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5 Different Ways To Wear An Oversized Tee

5 Different Ways To Wear An Oversized Tee

Whether you love or hate T-shirts, you cannot live without them. Especially in hot weather countries like Singapore and Malaysia.

But T-shirts need not be boring.

Do you know that a oversized T-shirt can also be worn in different ways?

Read on to find out how you can wear your oversized shirts to pull off different fashion styles!

Tucked out

oversized tshirt korean

Tucked out loose fit tshirt style. Image: pinterest

This is what comes to mind most often when oversized shirts are mentioned.

Comfort is a big reason for the popularity of oversized shirts, so it’s no surprise that they’re often worn as it is.

For a more urban vibe, the oversized shirt can be paired with loose pants.

champion tshirt
Champion oversized tshirt paired with skinny jeans. image: pinterest


champion tshirt

Champion Korea Script Graphic Logo T-shirt GT23H in Black, retailing at sgd38.50 at StyleupK

And for a slightly more put-together vibe, the oversized shirt can be paired with tighter bottoms, such as a pair of skinny jeans or leggings.

Shop Champion collection at StyleupK. 100% authentic, worldwide delivery.

Tucked in

oversized yellow tee

Color T-shirt will give you a different vibe. Image: pinterest

Another way to style an oversized shirt is to tuck it into your bottoms.

This style works best with a high-waisted bottom, as tucking the shirt in accentuates the waist.

It gives the illusion of a smaller waist and being slimmer without compromising on comfort.

iamnotahumanbeing yellow tshirt
I Am Not A Human Being Bold Letter Logo T-shirt in mustard, retailing at sgd55 at StyleupK

For guys, there are different pants to pair the shirt with. For girls, you can pair the shirt with a skirt too!

This style can be done with short pants too! Other than pairing it with the usual denim shorts, a nice color pants work well too.

striped tee pants

Pairing striped oversized tee with elastic band shorts work well too. Image: pinterest


guess retro striped tshirt

Go vintage style with Guess Retro Stripe Semi Oversized T-shirt, retailing at sgd75 at StyleupK.

cpgn shorts

You can match a basic T-shirt with the CPGN Studio Corduroy Comfy Short Pants in navy for a elegant feel.

quietist short pants

Opt for the Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants for slightly more formal occasions like family gatherings.

Fashion tip: If your bottoms is of a basic color, you can go for a color T-shirt or a striped one for a brighter image.

Shop I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING, Guess, CPGN Studio and Quietist collections at StyleupK. 100% authentic, worldwide delivery.

Half-tucked in

MAMAMOO tshirt

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul in half tucked in style. Image: pinterest

Not sure whether to tuck your shirt in or not?

No worries, because there is a third option: the half-tuck.

As the name itself implies, the half-tuck involves tucking in only half of your shirt—usually the front half, while leaving the back loose.

This half-tucked style is more casual chic, combining the effortless untucked style and the more chic tucked style.

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul is a fan of the half-tuck style, and she’s been seen sporting the style on more than one occasion!

For a similar style, go for the CPGN Studio Code Number Binary Oversized T-shirt!

cpgn binary tshirt

CPGN Studio Code Number Binary Oversized T-shirt in white, retailing at sgd60 at StyleupK.

Mamamoo byul red tshirt airport

Choose an oversized tee of a more lightweight material to achieve similar style as the above. Image: twitter

suzy guess tshirt

Guess Tshirts have a semi loose fit design and they are more lightweight than the usual oversized tee. 

guess suzy tshirt

Shop for Guess Suzy Purple Triangle Logo Semi Oversized T-shirt, retailing at sgd60 at StyleupK


Shop Guess and CPGN Studio collections at StyleupK. 100% authentic, worldwide delivery.

Cropped tee

korean cropped tee

Cropped tee with front knot. Image: pinterest

Oversized shirts can also be turned into a cropped top with a simple knot.

Girls, this is a great way to transform an oversized shirt into a top that accentuates your waist. Great for dance practices too!

Apart from knotting the shirt at the front, you can also tie it at the back, making it look even more like a regular cropped top.

jennie cropped tee
Jennie in lightweight material white tshirt tied at back. Image: pinterest

Take a look at how Blackpink’s Jennie turned her t-shirt into a cropped top using this method!

Fashion tip: Most graphic oversized tee have a thicker material, making it difficult for tying into a cropped tee. It is recommended to choose a lightweight material from brands like Fila and Guess.

guess neon tshirt

Guess Neon Sign Oversized T-shirt

Get this Guess Neon Sign Oversized T-shirt in white and tie it at the back like Jennie does! It has a beautiful and unique design at the back of the Guess T-shirt.

Shop Guess collection at StyleupK. 100% authentic, worldwide delivery.

As a dress

korean dress tshirt

Wear the oversized tee as a mini dress. Image: pinterest

Another great thing about oversized shirts is that if it’s long enough, you can even wear it as a dress!

If you’re worried that it might be too short, you can size up on the shirt, or wear safety shorts underneath.

Switch up the designs according to your mood - coolness or cuteness? We've got both!

I Am Not A Human Being Wolverine Oversized T-shirt

On days when you feel cool, wear the I Am Not A Human Being Wolverine Oversized T-shirt

ambler thriller bear tshirt

On cute days, get the Ambler Korea Thriller Mirror Bear Oversized T-shirt!

Shop I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING and Ambler collections at StyleupK. 100% authentic, worldwide delivery.


Oversized t-shirts may be basic, but they are definitely not boring!

Wear them in different styles according to the occasion. There are also many different types of t-shirt designs, making them even easier to pair with different outfits.

Shop for oversized t-shirts at StyleupK today, worldwide delivery available!

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