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10 Male Idols to Follow on Instagram for Fashion Inspiration

10 Male Idols to Follow on Instagram for Fashion Inspiration

Previously, we did an article on 10 female idols to follow on Instagram. This week, it’s the boys’ turn!

Do you find it difficult to find fashion style guides for men?

For guys who want to dress better but don’t know where to start, don’t worry!

The following list of male idols navigate the world of male fashion and streetwear expertly. Their Instagram posts will surely provide enough style inspiration for you to get your fashion journey started.

1. Baekhyun (EXO)

baekhyun instagram

Source: @baekhyunee_exo

Since debuting with EXO back in 2012 and then as a soloist in 2019, kpop idol Baekhyun has pulled off different styles and concepts on stage.

However off stage, he favors comfort, often dressing in oversized shirts and hoodies. He can often be seen with a baseball cap or a bucket hat as well.

The collaboration between ADLV and Buried Alive is popular amongst many idols, and Baekhyun is no exception.

In a selfie taken during dance practice, Baekhyun can be seen sporting the ADLV x Buried Alive Gamer Screen Headphone Oversized Graphic Hoodie. He styles the hoodie with a pair of charcoal trousers, white sneakers, and a baseball cap.

adlv basic ballcap black
ADLV Basic Ballcap Black

For a similar style ballcap, go for the ADLV basic ballcap in black.

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2. Doyoung (NCT)

doyoung instagram

Source: @do0_nct

Take a peek at Doyoung’s Instagram feed and you’ll know that he has mastered the boyfriend look perfectly.

The boyfriend look is casual, but still appropriate and stylish enough for date nights. He often wears comfortable sweaters that are just oh-so-perfect for cuddling.

doyoung kodak sweatshirt
Doyoung in Kodak sweatshirt

Just look at him in the Kodak cashmere sweater—doesn’t he look super cuddly?

kodak sweatshirt grey

To get this Kodak cashmere sweatshirt, put in a custom order request at StyleupK.

If you find sweatshirts to be too much for Singapore hot weather, go for a Kodak oversized tee instead.

kodak tshirt
Kodak Apparel Logo Retro Rainbow Oversized T-shirt White, retailing at sgd92 at StyleupK.

Kodak also has a wide collection of retro style T-shirts, which are definitely more practical for daily wear in sunny Singapore.

Shop Kodak Apparel collection at StyleupK now.


3. Johnny (NCT)

johnny nct

Source: @johnnyjsuh

Johnny’s down-to-earth, social butterfly personality gives him a boy-next-door vibe. And his fashion sense matches this vibe as well.

Due to his tall height and long legs, he manages to pull off even the most basic of outfits, making him the perfect style inspo for anyone looking for a stylish yet comfortable look.

johnny sweatpants grey
Johnny in grey sweatpants

Who knew sweatpants could be this stylish? The sweatshirt and sweatpants combination might look casual, but the addition of the crossbody bag pulls this outfit together perfectly.

dominant grey sweatpants


Dominant Rainbow Logo Embroidery Jogger Pants (Dark Grey)

kangol zippi bag

Kangol Canvas Shoulder Bag Zippi Medium

For a similar look, go for the Dominant Rainbow Logo Embroidery Jogger Pants in Dark Grey and Kangol Canvas Shoulder Bag Zippi Medium.

Shop Dominant and Kangol collection at StyleupK now.


4. Key (SHINee)

key insta

Source: @bumkeyk

SHINee’s Key is a well-known fashionista. While he does enjoy haute couture fashion, he’s also shown to be just as knowledgeable about putting together a casual streetwear outfit.

key color block jacket
Key in color block jacket and graphic T-shirt

The color block trend is a great way to add a splash of color to an outfit. It is eye-catching, but more subtle than wearing a bright solid colored clothing item.

As with most statement pieces, Key keeps the rest of his outfit simple, matching his colour block jacket with a printed t-shirt and black pants.
quietist color block jacket

Quietist Corduroy Color Block Shirt Jacket Red

varisty tshirt human being

I Am Not A Human Being Varsity Oversized T-shirt


For a similar look, opt for the Quietist Corduroy Color Block Shirt Jacket Red and I Am Not A Human Being Varsity Oversized T-shirt.

Shop Quietist and I Am Not A Human Being collections at StyleupK.

5. Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)

astro insta

Source: @eunwo.o_c

Cha Eunwoo is one of K-pop’s most well-known IT boys, but his Instagram feed has a much more approachable vibe.

When he’s not dressed up for work, Cha Eunwoo can often be seen in a simple T-shirt, styled with a jacket.

cha eunwoo teddy bear tshirt
Cha Eunwoo in teddy bear T-shirt

He looks extra cozy in the photo above, and the fuzzy bear on his t-shirt with the intricate embroidery is definitely the highlight of the outfit.

ambler thriller tshirt

Shop Ambler Korea Thriller Mirror Bear Oversized T-shirt at StyleupK.

Ambler clothing often features teddy bears, and there are so many adorable T-shirt designs to choose from.

While not featuring a bear, Quietist’s Change Mood collection of sweatshirts also feature some cute animals.

quietist sweatshirt
Shop Quietist Change mood Cat Oversized Sweatshirt at StyleupK.

The designs in this collection also make use of different materials, making the shirt not only visually appealing, but great to touch and feel as well.

Shop Ambler and Quietist collections at StyleupK now!


6. Rocky (ASTRO)

rocky insta

Source: @minhyuk202523

Rocky is a master of the trends, having worn popular Korean streetwear brands such as thisisneverthat, Mmlg, as well as I Am Not A Human Being.

He often completes his outfits with baseball caps, bucket hats, and beanies.

human being pink tshirt
Rocky in I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING pink T-shirt

He dresses down occasionally, wearing a simple T-shirt and jeans, but still manages to look super stylish. In the photo above, he pairs a simple t-shirt from I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING with a pair of destroyed ripped jeans.

i am not a human being pink tshirt
I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING pink T-shirt, also available in other colors at StyleupK.

Get this similar pink logo T-shirt from I am not a human being. The reflection of the logo creates a special artwork design.

Shop I Am Not A Human Being collection at StyleupK now!

7. Byungchan (Victon)

byungchan insta
Source: @b__yccn

Byungchan’s Instagram feed is an endless source of style inspo that’s filled with countless OOTDs. While all his outfits always look stylish, his real skill is in accessorizing.

He is the model of showing how the right accessories can enhance the entire look and feel of any outfit!

Byungchan can often be seen with a ballcap, beanie or even a Kangol beret cap!

byungchan blue cap

Here, he's wearing a cute ballcap with a heart logo. He shows how a guy can also rock with a colored cap and a cute one at that! Shop for a similar cap from AQO Studiospace.

aqo ballcap heart logo

Aqo Studiospace Heart Logo Ballcap in black

Not only is he always seen wearing a different hat almost every time, he also seems to be a fan of shoes, showing off various pairs of shoes in different styles on his Instagram.

fila ray tracer shoes
Fila Korea Ray Tracer Shoes Green Red

For a similar look as Byungchan, get a pairs of the Fila Korea Ray Tracer Shoes. The mix of colors and use of suede material give it a different vibe from the usual sneakers.

Shop AQO Studiospace and Fila at StyleupK now!

8. Rowoon (SF9)

rowoon insta

Source: @ewsbdi

Unlike most of the idols on this list, Rowoon does not wear streetwear often during his downtime. His style is slightly more dressy, often layering a blazer or some other outerwear over plain T-shirts or turtlenecks. When dressed up, Rowoon gives off a princely vibe.

rowoon checkered shirt
Rowoon in plain T-shirt and checkered shirt

Check him out! Even when dressed in a plain white t-shirt and a checkered button-up shirt, Rowoon still looks so classy! (And absolutely date-ready too ><)
romantic crown checkered shirt

Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt

cpgn silket tshirt mocha

cpgn silket tshirt mocha

@thatguyanjhon wears the CPGN Studio Silket Short Sleeve Oversized T-shirt in mocha

For a similar look, go for the Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt paired with the CPGN Studio Silket Short Sleeve Oversized T-shirt with a nice drop shoulder fit.

Shop Romantic Crown and CPGN Studio at StyleupK now!


9. Shownu (Monsta X)

shownu insta
Source: @shownuayo

Despite having only created his Instagram in January 2021, Shownu already has quite a number of OOTD posts. While he doesn’t seem to favor any style in particular, he pulls off each look perfectly!

From a more formal shirt and blazer combo, to the dressed down t-shirt and sweatpants look, Shownu is the epitome of always looking good.

oioi black tshirt shownu
Shownu in black OIOI T-shirt

He’s also an expert at finding just the right angle for a mirror selfie, which is a very important skill to have when it comes to showing off your outfits. Here, he is wearing a black T-shirt from oioi.

oioi black signature tshirt

Oioi Signature Logo Oversized T-shirt Black

Oioi has many logo T-shirts in various designs and colors. Shop for OIOI at StyleupK now!

10. DPR Ian

dpr ian
Source: @dprian

While DPR Ian is more of an indie artist, he was once a member of K-pop boy group C-Clown (as Rome). He may no longer be an active idol, but his Instagram account is worth being included in this list too!

The previous idols have shown different styles ranging from streetwear to smart casual, while DPR Ian brings a completely new style to the table—grunge.
dpr ian tshirt
DPR Ian in a simple white oversized T-shirt

His style is definitely edgier than most typical idols, but that’s exactly what makes him such a good source of style inspiration. The outfits he wears are quite simple, but paired with his tattoos and long locks, he gives off an almost punk rock vibe.

fila tech oversized tshirt white
Fila Korea Tech Back Logo Oversized T-Shirt White

For a similar style with his no frills T-shirt, go for the Fila Korea Tech Back Logo Oversized T-Shirt in white.

Shop for Fila at StyleupK now!


Men fashion is often seen as lesser than women’s fashion, and there is definitely less variety in the types of clothing available for men.

However, that doesn’t mean that men’s fashion is boring. As shown by the list of male idols fashion above, it’s about the choice of clothing items and how you style them that really matters.

More formal items can be dressed down, just as casual items can be dressed up. It might take a few tries to truly find a style that fits you, but social media offers a wealth of inspiration and style tips.

StyleupK is an online korean fashion platform that ships worldwide. Shop for Korean brand name streetwear at StyleupK now!

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