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How K-pop Has Influenced Korean Fashion

How K-pop Has Influenced Korean Fashion

K-pop isn’t just about the music, it’s also about fashion. Read on to find out which K-pop trends have gone beyond the stage and onto the streets.


Colour Pop

Chinese New Year may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of all the red in your closet just yet. In fact, why not add some more to the collection?

Ask anyone who isn’t familiar with K-pop what comes to mind when they think of the genre, and they’re likely to imagine a bubble-bright aesthetic.
bts dynamite mv
Just like BTS’s latest single Dynamite, the music video for which is an explosion of colours.

itzy not shy mv

JYPE’s latest girl group, ITZY, also sports a variety of colourful outfits in their music video for Not Shy.

K-pop has never shied away from relying on a pop—okay, maybe more than a pop—of colour to catch people’s eyes. Why not channel the inner K-pop star in you by adding more colours to your daily outfits!

oioi red tshirt
Oioi Signature Oversized T-shirt Red, retailing at sgd 62 at StyleupK

It can be as simple as wearing a T-shirt in a brighter color. Brands such as Oioi have many logo Tshirts in various popping colours to choose from!
fila tech short pants
If you’re feeling a little bold, you can mix a bright coloured top with a complementary-coloured shorts from Fila.

And if you’re not quite ready for colour mixing, these t-shirts look just as good paired with black or white bottoms too! (p.s. Get the red T-shirt ready in time for National Day!)


Of course, K-pop isn’t always rainbows and sunshine. Horror-themed concepts are just as popular, and K-pop has its fair share of spooky music videos.
cix jungle mv
Just look at the music video for Jungle by CIX. It features imagery inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy, a poem which tells of Dante’s journey through the nine circles of Hell. Featuring skulls and what looks to be worshippers of a cult, the music video is truly spine-chilling from start to end.

nature girls horror mv
nature girls horror mv
Horror isn’t exclusive to boy groups either! The music video for Girls by NATURE makes use of classic horror imagery—figures draped in white sheets, bloodstained clothes, a variety of sharp objects, and more.

As a narrative genre, horror has a cult following among film buffs, but K-pop has shown that the aesthetics, even when taken out of context, are just as captivating. Horror can be a fashion statement too!

Of course, that doesn’t mean we should go out on the streets in white sheets. An easy way to incorporate horror into your wardrobe is simply by adding a few horror-themed t-shirts into your daily wear!
Covernat X Chucky Ending Credit T-shirt

Covernat X Chucky Ending Credit T-shirt, retailing at sgd48 at StyleupK

Korean clothes brand Covernat has a whole series of t-shirts featuring Chucky, the eponymous protagonist of the classic horror film. They are such a nice "spooky" way to dress up for the day.ambler sweatshirt ghost

Ambler Korea Halloween Scary Ghost Bear Oversized Sweatshirt, retailing at sgd58 at StyleupK.

ambler sweatshirt ghost

Ambler Korea Trick Or Treat Bear Sweatshirtretailing at sgd58 at StyleupK.

Also, if you'd like to dress in a cute spooky way, you can always rely on Ambler Korea sweatshirts. Their Halloween Ghost or Trick or Treat Bear sweatshirts are such a nice outfits. Yes, that might not be a huge Halloween event in Singapore, but they'll make for a nice outfit to the annual USS Halloween Horror Nights!

Platform Shoes

snsd high heels dance

It wasn’t uncommon for girl groups to perform in heels a few years back. And while fans marvelled at idols’ ability to balance in killer heels, many were also worried about their bias’s ankles.

Thankfully, footwear in K-pop has evolved to become much more practical now. Bye bye stilettos, hello platform shoes, sneakers and boots.
blackpink how you like that
Just look at Blackpink. Standing at 162cm and 163cm respectively, Jisoo and Jennie are the two shorter members of BLACKPINK. However, they manage to look just as tall as the other two taller members. Their secret? Footwear with platforms!

In the dance performance for How You Like That, both Jennie (white bangs) and Jisoo (knee-high socks) can be seen wearing shoes with raised platforms. These shoes certainly help in their larger than life presence.
fila funky tennis 1998 sneakers

Fila Korea Funky Tennis Grey Platform Sneakers, retailing at sgd118.50 at StyleupK

Since the average height of a Singaporean girl is about 160cm, why not learn from Blackpink and give your height a boost with these pretty Fila platform sneakers?

The best part about this platform shoe trend is that it’s unisex! Guys who want to add a few centimetres to their height can also take inspiration from male idols and invest in a good pair of platform shoes.
superm ellen show
With two members of SuperM coming in at over 180cm, the other members often slip on a pair of platform sneakers or boots in order to even out the height difference.

As platform shoes are really popular in Korea, there are a huge variety of designs to choose from. The most popular would definitely be the Fila disruptor 2 shoes. They are more edgy and classic.

mlb shoe

Another sneakers brand with popular platform sneakers is definitely MLB. Their designs range from cool to cute, and you will definitely be able to find a pair that suit your style.

mlb shoe
MLB Big Ball Chunky Lite Sneakers Grey, retailing at sgd 155 at StyleupK

If you are worried about the weight of the shoes, you can opt for MLB Chunky Lite shoes or 23.65 shoes that is also worn by BTS Jungkook.

23.65 V2 Beige Seude Shoes

23.65 V2 Beige Seude Shoes, retailing at sgd 140 at StyleupK

Using mesh technology, these shoes are so much lighter relative to the Fila disruptor 2 shoes or the usual MLB shoes. It makes for a comfortable pair of sneakers to wear on a daily basis. Now, you can have both the style and the comfort!


idol school uniform
The appreciation for uniforms is not exclusive to Korea, but K-pop has definitely taken advantage of it.

mr chu apink

Just check out the k-show Idol School, where participants were all dressed in pretty sailor uniforms. Gfriend and Apink have also donned on uniforms for their Me Gustas Tu and Mr Chu MV respectively.

Uniforms in Singapore might not be the most stylish, but you can also take inspiration from the school uniform outfits worn by k-pop idols.
izone sailor uniform
Recently, IZ*ONE channelled sailor girls at KCON Japan with their sailor-collared blouses and skirts featuring the iconic sailor stripes. Their outfits looked youthful and fresh, and each member looked unique despite the similar theme.
aqo sweatshirt
To go for a similar look, pair a short skirt with a cute sweatshirt like the AQO Studiospace Oversized Sweatshirt.

The simple combination will make you look cute and stylish at the same time.

Also, instead of the pleated short skirt that was popular several years ago, celebrities and koreans are now going for a more mature look. That means forgoing pleated tennis skirts, and opting for knit and dresses.
romantic crown knit dress

Romantic Crown Balloon Sleeve Knit Dress Oatmeal, retailing at sgd140 at StyleupK

One good example would be the sailor pinafore dress from Romantic Crown. It is simple and stylish, yet still confer a younger vibe. It is also suitable both for work and play!

For fans of darker colours, this Romantic Crown Balloon Sleeve Knit Dress is also available in navy!


K-pop stage outfits aren’t the only inspiration for fashion trends in Korea.

For idols who spend a good portion of their day dressed to the nines in intricate outfits, it’s no surprise that baggy, oversized clothes are their go-to casual outfits.

Idols are often seen sporting streetwear in their downtime, and this has inspired many young Koreans to adopt a similar style.

wayv adlv

Many celebrities have been seen wearing the ADLV clothing, including Winwin from WayV. He must have really loved this ADLV hoodie as it is seen on more than one occasion. Doesn’t he look absolutely cozy in it?
lisa adlv
Blackpink Lisa also shows her sway and cuteness at the same time when she wore the ADLV Baby Face Jewelry T-shirt!
lisa aqo
On a more recent note, Lisa was sported in an oversized AQO hoodie. She wore it during the rehearsal of The Show, which was Blackpink online concert. It makes for such a cute outfit while being comfortable enough for the rehearsal run.
bts v cpgn

apink eun ji cpgn
BTS V was also seen wearing CPGN Studio sweatshirt during his jamming session. Apink Eun-ji also wore the same brand hoodie for one of her radio broadcast session.

The good thing about the designer streetwear in Korea is that they are casual yet stylish enough to be caught on camera, which makes them so instagrammable!

Singapore’s weather might not be as hoodie-friendly as Korea’s, but a hoodie is still an essential item for cold lecture theatres or when out studying at cafes.

The good news is that StyleupK offers many exact clothing worn by the k-pop idols. Get these comfortable over fit T-shirts, sweatshirts or hoodies and feel ever so close with your idols with the same piece clothing!


K-pop style has a huge influence on Korean fashion, and idols often popularise certain fashion trends, on and off stage.

Whether you are a kpop fan or would like to become more stylish, you can definitely take inspiration from the k-pop idol scene.

Besides, who wouldn’t want to own matching items with their favourite idols?

Shop for the most trendy and stylish korean fashion from StyleupK. We offer worldwide delivery and free shipping to Singapore and Malaysia. For items not listed on our site, you can also create a custom request.

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