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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
5 Horror Themed K-Pop MVs To Get You Ready For Halloween

5 Horror Themed K-Pop MVs To Get You Ready For Halloween

While K-Pop itself is considered a genre, there are many different concepts within K-Pop. Many of us are familiar with cute concepts and edgy concepts, but not so much with horror concepts. With Halloween coming up, we take a look at 5 horror themed K-Pop MVs to help you get into the Halloween spirit.

And because here at StyleupK we believe that style inspiration can be found anywhere, we will also be taking a look at the general styling featured in these creepy music videos, and what K-Fashion styling tips we can learn from them.

NATURE – Girls

While there isn’t a clear narrative and the story is up to interpretation, the music video of NATURE’s Girls features many classic horror elements. From being set in a large Victorian mansion, to figures with white sheets draped over them, there are plenty of moments in the MV that send a chill down our spines.

Style inspiration

The MV features two sets of outfits—one black and one white—but what both sets of outfits have in common is the fit of the dress. While each dress varies in length, they are all loose fit and feature a flowy skirt. The woman in white is a classic horror trope, but as long as you’re not going to lurk in an abandoned manor, wearing a white dress is definitely a cute look.

CIX – Jungle

The music video for CIX’s Jungle is inspired by Dante’s Inferno, which describes a man’s journey through hell. Skulls are a motif throughout the MV, the rowing boat and lantern are a reference to Charon, who is the ferryman in Greek mythology who guides souls into the underworld, and the presence of water is an allusion to the river Styx that divides the worlds of the living and dead. The MV also seems to depict the different circles of hell, which is definitely unsettling—and perfect for Halloween.

Style inspiration

The red set of outfits showcases a popular Korean fashion trend: monochrome. While wearing bright red from head to toe in broad daylight might not be the best idea for those of us who aren’t K-Pop idols, you can definitely rock a monochrome look in a different colour. Neutral colours such as beige are especially popular for the monochrome look.

CIX also sports some ragged outfits in the MV—which is fitting for inhabitants of hell—and you can achieve a similar look without having to take a pair of scissors to your favourite clothes.

Sunmi – Tail

Sunmi portrays a scorned lover out for revenge in her MV for Tail, and while it lacks the supernatural aspects—if you don’t count the part where Sunmi survives a fall from a height and turns into Catwoman—of conventional horror, it definitely sets us on edge (pun intended). The character that Sunmi portrays seems to be a mix of DC Comics’ Catwoman and Harley Quinn, and while murder is wrong, we can’t help but root for her as she exacts her vendetta on her ex.

Style inspiration

Sunmi goes from a conservatively dressed office lady to a femme fatale, and we are loving the transformation. We might not be able to rock latex outfits the way Sunmi does, but form-fitting dresses and animal prints are definitely something we can incorporate into our wardrobes.

Of course, the ruffled top and midi skirt Sunmi wears in the beginning of the MV is also a look, and makes for great work wear style inspiration.

Dreamcatcher – BEcause

Dreamcatcher are not new to horror concepts, and the rock elements of their music definitely suit horror, so it’s no surprise that their latest comeback BEcause also features a creepy music video. The settings for the MV include a hotel lobby that’s reminiscent of Hotel del Luna, as well as an abandoned theme park. There are figures draped in black sheets, reflections that move on their own, and more than a few creepy dolls.

Style inspiration

Perhaps it’s because the hotel setting reminds us of Hotel del Luna, but we’re getting strong gothic lolita vibes from their styling in the MV. While they wear a few different outfits, it’s the gothic set that truly stands out. Dressed in blouses featuring collars and ruffles, the members of Dreamcatcher look like they might be immortal beings, or simply exist in a space that is untouched by the passing of time.

NCT 127 – Favorite (Vampire)

Okay, while technically it features some horror elements, NCT 127’s music video for Favorite isn’t exactly scary. However, they definitely deserve a spot on the list just for the vampire concept and how good they look! They’ve also incorporated some classic horror elements, like a bathroom with the walls covered in plastic sheets, spooky looking woods, and broken mirrors.

Style inspiration

We absolutely love the styling in the music video. There are three sets of outfits, and they seem to represent different time periods. Given that the members of NCT 127 are supposed to be vampires, this is a nice touch. The embroidered blazer has a Victorian vibe, while the bold patterned outfits are more retro, and the last set is more aligned with modern hypebeast style Korean fashion. 

Reversible design clothing items are especially suitable for reflecting this versatility in style.

You can wear the Dominant reversible jacket with its solid coloured side out for a more hypebeast look, and reverse it to show the paisley print for a more retro look.

Are you ready for Halloween?

From spooky mansions to the depths of hell, revenge plots to mysterious hotels, and ending with sexy vampires—these music videos not only set the tone perfectly for Halloween, but are also a great source of style inspiration for any time of the year.

Get into the Halloween spirit with StyleupK today, worldwide delivery available! Free shipping to Singapore and the US if you spend a minimum of SGD100 or USD190 respectively.

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