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How Do Dress Up with Pants Korean Style

How Do Dress Up with Pants Korean Style

From loose-fit trousers to cargo pants, pants are fashionable pieces in Korean fashion.

Nowadays, Korean fashion emphasizes casual comfort. Thus, it led to athleisure trend. Also, instead of short tennis skirts, many korean ladies have switched it up to more comfy baggy pants too.

korean pants
Pants complete an outfit. Image: pinterest 

Pants are often times more functional and timeless fashion wear. You can style it to create dozens of different looks, going for casual to semi-formal.

What kind of pants do Korean fashion like?

korean short pants

Matching short pants with long sleeve is a good option too. Image: pinterest

Instead of head turning pieces, koreans opt for more simple and basic colors bottoms. This will help to match with their tops and other accessories like bags.

Nowadays, athleisure clothing like leggings and sweatpants are also popular in Korea.

If you’re wondering how to style your pants according to Korean streetwear, let’s look at the basics.

What Types of Pants Are Common in Korean Streetwear?

Firstly, let’s talk about the types of pants popular in Korean streetwear.

Loose fit trousers

Oversized clothing are fashion essentials in Korean streetwear. Not only are the tops loose fit, the bottoms are made loose fit to go well with the overall streetwear vibe too.

Check out the Dominant pants below. It has a straight baggy cutting, with the white stitching giving a nice contrast to the black pants.

dominant pants

It gives a casual relaxed vibe, and makes for a nice pair of loose fit trousers to wear to school or a casual day out.

It also pairs well with either long sleeve hoodies or short sleeve T-shirts.

Best of all, it has elastic band at the waist for the ultimate comfort.
dominant pants
Also available in white!

Quietist also has a decent collection of streetwear pants.

For example, this olive-green balloon pants is a nice foundational piece. It is a simple yet stylish canvas pants that can match easily with most tops.
quietist balloon pants

Quietist Canvas Balloon Long Pants

Instead of a straight cut, this pants go for a slight baggy fit for a more casual relaxed vibe. It gives a bit of edgy feel.

On days when you feel more hipster cool, pair this pants with a more colorful top or top it up with more layers and accessories.

On days when you wish to go simple, match it with a regular fit T-shirt or hoodie and you are good to go.

It shows that you don't need to have many pants to create different fashion styles, you just need some versatile pieces!

Check out all designs of Dominant and Quietist at StyleupK!


Now, jeans are a staple item in all fashion genres.

It’s essential to have a nice pair of jeans as they are suitable for many occasions.

In the picture below, Korean actor and idol, ASTRO Cha Eun Woo perfectly sums up a semi-casual street look with a straight cut jeans

korean idol jeans astro
Image: pinterest

Pairing his well-fitted jeans with a button-down shirt, he looks comfortable yet sophisticated.

No more skinny jeans

snsd gee jeans

SNSD in skinny jeans. Image:

Skinny jeans might have been the trend during the SNSD Gee generation. But moving on 10 years later, it is difficult to find skinny jeans in the market.
female jeans

Image: pinterest

Instead, people welcome more straight cuts and slightly loose fit boot cut jeans.

If you like the fit of jeans, but would like to switch up for a non denim option, we recommend the Dominant Chino Pocket Pants.

Dominant Chino Pocket Pants
Dominant Chino Pocket Pants

It offers a straight cut, which makes legs look long. It also provides room for comfort, and is a better option for more formal events.


Sweatpants used to be confined to home, gyms and dance rooms.

But, with athleisure clothing booming in Korea, many people have taken sweatpants as a daily wear. Many streetwear brands also have sweatpants as a staple item on their collection.

Question: Do you know the difference between sweatpants and track pants?

A: Sweatpants are usually made with cotton, with elastic band at the ankles.

Track pants are usually made with polyester material, and are more loose fitting at the ankles. It gives off a flowy vibe.

Track pants were more popular a few years ago, and sweatpants is currently more popular these days.

park seo joon sweatpants
Park Seo Joon in sweatpants. Image: pinterest

Even celebrities like Park Seo Joon frequently appear in athleisure clothes like sweatpants.

ADLV Sweatpants
Adlv Side Logo Pants Orange

Have you checked out ADLV sweatpants? Their collection of sweatpants have popping colors against a monotone base color.

dominant sweatpants
Dominant Rainbow Logo Embroidery Jogger Pants

Dominant, which is famous for its activewear, also have sweatpants that feature the brand’s iconic rainbow logo.

Shop ADLV pants and Dominant pants at StyleupK!


Short pants

Short pants is the king when the weather is hot.

FBT shorts might be great for sports and at home, but it seem a bit less formal to wear to school or when you take the MRT to go to town.

In these cases, it is recommended for slightly longer short pants made with thicker material for a different vibe.

Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants
Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants

Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants is made with breathable and lightweight canvas material. It is suitable for a day out to Marina Barrage for a picnic or even shopping at Orchard Road.

For an even more casual vibe, opt for shorts with an elastic waistband.

CPGN Studio Corduroy Comfy Short Pants

CPGN Studio Corduroy Comfy Short Pants

The CPGN Studio Corduroy Comfy Short Pants is an elegant example for a short pants. Made with corduroy material, it exudes an posh elegant feel, unlike the usual short pants.

Adlv Basic Logo Short Pants

Adlv Basic Logo Short Pants Black

The Adlv Basic Logo Short Pants is also a nice option for bottoms. The black color and no frills design make it easy to match with any tops.

Fila Korea Taslan Short Pants
Fila Korea Taslan Short Pants

For a splash of colors or for exercise, choose the Fila Korea Taslan Short Pants. Made with breathable nylon, it is very suitable for jogging. Available in many nice colors too!


What Are The Basic Rules for Styling Pants?

Lastly, if you want to follow Korean fashion trends, you have to know how to style your pants. Why is this important?

Well, styling incorrectly can make you look lazy as opposed to relaxed. You'll have to find the right balance.

Here’s what you should do:

1. Balance Your Proportions

hoodie sweatpants

Short hoodie with sweatpants. Image: pinterest

Firstly, you'll need to streamline your figure. Your goal is to look comfortable yet chic, not disproportional.

For example, if you’re wearing oversized pants, consider a shorter top like a crop tee. Wearing an oversized T-shirt with oversized pants might make you look too oversized.

It’s a simple tip, but it’s effective.

Moreover, if you want to add emphasis to your figure, you can add a belt. With any type of pants, belts help give your outfit shape and dimension.

2. Embrace Layers, Textures, and Patterns

layering styleupk

Layering with blazer jacket. Image: pinterest

Don’t be afraid to style your pants with different layers, textures, and patterns. For example, outer layers will add structure to your look.

As pictured above, you can also add a matching blazer or jacket to your outfit. This transforms a casual outfit into a more sophisticated and formal one.

However, outer layers don’t necessarily have to match your pants. Look at the example below.
jacket layer jeans

Image: pinterest

Here, the jeans and tweed jacket contrast in color and texture, but the outfit still looks absolutely fantastic. The shirt, bag, and shoes balance the textures perfectly well.

Also, the colors have a nice asymmetry. The color palette is neutral, creating some balance in tones.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Accessorizing

accessories style

Accessorize with chains and platform shoes. Image: pinterest

Lastly, it’s important to accessorize your outfit correctly. Accessories make your outfit look thought-out and coordinated. Adding a small necklace, ballcap or hipsack can make the biggest difference.

For example, in the picture above, the bucket hat, oversized jacket and red lipstick complement the fashion statement, which is the red pants. There’s a rule of three, which adds a visual balance to the color.

It makes the fashion style look chic and sophisticated, with a clear depth to the look.

For men, accessorizing is even simpler. Like in the above example, a metallic chains or platform shoes will provide a different fashion style.


Styling pants shouldn't be difficult. The key point is to find several versatile pieces and experiment with different tops and layers.

Go for timeless bottoms like canvas pants, sweatpants or short pants made with quality material. They give a casual yet sophisticated look.

StyleupK is an online korean fashion platform that ships internationally. Shop for pants at StyleupK now.

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