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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
GOT7 Mark Tuan Retro Outfits in 'Last Breath' MV

GOT7 Mark Tuan Retro Outfits in 'Last Breath' MV

A little over two months since he’s been featured in a track on the soundtrack album for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Mark released another digital single ‘Last Breath’ on 12 November 2021.

The full English track explores the theme of breaking away from a toxic relationship, and Mark’s melancholy vocals and soulful stares really leaves an impression. Not only is ‘Last Breath’ a great song, the music video for the track is just as amazing as well.

Retro aesthetic

The first thing that stands out about the music video is the retro aesthetic. Mark is seen in a few different locations, namely a retro American-style diner, a small gas station, a phone booth by the side of the highway, and a stretch of empty land with barren vegetation. Even the convertible that Mark drives in the MV has a distinct retro vibe.

The diner was the only scene with other people present, but even there, it was clear that Mark was on his own, perfectly visualising the helplessness of the lyrics. The outfits he wears are simple enough to allow his visuals to take the spotlight, but do consist of trendy elements such as varsity jackets.

Let’s take a look at the retro small town aesthetic outfits he wears in his music video for ‘Last Breath’!


Mark Tuan Last Breath Varsity Jacket Outfit

When the MV first kicks off, Mark is seen in an old American style diner, and his styling in this scene is definitely reminiscent of the All American Boy. The outfit is fairly simple, a white tee is styled with brown slacks, and he wears what looks like a letterman jacket as an outer layer. Because of the jacket, this look has a youthful vibe, and Mark’s fresh visuals could definitely help him pass off as a high school student!

Gas station

Mark Tuan Last Breath Stripe Jacket Outfit

Mark wears Saint Laurent’s Teddy bomber jacket in this scene over a black tee and denim jeans. This style is quite similar to the outfit he wears in the diner, but while the lighting and the colour scheme of his outfit in the diner are warm, the lighting at the gas station and this particular outfit is slightly cooler. The bright blue of his jacket is definitely eye-catching, and this could even be considered a monochrome outfit when paired with blue jeans and a blue pair of Converse sneakers.

Phone booth

Mark Tuan Last Breath Beige Monochrome Outfit

He goes back to neutral colours for this outfit, wearing a brown collared polo tee with brown checkered pants. Colours such as beige and brown are popular in Korean fashion, and they work well when incorporated in retro inspired outfits. Like the previous outfit in the gas station, this outfit is also monochromatic, and proves that you can look super stylish even if you’re only wearing a single colour.


Mark Tuan Last Breath Brown Jacket Outfit

Mark’s outfit in the desert makes really good use of colours, allowing him to look like a seamless part of the environment. His beige jacket matches the dry vegetation next to him, while his dark green pants match the trees a little further in the background. He wears a white tank top as a base layer, which allows the colours of his jacket and pants to stand out.

High school heart throb

Watching the MV, it’s definitely hard to believe that Mark is already in his late 20s. From his visuals to his styling, he makes a completely believable high school heart throb. His styling in this music video also showcases the recent varsity trend, where designs that are reminiscent of high school or college jackets have seen an increase in popularity, and Mark proves that age is not a limit for this trend!

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