion in Korea.

It may be an international street brand, but since it's headquarters is in Seoul, this is where all the nice designs are!

You can find Fila clothing easily around the world. But no country does it like Fila Korea.

There are a larger range of clothing and shoes, more seasonal items and there are also more affordable in Korea!

fila back to nature styleupk

The best thing is, BTS is also the model for Fila Korea! That means more collaborations with them, with the recent ones being Fila x BTS Back to Nature and Fila x BTS Now On.

In particular, Fila shoes are of superb quality and designs.

fila funky tennis shoe
fila oakmont tr shoe

The Fila funky Tennis Shoes and Fila Oakment Tr Green Shoes above are two highly popular examples.

5. CPGN Studio (Compagno)

Now, CPGN Studio is another Korean streetwear brand you should know about.

This Korean street fashion brand shines through with its innovative designs about nature and the world around us.

cpgn styleupk

As you can see above, the prints are often humorous and unique. The above T-shirt features a stickman hanging on a laundry line.

cpgn lee know styleupk
cpgn bts v styleupk
CPGN Studio quirky clothing is also frequently worn by k-pop idols. BTS V and Stray Kids Lee Know are some of their fans.

Overall, Cpgn Studio shirts are comfortable and chic. Their loose fit attire and creative designs make it a good choice for any occasions.

6. Romantic Crown

romantic crown shirt styleupk

If you’re looking for a slightly more feminine or masculine look, Romantic Crown is an excellent Korean street brand.

This clothing brand has gained recognition in Korea and is also selling well in countries like China. It has also recently expanded to the Singapore market via StyleupK !

The brand has many unisex and also gendered apparel. The vibe of Romantic Crown is also towards European and high class.
romantic crown dress styleupk
For example, look at the above denim dress. It’s simple, casual, and feminine.

You don’t have to put in too much effort, which is the essence of streetwear fashion.
romantic crown edv shirt styleupk
For men, an excellent example is the Romantic Crown E.D.V. Polo T-shirt (pictured below).

The fit is nice and airy whereas the color and print are very vintage. If you’re into the 90s aesthetic, you’ll love Romantic Crown products.

romantic crown bag styleupk

Their long sleeve shirts and bags are bestseller products and you should definitely check them out too!

7. Aqo Studiospace

aqo checkered shirt styleupk
Perhaps the youngest street brand on this list, Aqo Studiospace was only launched in 2019.

But it has skyrocketed in popularity. Let's check out this brand!

AQO Studiospace has a collection of cute clothing with teddy bear prints.

aqo cardigan styleupk

From sweaters to T-shirts to teddy cardigans, this AQO ‘bear’ logo has become iconic and allowed the brand to be known as a cute brand.

You can also call it a minimalist version of Korean Kawaii style. Korean Kawaii is a more subtle cute clothing style compared to the Japanese Kawaii style.

Many couples also wear the AQO Studiospace shirts together as couple outfits!


8. Opwee

opwee shirt styleupk
Calling all gals!

If you’re looking for feminine back-to-school outfits, definitely check out Opwee clothing.

opwee shirt styleupk pink

opwee cropped tee styleupk

This brand caters to the younger female audience with their pastel color shirts and cropped tee.

Opwee clothing are ideal for homewear, to school and also casual days out. You can easily make a statement with a simple tee paired with jeans or skirt!

9. Dominant

Dominant is an up-and-coming streetwear brand in Korea. If you’re getting into Korea fashion, you should definitely check it out.

As the name implies, Dominant designs are bold and experimental.

Although the street brand makes unisex clothes, there’s a rough, masculine edge to the aesthetic.

Moreover, there’s a large variety in fashion style for their clothing.

dominant retro hoodie styleupk

For example, pictured above is a printed hoodie. It’s very punk, dark yet retro at the same time.

dominant smiley cloud hoodie styleupk

They also go cute with clothing like the Dominant rainbow embroidery hoodie and Dominant smiley cloud hoodie.

itaewon class dominant

Fun fact: Do you know Park Saeroyi in Itaewon Class wears the Dominant jacket in the drama?

10. Quietist

Last but not least, we have Quietist Korea.

Quietist is another amazing street brand to look out for in 2022, especially for males!

Let's be real - most fashion brands are designed primarily for the female audience.

What does that mean?

Less masculine designs, not so comfortable fit, and few or no shorts and long pants!

quietist pants

Quietist comes to the rescue with their collection of clothing which includes pants!

You would find that their clothing usually have a base color of black, white or blue. The colors are bright, but not striking.

quietist shirt

This is because their vision to bring along the power of quietness - whereby subtle designs can be strong too!

We also love the pants collection from Quietist.

They are designed for the casual weekenders in mind. And the pants are stylish enough to wear to school and work.

Yet it is designed to be more comfortable than fitted pants and is a great companion during travels.

dia quietist shirt

Females have also looked great with Quietist clothing!


Korean street brands embrace street style in different ways. All the brands in this list are unique in their philosophies and designs.

The important thing about street fashion is to portray your personality through these clothing, while remaining comfortable at it.

If you want to embrace Korea fashion and wear like the kpop idols do, don’t be afraid to mix and match with new aesthetics.

However, it's good to be practical, and invest in evergreen items like sweatshirts, hoodies, and oversized T-shirts!

Shop for korean street fashion at StyleupK now! StyleupK is an online korean fashion platform that ships worldwide. Free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia.

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