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Best 10 Korean Fashion Style Back To School Trends

Best 10 Korean Fashion Style Back To School Trends

September marks the beginning of the fall semester for most universities in Korea, as well as in many other countries, and is also the perfect opportunity to up your fashion game. Back to school fashion is a hot topic among both new and returning students, and for those of you who want to change your style but are not quite sure where to start, we have you covered!

In this article, we take a look at some K-Fashion trends that are especially popular with the college-aged crowd, and would make for amazing back to school outfits to impress your peers with your impeccable style.

Tennis skirt

Tennis skirt trend 

Image: Pinterest

No back to school outfit would be complete without the quintessential tennis skirt. Despite the weather getting colder as we approach the end of the year, Korean girls are not afraid to bare their legs. The trick is to dress the rest of your body warmly—such as throwing on a warm outer layer—or wearing stockings.

Tennis skirts are flattering on just about any body shape, and can be styled in many different ways. Wear it with an oversized t-shirt for a casual streetwear inspired look, or go for a Jennie inspired high teen aesthetic by styling it with a pastel cropped top; the options are limitless.


Varsity jacket

 Varsity jacket trend

Image: Pinterest

‘Varsity’ is a shortened and altered form of the word ‘university’, and while varsity jackets were originally only worn by student athletes who competed in inter-school competitions, the style of these varsity jackets have slowly become popular outside of sports circles, and you’ll be able to find many varsity jacket inspired designs.

Just like us, Korean youths also consume Hollywood media, and the style of American varsity jackets have become trendy in Korea. And because these jackets are usually associated with jocks and popular kids, throwing a varsity jacket over your outfit is an easy way to gain some cool points.


Knitted vests

Knitted vest trend 

Image: Pinterest

While being a nerd was once deemed uncool, the preppy aesthetic has definitely become more popular nowadays, and knitted vests are an essential item for this look. Knitted vests also have a retro feel—they are a staple wardrobe item in Ivy League fashion, which is the predecessor to preppy fashion, and was a popular style in the 1950s—which fits in perfectly with the newtro trend that has been especially popular in Korea in the past year.

But that doesn’t mean you can only pull off retro inspired looks with knitted vests; if you want to try something a little different, instead of layering a vest over a collared blouse, try wearing a t-shirt or even a dress underneath it instead. 



 Cardigan trend

Image: Pinterest

Layers can help to elevate an outfit, and cardigans are perfect for those of us who live in places with warmer weather but still want to get in on the layering trend. Not only are cardigans usually made of a thinner material than other outerwear, some of them are even short-sleeved to help you beat the heat! Aside from their practicality, cardigans are definitely stylish as well, being an essential aspect of the high teen aesthetic. 

While some people might have the misconception that cardigans are for girls only, this is not the case at all, and K-Pop idols such as Stray Kid’s Seungmin and NCT’s Doyoung and Winwin have all worn AQO Studiospace’s bear knit cardigan.



 Blazer trend

Image: Pinterest

Blazers are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. While blazers are commonly associated with suits and other formal wear, it isn’t uncommon for the younger generation in Korea to wear them for a more smart casual look by wearing it over more informal clothing items, such as a t-shirt or a flowy dress.

Formal blazers are usually tailored to fit the wear perfectly, but oversized fashion is popular in Korea, and blazers are no exception to that. Because loose and baggy silhouettes have a slightly more masculine vibe, oversized blazers look good styled with more feminine clothes underneath, such as a mini dress. For a more retro vibe, you can style your oversized blazer with a pair of wide-leg jeans.



 Fleece trend

Image: Pinterest

If you live in a place that has cold winters, you will probably be familiar with fleece jackets. While a lot of winter wear is lined with fleece for practical reasons, jackets that are made entirely of fleece have become a popular fashion item as well. Not only will a fleece jacket keep you warm, the furry bear-like aesthetic also has a soft and cosy vibe, perfect for anyone who wants to up their cuddle game. 

Ladies can pull off the perfect boyfriend look with a slightly oversized fleece jacket. Fans of NCT Dream, or ‘Dreamzens’, will especially love FCMM’s fleece jumper that the members have modelled for.


Asymmetric designs

 Asymmetric trend

Image: Pinterest

If you prefer edgy looks over soft looks, then the asymmetric trend will suit you perfectly! Not only do asymmetric designs have a more modern, even futuristic vibe, they are also great at catching people’s attention immediately. Even before asymmetric designs gained popularity, the asymmetric style could be seen in K-Fashion—for example, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul is a big fan of tucking in only the front half of her shirt to create an asymmetric look.

Now, it is even easier to pull off an asymmetric look, with Korean streetwear brands starting to design clothes that are intentionally asymmetrical, whether in length or in design.



 Loungewear trend

Image: Pinterest

The loungewear trend has seen a surge in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people opt to dress in a more casual and comfortable style even when leaving the house. This style is especially great for students with morning classes, as it takes less time to get ready. However, while loungewear can look pyjama-like at times, that doesn’t mean you can show up to lectures in your actual pyjamas!

Sweatpants are a staple when it comes to loungewear, and they are available in many cool designs, allowing you to look stylish without having to give up on comfort. Track pants style sweatpants with side stripes, as well as sweatpants with pocket details, are especially trendy at the moment.


All-white sneakers

 All-white sneakers trend

Image: Pinterest

For many Singaporeans, all-white shoes are an instant throwback to primary and secondary school. Ironically, while many of us likely hated having to wear school shoes when we were younger, all-white sneakers have become super trendy these days.  Not only is there no better way to start a new semester than with a pair of bright white shoes, it’s also a great way to express the nostalgia for the simpler times of our childhood.

For extra throwback vibes, style your all-white sneakers with a pleated skirt. However, the best thing about all-white sneakers is that they can be worn with any outfit, making them an absolutely must-have item!



 Backpack trend

Image: Pinterest

Like all-white sneakers, many of us probably thought that our days of carrying backpacks to school were over. However, these days backpacks are no longer limited to large, clunky shapes, and also come in sleeker and more elegant designs. 

Of course, the old-school style backpacks have their own charms as well. Korean fashion is all about mixing style and comfort, and just like wearing a comfy pair of sneakers with a cute dress, you can also carry a traditional backpack while dressed in a more feminine style. Carrying a backpack can also add a youthful vibe to your whole outfit, keeping things fun even if the rest of your outfit is more mature. 


Mix and match your favourite trends

Starting a new semester of school can be nerve-wracking, but deciding on what to wear doesn’t have to be! By incorporating these K-Fashion trends into your new semester wardrobe, not only will you be able to look effortlessly stylish, you might even receive a few compliments on how good you look.

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