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Dominant Korea: Itaewon Class Park Sae-ro-yi Jacket Fashion

Dominant Korea: Itaewon Class Park Sae-ro-yi Jacket Fashion

itaewon class hoodie

Actor Park Seo-​Joon wearing Dominant jacket in Itaewon Class

Korean drama Itaewon Class might have ended but we sure couldn't get enough of the exciting plot (and Park sae ro yi's cute haircut!)

In the drama, Park sae ro yi (Park Seo-joon) sure loves hoodies and jackets. His simple casual style has caught the attention of many viewers!

Do you know that which brand the iconic jacket he wore while standing at the rooftop belongs to? Today we will be introducing this korean streetwear brand to you.

Dominant Korea: Don't mind anything

dominant logo

Dominant is a korean streetwear brand with a concept of being hipster, cool, yet casual at the same time.

It's no wonder, since their brand name is derived from the abbreviation of "Don't mind anything". Through that, their wish is for people to wear clothing that fit their own style without caring too much about stereotypes, trends, or what others think about themselves.

dominant hoodie
@jun_seonng in Dominant retro hoodie

dominant teddy

@y.oooogi in Dominant teddy sweatshirt

Started in 2017, they are mainly a men streetwear brand. But as with all oversized clothing and cute designs, they soon get the recognition from ladies. Now it's known as a korean fashion brand that releases unisex clothing that are loved by both guys and gals!

couple dominant
@novely_ootd in cute Dominant cloud sweatshirt couple outfit

Within a short span of time, they have gained recognition for being a korean streetwear brand with their unique vibe. It's kind of a mix of American varsity sweatshirts, hiphop casual style with a tinge of retro and cuteness.

In addition, their clothing are designed with comfort as the most important point. As such, recent designs have a homewear concept to make you feel stylish even if you are stuck at home during to the pandemic.

Without further ado, let's check out some of their clothing designs!


Cute designs

1. Smiley cloud on skateboard

smiley cloud dominant

Image: @j1_hyoo

Tell me, how could anyone know that a smiley cloud on a skateboard could be so adorable?

This design goes back to the origin of streetwear, which started out from a skateboard culture. Instead of a person character, they replaced with a cloud, and a furry one at it too!

smiley cloud dominant

smiley cloud dominant

The cloud with its stick legs and smiley face riding the skateboard is just so cute without being overboard cute. In an oversized fit, this makes for such a casual sweatshirt to wear to lectures or on a date with your bae during the weekends!

dominant smiley cloud tshirt

For fans of oversized T-shirts, you are in good fortune too. The smiley cloud on a skateboard design is also featured in Dominant oversized tees! This quality material t-shirt makes for such a cute wear for homewear or even when you go to Orchard with your friends!

But, do note that the cloud is a printed graphic on the T-shirt instead of the furry material on the sweatshirt.

dominant smiley cloud hoodie

They also feature this cute cloud on their oversized hoodies too! The cloud might not be riding a skateboard, but it's still adorable nonetheless!

2. Teddy bear

dominant teddy bear sweatshirt

You can never go wrong with a teddy bear design! It's just so relatable.
Dominant teddy bear sweatshirt designs have an American college sweatshirt vibe with the bear mascot in the center and their logo in big block letters.

We love how the color combination makes the design pop.

This makes for a nice sweatshirt to wear on a daily basis. It's recommended for guys who don't like designs that are way too cute. It's a good choice when they want to go for an outfit that is more carefree.


Logo sweatshirt and hoodie

dominant logo hoodie

Every brand have their own line of logo T-shirts, sweatshirts etc.

This collection usually form the base of a brand (think Supreme, Fila etc). This usually mean featuring a large logo at the front of the shirt.

For Dominant, they have spiced it up to add some colors to the basic logo


Rainbow logo hoodie

dominant logo hoodie

@angelzzihye in an Dominant rainbow hoodie and sweatpants style

Dominant basic logo hoodies have the usual base color like white, grey and beige. The difference is that they make their logo chubby and furry (and rainbow color to boot!)
dominant logo hoodie
The rainbow color makes the streetwear clothing look more vibrant and also makes the wearer look more cheerful!

We also love the large hoodie cap. Oversized hoodies look better with a larger cap for an added style.

Patch logo sweatshirt

dominant logo sweatshirt

For their logo sweatshirt, they incorporate various colors in color block sweatshirt style and did it up with special sewing.

The result is a colorful sweatshirt with the layering effect. For those who always worry about the styling of plain color sweatshirts, this one would be a good choice for you as you can forego additional layering.

Let's face it, sometimes layering up too much in Singapore can be damn impractical with our hot weather.



Dominant new wave hoodie

dominant vintage hoodie
This Dominant retro new wave hoodie is truly one of its kind.

It features several pictures at its front. These consist of portrait photographs and also some inventions etc. The pictures are developed with a washed effect for a vintage look.
dominant vintage hoodie

Image: @mooonddong

dominant hoodie

You might not understand the meaning behind all these pictures. But look at its back and you'll see why. Over there is a huge "We have made it this far" embroidery. It is trying to depict how far civilization has come so far. Don't you feel fortunate to be living in this century?

The multicolors in the pictures also make the plain color hoodie look more lively. This is recommended for the vintage buffs, but who pay the same amount of attention to the clothing material.

Itaewon Class hoodie jacket from Dominant

dominant itaewon class
Everyone who has watched Itaewon Class would have seen this grey hoodie jacket worn by Park Sae Ro Yi at the rooftop of his restaurant. (Hint: You can re-watch episode 11!)

This oversized jacket has a washed effect, which gives it a retro vintage vibe. (Do you know that retro/ newtro is trending in Korea?)

dominant hoodie jacket

Although simple, this Dominant jacket is very comfortable and stylish on its own. In fact, it receives the highest grading in the certification of the clothing's dyeing effect.

It's so difficult to find a jacket with a washed effect. Even layering it up with simple shirt and pants/ skirt outfit will make you look stylish. Don't be surprised when you make heads turn while out shopping!

This jacket has inner fleece for additional warmth in air conditioned lecture halls and offices too!

dominant hoodie jacket

For a similar look, check out their same design sweatshirt too!


Vintage Graphic T-shirt 

dominant graphic tee

In line with their vintage vibe, Dominant also carry a unique collection of oversized graphic T-shirts.

Do you recognize the characters on some of these graphic tees?

Most of them are based on olden films like Jaws, Re-Animator and Friday the 13th. However, we do spot the American pro boxer Muhammad Ali with a twist in his iconic butterfly and bee quote too!

The graphic on these oversized tees are printed using environmentally friendly dyes and does not cause irritation to even the most sensitive of skin too.

dominant graphic tee
@kolothe8 in Dominant Jaws graphic oversized T-shirt

These graphic print T-shirts are recommended for those who would like to add a retro edge to their daily wear. It combines both the current trend of overfit tees and retro and is definitely a collectible for the newtro fans.


Which Korean celeb has worn Dominant

itaewon class jacket
You might got to know about this uprising korean fashion brand through Itaewon Class. But let's also find out which korean celebrities have worn this streetwear brand. Make a guess before scrolling down!

1. Heechul and Kwanghee

heechul dominant
Did you catch Super Junior Heechul and ZE:A. Kwanghee when they wore the cute cloud T-shirt on their variety shows?

heechul kwang hee dominant
In fact, they wore the exact same piece of the smiley cloud T-shirt in Knowing Brothers and Weekly Idol respectively!

Doesn't it confer a cute cheeky vibe that suit these two TV personalities so well?

2. Rapper Cheetah

cheetah dominant
In the reality show "Good Girl" that aired last year, rapper Cheetah was seen in Dominant Re-animator and Friday the 13th graphic T-shirt.

The vintage cool vibe of the oversized T-shirt suits this hiphop rapster, who also was the trainer in Produce 101, to a tee. She exudes her usual edgy chic vibe effortlessly.

cheetah dominant

Check out how she changes her style by layering the T-shirt with a striped long sleeve shirt and adding a chain necklace.

3. Drama feature

drama dominant
This korean streetwear brand is also featured in k-drama like Playlist and web drama Dokgobin is Updating.

drama dominant jaws

You can layer the graphic T-shirt with a denim jacket or wear it like SF9 HwiYoung style - just as it is!

Dominant covid-19 T-shirt

covid tshirt dominant
Before we end this article, do you know that Dominant has a coronovirus T-shirt?

It was designed for the hope of searching for the covid-19 vaccine which came through and shows how keen an eye Dominant has for the recent trends! You can always count on them for stylish clothing that fit just the bill perfectly!

Get this unique T-shirt and always be brought back to the unforgettable year of 2020.


Do you go for cute cheeky or do you prefer vintage cool? Dominant allows you to do both!

Which design do you like best? Is it the cute smiley cloud, or the rainbow colored hoodie, the vintage graphic tees or the special covid-19 T-shirt?

Let us know in the comments below and share it with a friend who loves korean fashion!

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