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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
5 Different K-Fashion Date Looks

5 Different K-Fashion Date Looks

First impressions are key during first dates, and the way you dress says a lot. For couples who have been together a long time, getting dressed up for dates can help keep the relationship feeling fresh. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you’re just getting to know someone new, it’s important to look your best during dates.

If you’re in need for date look inspiration, we’ve got styling tips for 5 different kinds of dates just for you!

Study Date

Study dates are a great way to spend time with your partner while still being productive, but just because you’ll be studying doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress up. Comfort is key when it comes to study date outfits, but you don’t have to compromise on style to be comfortable.

checkered shirt

An oversized button-up makes for the perfect boyfriend look. Image: We Heart It

Libraries can get chilly, so it’s a good idea to include an outer layer with your outfit. Make sure you bring a bag that is large enough to fit all of your work, as well as your laptop.

quietist jacket

Quietist Corduroy Color Block Shirt Jacket Red, retailing at sgd110 at StyleupK

veteze backpack

Veteze Studio Deluxe Backpack Black, retailing at sgd89 at StyleupK

cropped black sweatshirt

Cropped hoodies look great with high-waisted bottoms / Image: Pinterest

If you’re not a fan of button-ups, a cropped hoodie is another option!

cropped black hoodie

Aqo Studiospace Bear Logo Cropped Hoodie in Black, retailing at sgd85 at StyleupK

Movie Date

Just because you spend two hours sitting in the dark doesn’t mean you don’t have to look good! Movie theatres are a great excuse to rock a hoodie that you won’t be able to wear otherwise, so why not pick a hoodie that is not only soft and warm, but super cute as well?

oversized hoodie

Match your hoodie with your shoes for bonus style points / Image: Pinterest

You can wear an oversized hoodie as a dress for an extra cuddly look.

dominant cloud hoodie

Dominant Cloud Embroidery Oversized Hoodie in Navy, retailing at sgd95 at StyleupK

oversized black tshirt

Go punk rock with this layered look / Image: Pinterest

If hoodies are too thick for you, go for layers instead! Wear a plain long-sleeved shirt underneath an oversized t-shirt and you’ll stay both warm and stylish in the movie theatre.

dominant tshirt

Dominant Space Boys Oversized T-shirt, retailing at sgd75 at StyleupK


With covid surging, it would also make a good alternative to gather some friends and binge watch korean dramas too! These outfits will make for some nice catching up with friends on the drama date!

Activity Date

Are you and your partner more active people? Do you enjoy biking, or bowling, or maybe even ice skating? Don’t be so quick to reach for your trusty gym shorts just yet—with the rise in popularity of athleisure, you can look cute while being active as well.

cropped tee

A cropped top helps to dress up the sweatpants / Image: Pinterest

Thanks to the popularity of urban streetwear, sweatpants are not only comfortable and easy to move in, but are also considered stylish. Sweatpants paid with sneakers and a cropped t-shirt make for a simple yet date-ready look.

romantic crown sweatpants

Romantic Crown Reverse Stitch Sweatpants in Black, retailing at sgd120 at StyleupK

sweatshirt with leggings

Feel free to pair leggings with a loose top / Image: Pinterest

If you’re confident about your legs and feeling a little bold, go for leggings instead of sweatpants!

adlv leggings

ADLV Big Logo Leggings, retailing at sgd95 at StyleupK

adidas nizza shoes

Adidas Nizza Trefoil White, retailing at sgd78 at StyleupK

Park Date

Even though Singapore is a garden city, it’s still nice to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Picnics with food may be out of the question with the current Covid-19 measures, but you can still spend a quiet afternoon enjoying nature with your partner.

park date

Neutral colours look great against the green of nature / Image: Pinterest

Sleeveless tops are not only practical in Singapore’s heat, but also give off an undeniable summer vibe. Pair it with a bucket hat to protect yourself from the sun, along with a tote bag large enough to fit all your picnic essentials, and you’re good to go!

near&dear spagetti strap top

Near & Dear Buttoned V Neck Strap Top in Pink, retailing at sgd99 at StyleupK

iamnotahumanbeing washed hat

I Am Not A Human Being Handmade Washed Bucket Hat in Beige, retailing at sgd49 at StyleupK

park dress

Go with pastel colours to match with flowers / Image: We Heart It

Dresses are also a great way to achieve the perfect summer vibe while staying comfortable.

near&dear dress

Near & Dear Flower & Checkered Midi Dress, retailing at sgd149 at StyleupK

kangol tote

Kangol Korea Canvas Tote Bag Cony Plus Ivory, retailing at sgd75 at StyleupK

Museum Date

Lovers of arts and culture might be more interested in a museum date. While there is no strict dress code to adhere to when visiting the museum, there are certain things to keep note of when putting together an outfit for your gallery date.

kfashion checkered skirt

Put your best foot forward with your most comfy sneakers / Image: Pinterest

Museum dates will involve a lot of walking, so it’s best to put on your most comfortable pair of sneakers! It can also get a little chilly in galleries, so a long-sleeved top is a great option if you get cold easily.

mmlg dress

Mmlg Long Sleeve Dress T-shirt Black, retailing at sgd85 at StyleupK

23.65 v2 shoes

23.65 V2 Triple White Platform Shoes, retailing at sgd140 at StyleupK

kfashion model

Channel your inner artist with a beret / Image: Tumblr

You can also embrace the artsy vibe fully by accessorising with a beret, and they make a great statement piece as well!

kangol beret cap

Kangol Korea Wool Beret Hat in Black, retailing at sgd155 at StyleupK

What's your k-fashion date style?

While date activities may be limited during the pandemic, that doesn’t mean our outfits have to be limited as well. The overlap of certain clothing items shows that there are many ways to style a single item, and these styling tips will help you get ready for several different kinds of dates.

Shop for the perfect date look at StyleupK today, worldwide delivery available! Free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia.

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