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ADLV T-shirt sizing: Size 1 or size 2

ADLV T-shirt sizing: Size 1 or size 2

You want to get a ADLV T-shirt, but you are unsure about the sizes.

According to the size chart, it has size 1 and size 2 only. What does size 1 and size 2 mean? Where have my S, M, L sizes gone?

In addition, ADLV has introduced a new size chart for their new adlv tees. What's the difference compared to the original size chart?

We'll discuss these below today. You can also watch the adlv size video


Comparison between ADLV size 1 and size 2

Adlv old size guide styleupk
For the original ADLV size chart, the length, chest, shoulder and sleeve is larger than size 1's by 2cm, 3cm, 2cm and 1cm respectively.

Adlv original size styleupk

The difference with the eye is not significant. (On a side note, you would see some white lines on the T-shirt. This is part of the graphic printing process. Please don't think it's dirty!)

How does it feel when worn?
Adlv original size 1 styleupk

Adlv original size 2 styleupk

The ADLV size 2 feels baggier than size 1.

Who should wear size 1?

Asian females and males below 175cm of average build would be able to fit into an ADLV size 1 T-shirt nicely.

Who should wear size 2?

Males above 180cm or who have a larger build. It is recommended for those who prefer a larger fit. Westerners are also encouraged to get size 2.

ADLV new size chart

Adlv new size guide styleupk

ADLV has introduced a new size chart for their new tees in 2021. What should we take note of?

Adlv new size styleupk

Fortunately, the new and old adlv t-shirt size chart has only minor differences.

Adlv new size 1 styleupk

Adlv new size 2 styleupk

1. Difference in shoulder width

The new ADLV size 1 and size 2 tees have gone 1cm up from its original sizes.

2. Difference in sleeve length

Both the new ADLV sizes have a consistent sleeve length of 24cm instead of the original 28 and 29cm.

Difference in clothing fit: The length where the sleeves end at for size 1 is reduced.


We hope that this size comparison has helped you gauge ADLV sizing a little better.

In essence, the difference between size 1 and size 2 is not very significant since size 1 is already very oversized.

Furthermore, the difference between the new and original size chart is also minor except for the sleeve length for the size 1 tees.

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