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How To Check For the Authenticity of ADLV T-shirts with Hidden Tag

How To Check For the Authenticity of ADLV T-shirts with Hidden Tag

Acme de la vie (ADLV) is a Korean streetwear brand that has gained much popularity over the past few years. As with all things popular, there is a rise of fake ADLV clothing in the market.

Today, let's find out some ways to identify if the Acme de la vie shirt you are trying to get or have gotten is the real deal!

adlv hidden tag styleupk

Watch the full video on ADLV authenticity here.

How to check if the ADLV shirt is authentic?

This process can be basically split into two parts:-before the purchase and after the purchase. Of course, it would be better to identify if the seller is legit before you place an order. Especially if you are buying online!

Before Purchasing ADLV apparel

There are three ways to identify if the ADLV T-shirts, hoodies etc are authentic.

1. Price is too good to be true

check price adlv hidden tag styleupk

The prices for authentic ADLV clothing starts from 39000won (~SGD50) for a ADLV Basic Short Sleeve T-shirt and 59000won (~SGD 74) for a ADLV Baby Face T-shirt.

In addition, the seller will not only have to cover the cost price of the ADLV apparel, he/she will have to pay for the international delivery and/ or local delivery.

Thus, if a seller sells at a price that is too low, there is a high tendency that the clothing might not be authentic.

2. Country of origin or shipment country

adlv authenticity check styleupk

ADLV is a streetwear brand from Korea. Also, its products are all made in Korea. It would be strange if their clothing are shipped from a country other than South Korea.

In addition, if sellers state that the ADLV clothing are made somewhere other than Korea, beware! You might not be dealing with a genuine seller.

3. Few reviews or no photo reviews

adlv authenticity check styleupk

It might be easier for sellers to fake reviews, but photo reviews are much more difficult to be faked. Does the seller have enough photo reviews from customers to prove that it's an authentic product?

After Purchase

If you have decided to trust the seller, and make the order for the ADLV apparel, you still have 2 ways to confirm if you have received an authentic ADLV shirt.

1. Check the packaging

adlv packaging styleupk

All ADLV items come in their unique packaging in a thick resealable transparent vinyl. The vinyl also indicates the size of the item on its top right hand corner.

2. Hidden Tag

adlv hidden tag styleupk

This is the most important step to confirm that you have received an authentic ADLV apparel. If you are still hesitant from all the above steps, do ensure you do this step.

All Acme de la vie apparel items come with a hidden tag verification. It is located at the back of the price tag, at the bottom right corner.

You will see a box with letter 'H', and four dots at its corners. It also has a small grey scratch box at its bottom left corner.


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How to Check ADLV clothing with Hidden Tag




adlv hidden tag app

1. Download the Hidden Tag application on your mobile application store. The icon should look like the same icon of the hidden tag at the back of the ADLV price tag.

adlv hidden tag app

2. Open the Hidden Tag app and scan the ADLV hidden tag by aligning the screen with the four dots of ADLV hidden tag.

hidden tag scratch

3. You will be led to a ADLV screen where it asks you to scratch the small grey scratch box at the side of ADLV hidden tag. There are four unique letters in the scratch box.

hidden tag letter

4. The hidden tag application will ask you to input the first two letters, followed by the last two letters of the ADLV hidden tag. Press done. 

hidden tag authentic styleupk

5. If the ADLV shirt is authentic, it will bring you to a screen which states that your item is an authentic and genuine ADLV product. You will also find a link that brings you to Acme de la vie website.

StyleupK : Largest collection of authentic Acme de la vie products

styleupk adlv collection

StyleupK ADLV collection ships from Korea, and we have the same inventory as Acme de la vie Korea.

adlv tshirt styleupk

Shop for authentic ADLV clothing at StyleupK and don't worry anymore about getting a fake ADLV tee anymore!

Get all the new releases faster than your peers! If you do not find a specific ADLV design in our ADLV collection, create a custom request and we'll get them for you!

For Singapore buyers who would like to receive the ADLV clothing even faster, check out our ADLV Singapore instock collection. We use our own courier (no delays!). ADLV apparel from our Singapore instock collection will reach you in 1-2 days from order date. That's even faster than other local courier :O


Are you worried about getting a unauthentic ADLV product? We hope that this article has resolved any qualms you have. And we hope you receive what you have purchased from Acme de la vie.


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