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Incheon Airport Fashion Spotlight: Twice Tzuyu

Incheon Airport Fashion Spotlight: Twice Tzuyu

Tzuyu is considered one of the top visuals of Twice, but not only does she have a pretty face, Tzuyu also dresses prettily as well. Perhaps it is because her visuals are striking enough on their own, but Tzuyu favours a more minimalistic style, and her motto when it comes to fashion seems to be ‘less is more’.

It’s definitely a very different look from what we are used to seeing from her on stage, but it makes her look much more down-to-earth, turning her from an unapproachable beauty to more of a girl-next-door.

Let’s take a look at some of her best airport looks!


Tzuyu has rocked the no-pants look on more than one occasion, and she looks absolutely amazing in it. On this particular day, she wears an oversized button-up shirt as a dress, accentuating her long legs.

180502 Tzuyu airport fashion

An oversized button-up shirt is a versatile clothing piece for any closet / Image: Tumblr

Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt in Navy

Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt in Navy, retailing at SGD129 at StyleupK


Tzuyu rocks a monochromatic look to the airport on this day. The colours of her outfit are a gradient, starting from the black baseball cap, to the dark grey dress, and ending with the light grey sneakers.

190223 Tzuyu airport fashion

The grey palette of her outfit makes her warm brown hair stand out / Image: Twitter

Mmlg Long Sleeve Dress T-shirt Black

Mmlg Long Sleeve Dress T-shirt Black, retailing at SGD85 at StyleupK

ADLV Basic Logo Ballcap Black

ADLV Basic Logo Ballcap Black, retailing at SGD55 at StyleupK

23.65 V2 Multicolor Shoes

23.65 V2 Multicolor Shoes, retailing at SGD140 at StyleupK


It is common for Tzuyu to be spotted in jeans at the airport, but we can always look forward to seeing how she styles her jeans. This time, she opts for a more feminine look, pairing the loose-fit jeans with a slightly body-hugged cropped cardigan.

190616 Tzuyu airport fashion

Tzuyu channels slight high teen vibes with this cardigan and jeans combo / Image: Pinterest

Beyond Closet Parisian Crop Cardigan

Beyond Closet Parisian Crop Cardigan, retailing at SGD99.50 at StyleupK


Tzuyu shows that she can rock bold prints too! Dressed in an all-black outfit, her animal print bucket hat makes for the perfect statement piece and an overall unforgettable outfit.

191115 Tzuyu airport fashion

Clothing items with animal prints make for a great statement piece / Image: Twitter

Kangol Carnival Zebra Print Bucket Hat in Tan Tiger

Kangol Carnival Zebra Print Bucket Hat in Tan Tiger, retailing at SGD158 at StyleupK


Tzuyu rocks another (almost) monochromatic outfit on this day. The difference in colour makes her white sneakers stand out, but we think that her handbag is also a highlight of her outfit!

191125 Tzuyu airport fashion

Tzuyu’s leather bag helps to dress up her casual outfit / Image: Twitter

Alki Alka Licor Bag in Black

Alki Alka Licor Bag in Black, retailing at SGD115.90 at StyleupK


Although we are used to seeing Tzuyu in bright and flashy outfits on stage, her fashion style in private is much more minimalistic. Her wardrobe seems to consist largely of basic pieces, but she makes them work by styling them in a variety of different ways. 

While her style is simple, it is very much aligned with popular trends in Korean fashion. All of the clothes we’ve seen her wearing—from oversized shirts, to bucket hats—are essential must-have items for any K-Fashion lover.

Feeling inspired yet? Shop for your own Tzuyu-style outfit at StyleupK today, worldwide delivery available! Free delivery to Singapore and Malaysia.

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