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5 hypebeast brands in Korea - Korean fashion for men and women

5 hypebeast brands in Korea - Korean fashion for men and women

Hypebeast has defined the streetwear fashion for the past few years. And nothing seems to be stopping this raging streetwear fashion trend. In fact, it will grow even stronger.

According to, it defines hypebeast as someone who follows fashion trends, particularly streetwear, to make a social statement. And yes, the term hypebeast was not originally a word that you could find in the dictionary.
In fact, it was a brand coined by Kevin Ma. Kevin is the founder and CEO of Hypebeast:- a leading streetwear fashion media news platform.

Kevin Ma started Hypebeast in 2005, writing sneakers blogs in his bedroom. Never did he expect Hypebeast to grow to become an internationally well known brand. Hypebeast is also listed in 2018 Forbes Asia “Best under A Billion”, which showcases top performing Asia-Pacific public companies with less than $1 billion in sales.

Since then, Hypebeast has gathered the streetwear people and redefined streetwear. More people have gathered to share fashion streetwear brands and tips on how to create the perfect streetwear look

Korea Hypebeast  - streetwear in Korea

In South Korea, hypebeast fashion is defining Korean fashion for men. Oversized Tshirts, paired with simple jeans and sneakers, have become the korean trend.

As streetwear fashion is not gender specific, many women also welcome the fashionable and comfy clothing

This Korean streetwear fashion trend is further fueled by the power of Korean celebrities and Kpop idols. Many Korean celebrities have started to don on this trendy korean streetwear fashion.

For example, Korean kpop idol group Twice became the brand ambassadors for Korean streetwear fashion brand acme de la vie (ADLV). And BTS has also become the brand ambassadors for Fila.

As Korean fashion for men trend gets more popular, we introduce the 5 popular hypebeast brands in Korea.

1. Fila brand belongs to Fila Korea

One of the most popular Korea streetwear brand is Fila. Most know Fila as a well known international brand. In fact, Fila Holdings Corp. was founded in 1911 in Italy.

But, it was then sold to Fila Korea, its South Korea division, in 2007. Since then, Fila has become a 100% Korea streetwear fashion brand.

fila disruptor singapore

 @mj_kimkim89 wearing the Fila disruptor 2 tapey tape white retailing at SGD 140 at styleupk.

Most popular Fila shoe - Fila disruptor 2 platform shoes

Fila most iconic collection is the Fila heritage collection which dates from 1911. With their rich colors and simple designs, the Fila heritage collection brings old designs to life.

One of the most popular item in the Fila heritage collection is the popular Fila disruptor shoes. The Fila disruptor shoes was part of the sneakers collection first released in 1998.

The platform sneakers feature a clean and simple design, which accentuates the iconic red and blue Fila logo. The jagged edges at the front of the soles of the Fila disruptor 2 shoes give it a more rough and edgy vibe.

Unlike usual sneakers, the Fila disruptor 2 shoes have a thicker sole. It thus provides a height increase of about 4cm (about 1.5in) and makes you look taller, with a better posture and form. No wonder the Fila disruptor 2 sneakers are well liked by people all around the world.

fila disruptor
Fila disruptor 2 black. Image: @welllai_dsg

The Fila disruptor 2 shoes come in different colors. Besides that, they also release special designs like the Fila disruptor 2 tapey tape in korea, which feature a trimming of Fila logo around the shoes

Also, in the past, Fila released a limited edition collection of Fila Golf x Kakao friends. These shoes include Fila disruptor ryan, Fila disruptor apeach white shoes and Fila disruptor apeach cream. They are so adorable!

fila disruptor kakao ryan
Fila x Kakao Friends Disruptor 2 Ryan Image: @filakorea

fila disruptor kakao apeach

Fila x Kakao Friends Disruptor 2 Apeach. Image: @filakorea

fila back to nature

Fila x BTS Back to Nature 2021 collection

fila bts summer 2021

Fila x Bts This is Summer 2021 collection

As world renowned Kpop idol group BTS became Fila’s endorsed model since start of the year 2020, things heated up at Fila!

Since then, Fila x BTS has released several collections. They include BTS voyager collection, BTS love yourself collection, BTS summer collection, BTS fall collection, BTS Project 7.

And just in 2021, the newest ones are Fila x BTS Back to Nature and Fila x BTS This is Summer !

These items keep the functionality of Fila yet integrates certain BTS details. That means more purple and BTS features!

Fila releases new designs every few weeks. We look forward to their new apparel items!

See more of Fila collection.

2. Acme de la vie (ADLV)



Acme de la vie (ADLV) is one of the trending and most popular casual streetwear brand in Korea.

Known for being an airport fashion statement, many Korean celebrities wear the iconic loose fit ADLV tees at Incheon Airport

Many love ADLV for their thick and superior quality oversized tshirts, which is comfortable yet fashionable.

Acme de la vie is actually derived from French, and it means the apex of one’s life. And as with their brand name, ADLV would like fans to feel happy while wearing the ADLV tees.

Established in 2018, its sales has grown quickly. ADLV has even opened offline stores in Mainland China and also several other countries.

lisa adlv jewelry tshirt

ADLV Baby Face Jewelry worn by Black Pink Lisa, retailing at SGD70 at styleupk. Image: @lalalalisa_m

Many know Acme de la vie for its baby face tshirts, with a cute child in various poses as the main design of the ADLV tees.

But, ADLV apparel line actually consists of four collections:- Baby face, Artwork, Collaborations and Logo. 

In fact, ADLV has released several collaborations in 2020 and 2021. The newest ones in 2021 include ADLV x Simpsons and ADLV x Baby Shark !

adlv simpsons

ADLV x Simpsons collaboration

adlv pink fong baby shark sunbed

ADLV x Baby Shark Sunbed Family T-shirt, retailing at sgd75 at styleupk

Kpop idol group Twice have become the exclusive model for ADLV, and you can see them wearing ADLV tees in Twice videos too!

adlv twice summer 2021
ADLV X Twice summer 2021 collection. Image: @adlvkorea 

Shop for the ADLV collection now!

Click here for the ADLV Singapore collection.

3. Guess

guess suzy

Guess korea with brand ambassador Suzy in Guess Original Triangle Logo T-shirt

Guess is a well known American clothing brand and retailer launched in 1981. People worldwide recognize it through its iconic Guess logo – the red inverted triangle with the red question mark. It is especially loved for its denim jeans, which boasts good quality and cutting.

Guess Korea launched in 1989 and it started independent operations from 2007. From then on, Guess introduced apparel that better suit the Asian fit and preference. This helped to grow their brand further in Korea.

Guess tshirts have also gained much popularity. Due to their simple design and comfortable fit, the Guess tees are suitable for daily streetwear

Guess has also rode on the trend and introduced oversized tees in their newer collection. Past Guess tshirt designs used to revolve much around basic colors and the Guess logo.

But, Guess new designs now feature Guess logo in rainbow colors, against more colorful shirt colors.

Korean celebrity Suzy has also become Guess Korea endorsed model. She can be seen wearing the denim jeans and shirts of Guess in many photoshoots.

guess suzy purple tshirt
Suzy in Purple Triangle LogoT-shirt, retailing at sgd60 at StyleupK.


Shop for Guess collection now!

4. MLB

mlb hyuna

MLB Korea's brand ambassador Hyuna rocking the MLB outfit

MLB Korea is a lifestyle streetwear fashion brand. Some people might wonder if it has any relations with the American baseball team.

In fact, MLB stands for Major League Baseball, which is an American professional baseball organization. It consists of a total of 30 teams in the Major League Baseball. Out of the major professional sports leagues in the United States and Canada, it is also the oldest organization.

After acquiring the official license for MLB, they opened their first store in Korea in 1997. Now, MLB has over 200 stores all over Korea, and they are also expanding into other Asian markets.

MLB Korea is a Korean streetwear brand with an extensive collection of caps, shirts and sneakers. They incorporate the various Major League Baseball logos onto the MLB apparel. The designs make the sports apparel look stylish and trendy.

One of their most popular collection is the MLB bigball chunky sneakers. Based on the trendy platform shoes design, each MLB shoes features a major league baseball team logo, such as the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers or Boston Red Sox

hyuna mlb

MLB Korea's brand ambassador Hyuna rocking the MLB shoes

Kpop idol HyunA is also selected as the global ambassador for MLB! MLB Korea has released many pretty loose fit Tshirts in many colors. We look forward to more designs from MLB!

Shop for  MLB Korea now!

5. Mahagrid

 mahagrid running man

Running man members wearing Mahagrid tshirt

Mahagrid is known for their comfortable oversized Tshirts. The Mahagrid Tshirts feature a minimalist design with the Mahagrid logo in bright hues.

Mahagrid also has an eccentric hipster vibe which stands out from other streetwear brands. It makes for a perfect wardrobe companion. Pair it up with a pair of simple jeans or shorts and you are good to go!

Mahagrid is also featured in the Korean variety show Running Man where the members can be seen wearing the iconic Mahagrid Tshirts.

Shop for Mahagrid T-shirts now.

Shop for these 5 Hypebeast brands now at Styleupk! StyleupK is an online streetwear platform that sells many korean brands with worldwide delivery!

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