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4 K-pop Idols with the Best Airport Fashion to Learn From

4 K-pop Idols with the Best Airport Fashion to Learn From

Airports are no longer just a place to catch flights, they’re also become places for K-pop idols to show off their fashion style.

You might be wondering, what exactly is airport fashion?

Airport fashion is exactly what it is—outfit worn to the airport!

K-pop idols often have to travel overseas for concerts and variety shows. Since it is so difficult to catch idols in their off stage outfits, the airport has become the new unofficial fashion runway.

For idols that dress well, they are widely applauded for their great fashion sense. Thus, it now becomes paramount for them to choose a great airport outfit.

This is of course a huge task to handle. The reduced air pressure on flight means no uncomfortable tight-fitting clothing or thick makeup. Which means they will have to wear casual clothing yet make them look absolutely stylish.

Read on to see what kind of fashion is popular among idols on their way to the airport runway. And let's learn from their great fashion sense!

1. Lucas (WayV)

lucas airport fashion


Maybe it’s because of his model-long legs, but Lucas manages to make anything he wears look so runway-ready.

Lucas is not a stranger to the fashion world, having attended Fashion Week in London, been sponsored by brands such as Burberry. He even walked in a fashion show himself!

It’s no surprise then, that Lucas can often be seen sporting high-end brands at the airport.

lucas airport fashion

lucas airport fashion hoodie
Image: newsen

But it’s not just about wearing high end branded clothing. brands, Comfort seems to be a top priority for this good looking kpop idol as well. Hoodies and t-shirts are his wardrobe staples.

It's no wonder, oversized hoodies and T-shirts are not only comfortable, they are so stylish! Which makes it the new fashion item that many celebrities wear to the airport in recent years.

lucas airport fashion cpgn
cpgn studio hoodie idol

cpgn studio hoodie idol

CPGN Studio Pinocchio Puppet Oversized Hoodie, retailing at sgd75 at StyleupK

Luckily for us, there are many brands that offer similar style hoodies that won’t break the bank. Korean streetwear brand CPGN Studio is one of them. Their Pinocchio-inspired oversized hoodie is not only cute, it has also been endorsed by celebrities, such as actor Seo Kangjoon, and Jung Eunji of girl group Apink!

We can learn from Lucas by layering up the oversized tops.

For an oversized tee, you can layer up with a plain long sleeve tshirt to make it look more semi formal. You can also layer up with a leather jacket. The different textures confer the outfit with a more refined vibe.

Lucas also is a fan of accessorizing, often completing his outfit with messenger bags, ballcaps, chain necklaces, glasses etc. The different accessories give him a different vibe everytime, depending on his mood of the day. He usually completes his outfits with black pants and sneakers.

Spice up your outfits with ballcaps and messenger bags just like Lucas. They are simple additions to an outfit, and will still be suitable for the hot Singapore weather.


2. Seulgi (Red Velvet)


red velvet airport fashion

Image: Twitter

Seulgi is well-known for her amazing stage presence, but she has proven that she is just as captivating off-stage.

In her downtime, Seulgi seems to prefer denim jeans and basic tops—a far cry from the flashy outfits she usually dons on stage. Her love for basics does not mean that her entire outfit is basic, however.
red velvet airport fashion

Image: Codipop

Plain tops and bottoms are often paired with fancier blazers that accentuate her shoulders, no matter the season. Seulgi proves that blazers are not just formal attire, even daring to wear them with shorts and sneakers.donkie brown bucket

Donkie Almond Bucket Bag in Brown, retailing at sgd55 at StyleupK

Seulgi often carries a small bag with her too, which is an absolute must-have for any girl. Donkie Almond Bucket bag is a similar style to the LV bag pictured above, but at a fraction of the cost! The bag even comes with a removable strap, making it even more versatile and easily paired with a range of outfits.donkie sepium black

Donkie Sepium Bag Black, retailing at sgd60 at StyleupK

For the small sling bag that she carries, you can also get the Donkie sepium bag. It comes with an additional strap and golden chains to match according to your mood of the day. red velvet airport fashion

Image: Twitter

While Seulgi has perfected the smart casual look, she has proven that she can pull off a much more casual street style as well.

One of her most iconic airport fashion looks had her decked out in head to toe in Off-White. Comfort was clearly the top priority with this outfit, and the T-shirt and sweatpants combination is both fashionable and practical!
red velvet airport fashion

ADLV Baby Face Bubble Boy T-shirt, retailing at sgd72 at StyleupK

ADLV also carries similar t-shirts, such as their baby face bubble baby oversized graphic t-shirt. It is so cute and and would look just as great matched with a pair of comfy sweatpants for a casual weekend outing! Currently available instock in Singapore!


3. Kang Daniel

daniel airport fashion
Fans often boast about how long Kang Daniel’s legs are, and the man himself is not shy about taking advantage of his very enviable height!
daniel airport fashion
He has worn long coats on more than one occasion, and he pulls them off effortlessly. Tall enough that he’s not completely swallowed by the fabric, these long coats make him look like he’s walked straight out of a K-drama.

daniel airport fashion

If K-drama leads are not your type, it doesn’t matter. Kang Daniel has also worn more casual outfits that look both comfortable and stylish. Like the other idols mentioned in this list, he seems to be a fan of layering as well.

A short-sleeved button-up worn over a plain white t-shirt looks casual enough without coming across as too sloppy. Paired with a comfy pair of sneakers and some statement socks, it’ll make the perfect outfit for almost any occasion. Wear a similar style when you hang out with the friends or break it down in the dance studio!
daniel airport fashion romantic crown


For a similar style, Romantic Crown has a collection of button-up shirts that would look great layered on top of a basic t-shirt. They are oversized, and you can opt to wear as an outerwear or as a shirt on its own! Check out how BTS Taehyung style with this Romantic Crown shirt here.



rose blackpink airport fashion

Dressing comfortably doesn’t always mean sweatpants and sneakers, and Rosé is proof of that!

This queen, who just released her solo title track On the Ground, has rocked heels on more than one occasion at the Airport. This fashion style elongates her already-long legs, and matches her smart casual outfits perfectly.
rose blackpink airport fashion
The heels she’s worn are of a practical thickness, which confers her comfort and style. Rosé looks absolutely at ease in them.

Sometimes a nice pair of heels is the solution to spice up an otherwise basic outfit, and these looks would be suitable for a casual night out as well.
young bridge leather shoes

Young Bridge Margaret Slingback Heels in Black, retailing at sgd199 at StyleupK

Boots might be slightly impractical in Singapore with the hot weather. But you can go with a similar style with a nice pair of slingback heels from Young Bridge korea. It will look great without overheating your feet. As each pair is made with 100% real leather and custom hand made, you can be guaranteed the comfort and quality too!rose blackpink airport fashion

rose blackpink airport fashion

Rosé has a sweet girl-next-door image, and this can clearly be seen in the way she dresses. While others may favor sweatpants or jeans, she has shown that it’s perfectly acceptable to also wear skirts and dresses on a flight.

She often wears off-the-shoulder tops or peasant tops, and her outfits definitely look as sweet as she is!
rose blackpink airport fashion romantic crown

Romantic Crown Thick Strap Square Neck Dress in Sky Blue, retailing at sgd119 at StyleupK

Square-neck dresses are a great way to show off beautiful collar bones, and Romantic Crown’s Thick Strap Square Neck Dress would be perfect for a Rosé-inspired outfit.

The sleeveless dress is also a stylish way to stay cool despite Singapore’s hot weather.



Airports are a great place for K-pop idols to show off their personal styles. Although travelling is restricted during this period, that doesn’t mean we can’t draw inspiration from airport fashion looks. They are so practical as everyday styles!

Besides, staycations are the new vacations. We may not get to wear cute outfits to the airport at this time, but we can definitely wear them to hotels. Maybe that will make us feel like we’re K-pop idols who are about to catch a flight!

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