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5 Reasons That Led to The Popularity of Korean Fashion

5 Reasons That Led to The Popularity of Korean Fashion

People love to come to Korea to shop. You can see lots of tourists lugging along huge shopping bags as they zip across Seoul. In fact, the Korea Tourism Organization reported that over 90% tourists shop in Korea. That means almost all tourists shopped in Korea!

Out of the items bought, the most popular ones are Korean cosmetics and Korean fashion. But, you might wonder what makes Korean fashion so popular? What makes the clothing in Korea different from other countries?

In this article, we will introduce 5 main reasons that makes Korean fashion popular. We will also look at their recent fashion trends.


Casual Streetwear Style


korean streetwear styleupk

Korean streetwear style. Image credit: @imgur

One of the reasons Korean style clothing is popular is due to its casual design. We love the runway fashion trends in big cities like Milan and Paris. But the runway fashion is not practical for everyday wear. And we haven't talk about their huge price tags!

In comparison, Korean style outfits are made with the mainstream wearers in mind. Korean designers know that it would be difficult to sell fashion show clothing. Thus, they take the inspiration from it but adapt the clothing for casual wear.

As the designers are also mostly Koreans, they use material with comfort in mind. For example, linen is used very often for summer outfits and knit wear is popular in winter.

The result is fashionable pieces of clothing designed for the comfort and style!


Youthful Appeal

dongdaemun fashion

Image credit: @pavlxve

Most of the Korean fashion designers are young. They bring along a lot of energy and creativity with them, which are reflected in their designs. This makes korean style outfits more appealing to the younger generation. This is essentially because they are designed for them, by themselves!

In fact, Korea has a pool of talented fashion designers. Well known Korean universities, including Seoul National University and Hongik University, have design departments. Others, like Ewha Womans University, offers fashion design as a major.

These young talented fashion designers are the driving force behind the youthful korean fashion style!

Strong Textile Industry

korean fashion cute

Image credit: @Amazon

Korea is a strong textile powerhouse, and ranked world's top places for its fabric exports.

Korean fashion designers are spoiled for choice in the type of fabric to use on the clothing. These fabric are also of great quality.

As these fabric are sourced locally, it helps to keep the prices low. No wonder Korean clothing are made with a quality incomparable to others!

Hallyu Wave

blackpink jennie outfit

Image credit: Blackpink Tumblr

The popularity of the korean style clothing are also brought on by the Korean Hallyu Wave. Many korean celebrities wear the korean street style clothing in K-pop MV or K-dramas. This also help to set the Korean fashion trends.

In fact, many internationally acclaimed Korean celebrities now endorse the Korean streetwear brands! BTS is the model for Fila Korea, Suzy Bae is the model for Guess Korea and Twice is the model of Acme de la vie! Blackpink was also the model for Adidas Korea too!

The Korean fashion trends are strongly influenced by the hallyu wave. In fact, many street style clothing are designed similarly to Blackpink Jennie's fashion style!

Highly Affordable

fila bts project 7

Image credit: @parkjimin13

Although Korean style outfits have great design and superior quality, the best thing is that they are priced at affordable prices.

Trendy fashion elements are brought into casual fashion. These fashion items allow for easy styling and pairing of outfits.

Who doesn't want to get something trendy and cool without spending thousands on it?



People love shopping in Seoul, and the influence of K-fashion overseas is increasing. People are attracted to Korea after watching famous K-dramas and K-pop MVs. And they would search for similar clothing. The style is bold and unique yet casual for everyday wear.

There are so many plus points about Korean fashion that attracts foreigners and locals alike. The Korean style is comfortable, trendy, cool, oversized, and everything you can ask for.

In this article, we have listed the 5 main reasons for the popularity of Korean fashion. Which one do you think is the most important reason? Write down your comments below and share this article with a friend who likes korean fashion!

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