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A Style Guide to AQO Studiospace’s Effortlessly Chic Streetwear Collection

A Style Guide to AQO Studiospace’s Effortlessly Chic Streetwear Collection

AQO Studiospace is a trending Korean streetwear brand launched in South Korea in 2019. According the AQO website, it states that "With a sense of humor, AQO can be a good friend of everyone. Including YOU!" They also want to make clothes with freshness in its details.

Cute Teddy Bear icon in AQO clothing

Just like Korean fashion brand Ambler, AQO Studiospace has its own unique bear logo that appeals to both  men and women. This bear logo appears in most of AQO clothings in its different designs. Also, this unisex streetwear korean fashion brand is rising in popularity as more and more K-Pop idols wear it for a hip daily hypebeast look.

AQO Studiospace plays with basic and soft colors, and some very cool designs to bring you trendy Korean streetwear. For its spring/summer collection, this fashion brand introduced comfortable sweatshirts and loose fit t-shirts. Their winter/fall collection includes a line of stylish, warm hoodies, fleece jackets and knit vests.

AQO is the Korean Celebrities Go-To Streetwear Brand

Korean celebrities choose comfortable and chic streetwear brands for daily fashion. This makes AQO Studiospace is one of the well loved brands of kpop idols.

Twice Jeongyeon is killing it with her AQO Bear Logo Sweatshirt airport fashion

Just look at Twice’s Jeongyeon casually pulling off AQO Bear Logo Sweatshirt Black at Gimpo Airport!


jungyeon aqo sweatshirt styleupk

Aqo Back Bear Logo Sweatshirt Black

Kpop idol group Twice always have to travel overseas due to their hectic schedules. They are thus frequent visitors to the Airport. Twice Jungyeon knows that it's always best to opt for a comfortable loose fit AQO sweatshirt to accompany on her flight! Being loose fit, it enables her to stretch and be comfy during the flight. The cute white teddy bear logo at the front is a nice contrast to the black sweatshirt and exudes an overall cute vibe. It also features a big and cute teddy bear at the back of the sweatshirt! Just pair it with a pair of basic pants and sneakers and you'll strut the airport runway with AQOstudiospace!

Go basic with Chungha with AQO Bear Logo Sweatshirt

IOI member turned solo korean singer Chungha chose the AQO bear logo sweatshirt. 

chungha aqo styleupk

Aqo Bear Logo Sweatshirt Black retailing at SGD 75 at styleupk.

This sweatshirt is very similar to the one worn by Twice Jungyeon as mentioned above. But this sweatshirt is more basic. The teddy bear icon at the front is painted with solid white color, and there is no teddy bear logo at the back of the sweatshirt. It is so suitable on days when you want to go basic but not missing out on being fashionably chic! Look at how effortlessly chic it makes Chungha!

Go cute like Blackpink Jennie with AQO Bear Knit Vest

jennie aqo styleupk

AQO Bear Knit Vest Beige

Marvel at how cute the AQO Knit Vest makes Blackpink Jennie looks! Jennie is known for her bear nickname due to her cute look and chubby cheeks. When she wears this AQO Bear Knit Vest with cute teddy bear prints on it, she just looks like a cute teddy bear! Don't you think so?


yerin aqo styleupk 

AQO Bear Knit Vest Beige

Besides Blackpink Jennie, Gfriend Ye-rin also wears the same teddy bear knit vest! She looks so chic and cute with the vest thrown over a basic long sleeve shirt and paired with mini skirt and long socks! It's not only cute but keeps warm during the chilly fall winter season too!

Korean celebrities wear AQO hoodie for exercise

Streetwear will need to be functional on top of being fashionable. AQO fits the bill for this in both ways.

TXT Soobin in AQO hoodie for dance practice

txt soobin aqo styleupk

Aqo Back Bear Hoodie Ivory retailing at SGD 88.50 at styleupk

TXT member Soobin looks fresh for his dance practice in the AQO loose fit bear hoodie. Not only is there a bear logo at the front of the sweatshirt, there is also a big teddy bear logo at its back too!

Actress Park Ju Hyun in AQO hoodie for a stroll


With fashion standards being so high in South Korea, sometimes it's difficult to go out for a walk without doing some priming. Korean actress Park Ju Hyun solved this issue by wearing the AQO Big Bear Hoodie Grey and pairing it with a pair of Kodak Kos White Sneakers.

AQO bear tshirts for summer

 But..what if you are living in a country like Singapore? It is summer all year round and you can't wear the long sleeve AQO sweatshirts or hoodies? Check out the AQO tshirts with their cute teddy bear logos!

Go trendy with 2020 tie dye trend AQO SARRR T-shirts


Did you notice many tie dye designs in 2020? Tie-dye is one of the more popular fashion trend in 2020! In accordance with the trend, AQO Studiospace introduced SARRR loose-fit t-shirts with beautiful and unique designs. They mix up a sweet summer and colorful spring vibe with its rainbow colors. These SARRR t-shirts come in pastel-y shades of pink, green and purple. Made with soft and silky fabric, the t-shirt is dyed with digital tying to express natural gradation.


Go matchy-match with your friends in these bright beautiful colors of the AQO tie-dye shirts! You can also tie it up to make it into a cropped tee for a more casual fashion style!


Not only does this Aqo dye-tie t-shirt looks good on women, it suits men too! Throw over a button-up shirt and pair it up with pants, and you have a stylish, semi-formal outfit just like N.flying drummer Jae-hyun.

Go simple like BTS Jin Studiospace shirt


BTS Jin Studiospace shirt may look simple, but it gives out a streetwear skater look. This AQO tshirt also comes in bright colors like green, yellow and orange. We love how the color of the studiospace logo pops up from the color base of the tshirt!


If you are obsessed with online shopping for Korean streetwear but can’t find an affordable brand of good quality, look no further. AQO Studiospace is the brand for you! Made with good quality fabric and designed with a cute aesthetic sense, this Korean fashion brand gives you what you need for a casual day out. With worldwide shipping, Styleupk has made your shopping experience for the coolest Korean streetwear brands easier. So, what are you waiting for? Your next best outfit is just a click away. Shop now at styleupk!


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