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Cute Couple Shirts With Teddy Bear From Korea

Cute Couple Shirts With Teddy Bear From Korea

Looking for something to wear with your bae but not want something that is too cutesy cute?

As someone practical, do you also wish for a clothing piece that works even if you wear it on your own?


How couple tee in Korea used to be

old korea couple tee

You might have known that couples in Korea like to match their clothing. Several years ago, that meant cute T-shirts with a boy and girl on each T-shirt.

The clothing practically screams "Hey, look at us, we are a couple here!"

It was also difficult for the gal or guy to wear such "couple tee" out on their own. It just seems like it's missing its other half.


Couple shirt in 2021

aqo couple

Moving on to 2021, where street style is booming in Korea.

Young couples have now figured a way to incorporate their love for streetwear with their love for their other half. Let's check it out with the Korean street style brand AQO Studiospace!

1. Go for a black and white combi

aqo couple

AQO bear logo sweatshirt retailing at sgd70 at StyleupK. Image credit: sobongg

Black and white never go wrong. Some guys might feel that too bright a color would attract too much attention.

In such cases, you can go for a low key simple sweatshirt.
The round neck collar and drop shoulder fit give it a casual vibe, while the premium cotton material give structure to the oversized sweatshirt.


aqo men sweatshirt

At the front of the sweatshirt is a simple bear outline design. It is cute, yet won't make you look less cool with it.

aqo couple sweatshirt

In fact, you will find that your bae looks so much more huggable when he's in it!

Friends and family will find him to look friendlier when he's in a shirt with a teddy bear too.

aqo women sweatshirt

For more couple vibe, pair this sweatshirt with jeans and sneakers!

2. Same colors work too!

aqo hoodie blue couple

AQO Studiospace back bear oversized hoodie blue, retailing at sgd80 at StyleupK. Both are wearing size L. Image credit: @wonder0520

If you prefer to wear the same color, go for neutral tones like blue. It works for both gals and guys!

aqo hoodie blue couple

Also, couple shirt need not be restricted to matching couple T-shirt. You can go for matchy couple hoodie too!

aqo hoodie blue couple

Hoodies are casual streetwear, yet feel more formal and a T-shirt. That make them perfect for dates!

aqo hoodie blue couple

What's more, the nice sky blue color shirt comes out so nice in pictures when you go on dates!

3. Match it up with your girlfriends

aqo girlfriend black ivory tshirt

Girlfriends in AQO oversized T-shirts. image credit: @sandy6745

You can wear the same piece with your girlfriends too! Check out how simple T-shirts can look gorgeous just on its own.

aqo girlfriend black ivory tshirt

You can match it with short denim pants for a more casual vibe or go for slacks for something more formal.

Wear the AQO shirt on your own

aqo girlfriend tie dye tshirt

Tie dye AQO Studiospace T-shirts, retailing at sgd42 at StyleupK.

You know what's the best thing about street style?

On days when you do not have a date, you can still wear the oversized shirt out, and no one will know that it's supposed to be a couple shirt!

aqo tie dye tshirt sarrr

It works both as a couple item and also a streetwear item on its own. How practical is that! One price for the function of both!

aqo tie dye tshirt sarrr

Pamper yourself with a nice comfy T-shirt with a gradient purple hue. It's so pretty, you'll wanna wear it everywhere you go!

aqo black tshirt
aqo black tshirt

How about the AQO back bear Tshirt in black? Image credit: @eunryori

It also goes so well with a simple white shorts, and you can dress up with some simple earrings too!


Couple tee in 2021 is now about self expression. For all the streetwear fans, get something comfy while you pair up with your other half!

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