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An Army’s Perfect Guide to Dress Casually like BTS

An Army’s Perfect Guide to Dress Casually like BTS

You don’t need permission to dress like the BTS! We’re helping you gain just the inspiration you need to dress like your bias.

The South Korean boyband and a worldwide sensation, BTS is known for its one-of-a-kind fashion style. The BTS members have some of the cleanest and impeccable outfits onstage and offstage. However, when it comes to fashion, these boys exceed all the expectations. Not only that, it’s rightly said that no one does airport fashion like BTS!

We’re analyzing every BTS member’s unique fashion style to help you choose your favorites and dress up like the boy you’re in love with! So keep on scrolling to pick some tips on how you can get started on your BTS fashion journey.

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Jungkook - Comfort comes first for the Golden Maknae!

Jungkook Lamodechief Butterfly Shirt

Even as the youngest member of BTS, Jungkook manages to radiate his unique style as he stands out amongst his fellow members. You can find him sporting button-up shirts from Gucci and Prada. The youngest member loves his hoodies and comfort wear a lot!

All of us may not have access to these designer brands. But if you’re looking for inspiration to pull off a simple JK fit, then we suggest you style a Lamodechief Butterfly T-shirt with some BTS x Fila Explore Now Woven Pants. Finish your look with some Platform Sneakers, and you’re all set to show off that Jungkook style.

Jin - Loves it Big & Baggy!

BTS Jin Ames Knit Vest

Source: vlive

When it comes to fashion, Mr. Worldwide Handsome keeps it simple and chic! You can often find him sporting oversized clothes. He may be the quietest member, but he keeps his self-praise and style level high.

Jin rocks his statement with oversized outerwear and sweatshirts like no one else! Want to get the exact look like him? Then, we recommend trying out playing with the comfortable pieces and making a statement. You can also experiment with pink, as it happens to be his favorite color.

For a simple look that makes a statement, we recommend pairing a favorite plain white shirt with Ames Box Logo V Neck Knit Vest like Jin did in Run BTS! 2021 - EP.152. You can opt for a plain black skater skirt or comfortable black pants with it. Match them with some sneakers like Fila Korea Wavelet White Sneakers, and you’re all set to slay!

V - Effortlessly Cool Or Cozy


Source: Getty Images

His looks are mesmerizing. But when it comes to his fashion style, V has the most defined one amongst the BTS band. He is often stopped sporting high-end brands like Gucci & Louis Vuitton. Outfits like wide flowing trousers paired with silk button-ups are his statement fits.

However, if you want to get a look like V’s, it’s not too difficult. First, pair a boldly patterned button-up with some breezy Opwee Cooling Wide Pants! Then, you can add some minimalist jewelry and pair them with sneakers or brown shoes. Voila! You’re all set to serve looks.

Suga - Swag and Subtle

BTS Suga Fila Anorak Jacket

Source: Fila Korea

Suga is an all-rounder hustler who started writing songs at 13. Compared to the other BTS outfits sported by the members, his style is more on the simpler side.

If you want to rock that Suga look, black and quality leather outfits are your best friends! If you can’t find a leather jacket, you can opt for a black overcoat or jacket like Fila BTS Project 7 Back To Nature Anorak Jacket with black pants and Dysfunct Too Sweet But Cute T-shirt for a complete, monochrome outfit.

J-Hope — Boyfriend Look

BTS JHope Fila Bucket Hat

Source: J-Hope Instagram

The sunshine of the group is the best dancer and has a one-of-a-kind style. His fashion style is a culmination of vibrant picks that emit an exuberant flair. He likes to wear unconventional pieces that lean towards radiant colors, bold and fearless combinations.

Looking to slay J-Hope-inspired outfits? Then ace your game with a touch of comfort. You can go quirky with a pair of shorts and oversized shirts or a Fila Dynamite Hoodie! J-Hope doesn’t hold back on accessories, so don’t resist yourself from adding a dad cap or a Fila BTS Project 7 Back To Nature Bucket Hat along with your favorite sunnies! Now you’re all set to rock the dance king himself!

RM — Vintage yet Elegant

BTS RM Quietist Short Pants

Source: AllKpop

Thanks to his roots in Rap music, RM has a diverse and eclectic style. He loves to experiment with his looks and just throw on pieces until he finds a combination that wins against all. He is inclined towards Japanese streetwear and street-style outfits.

If you want to get his look, then laidback is the best way to go! Hunt for a pair of khaki shorts like Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants and Nerdy Vertical Logo T-Shirt with a loose outer shirt, and you’re all set! Just add on a pair of sunnies and some comfortable sneakers, and you’re ready to slay the RM look!

Jimin - One of A Kind

BTS Jimin Shethiscomma’s New Good Day Long Sleeve T-shirt

Source: VApp Update

Known for his dancing and crescent moon smile, Jimin radiates the main character vibes! We also believe that Jimin holds the crown for the most stylish member of the band. In the BTS airport style lookbook, Jimin’s fashion picks are effortlessly cool and chic. You can find him pairing a vibrant, patterned designer shirt with some plain colored trousers.

Want that Jimin look? You can opt for an oversized fit and pair it with casual light-washed denim. As often seen in his V-Lives, Jimin loves his sweaters! You can rock the same look with Shethiscomma’s New Good Day Long Sleeve T-shirt to match the style king himself! Jimin is known for his incredible taste in accessories and doesn’t shy away from experimenting with earrings. Steal the look as you pair Mikshimai Natural Water Drop Pearl Earring with your fit!

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Final Thoughts

BTS continues to pave its way in the hearts of people, the fashion industry, and the music world. So it’s not surprising how the world is slowly falling in love with their unique BTS casual outfits. We hope our style guide will help you gain inspiration and rock the outfits like your bias! Also, don’t forget to check out and explore our unique collection of BTS Clothing and BTS outfits!

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