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How to Dress Like A K-Drama Character

How to Dress Like A K-Drama Character

Fashion and style inspiration can be found anywhere, and Korean dramas are a great source of inspiration for many people. Koreans are known for having impeccable style, and Korean fashion has only gained even more popularity since the Hallyu wave went international.

Korean drama characters are always well-dressed, and if we want to fulfil our dreams of living out our own K-drama fantasies, then firstly we have to look the part and dress like a K-drama character! 

However, just as the spectrum of Korean fashion is wide and varied, there are also many types and genres of Korean dramas—each with their own style. Read on to find out about how to dress like a K-drama character across the various different genres of Korean dramas.

High school

There is something about dramas set in a high school setting that really captures viewers’ hearts. Teen audiences are able to relate to the main characters of high school dramas, while adult viewers are reminded of the nostalgia of their own high school days.

Extraordinary You school uniforms

School uniforms have an undeniable youthful vibe / Image: HanCinema

High school dramas are all about youth, and nothing captures that as well as school uniforms. Wearing your secondary school uniform when meeting your friends might get you a few strange looks, but wearing a Korean school uniform inspired outfit might get you some envious looks instead.

Ames Pleats Check Wrap Skirt

Ames Pleats Check Wrap Skirt, retailing at sgd89.50 at StyleupK

Tennis skirts are a popular K-fashion trend, as well as an easy way to achieve the school uniform inspired look! They’re also very versatile when it comes to styling—they can be dressed up with a button-up shirt, or dressed down with a regular t-shirt.

Ames Colored Ringer Crop T-shirt in Navy

Ames Colored Ringer Crop T-shirt in Navy, retailing at sgd46.90 at StyleupK

For a more casual school uniform look, you can swap out the more formal tennis skirt for a cotton skirt instead. This works especially well if your top has a baseball tee design, as it will give your outfit more of a gym uniform vibe.

Veteze Studio Mini Skirt in Navy

Veteze Studio Mini Skirt in Navy, retailing at sgd55 at StyleupK


Are high school dramas not your thing? Do you prefer something a little more mature—while still retaining the youthful vibe? Or maybe you’re just not really a fan of the school uniform inspired look. Then you might be a fan of dramas in a college setting instead!

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

College is all about discovering yourself, including your style! / Image: Twitter

Your late teens and early twenties are all about expressing yourself, and the way you dress is one of the easiest ways to do that. After some trial and error, you’ll discover which aesthetic suits you, and that might just determine what type of K-drama character you’d be.

If you’re not sure where to start, why not try out some polo tees? There’s something about polo tees that give off a college vibe. Perhaps it’s because polo t-shirts fall somewhere in between casual t-shirts and more formal collared shirts—just as college students are in the transition period between being teenagers and adults.

Born Champs Cotton T-shirt & Shorts Set in Grey

Born Champs Cotton T-shirt & Shorts Set in Grey, retailing at sgd79.50 at StyleupK

Adults can rock polo t-shirts too, so if you’re going for a more youthful vibe, make sure to look for polo tees with cute designs on them. The collar might make you feel grown up, but the cute graphics will be sure to make you feel young again!

Quietist Border Collie Rugby Polo T-shirt Navy

Quietist Border Collie Rugby Polo T-shirt Navy, retailing at sgd69 at StyleupK


The young professional is also a popular K-drama archetype. Whether you’re fresh out of college, or starting over at a new workplace, ambition is something that any young professional must have if they want to go far in their career.

Start-Up Korean Drama

Professional ambition and a sense of style isn’t mutually exclusive / Image: Twitter 

And if we were characters in a Korean drama, we might also just need to learn how to strike a balance between having a fulfilling career and having a love life. In terms of fashion, this means finding a way to look both lovely and professional.

Pastel colours are a great way to find that balance! Formal work clothes such as blazers might look too stiff and serious, and pastel colours can help to soften the outfit. A pastel coloured blazer also looks much more youthful then a regular structured black blazer.

Near & Dear Dorothy Summer Jacket

Near & Dear Dorothy Summer Jacket, retailing at sgd219 at StyleupK

Just like Seo Dal-Mi you can wear the blazer with a pair of jeans for a more casual look, but finish it off with a nice pair of heels to maintain your professionalism.

Young Bridge Korea Daisy Leather Pumps Indi Pink

Young Bridge Korea Daisy Leather Pumps Indi Pink, retailing at sgd189 at StyleupK


If you’re a fan of romance, no matter the setting, then the most important aspect of your outfit is looking lovely! Of course, not all K-drama female leads are girly and sweet, but soft and feminine styles often come to mind first when thinking of romance dramas.

True Beauty Korean Drama

Feminine outfits can be pulled out with jeans as well / Image: HanCinema

Opwee Plain Knitted Cardigan in Cream

Opwee Plain Knitted Cardigan in Cream, retailing at sgd79.50 at StyleupK

And even if you’re not a particularly girly K-drama lead, there’s always that moment in Korean dramas where the male lead sees the female lead all dressed up for the first time. A lot of times, this is the moment where he realises that he has feelings for her, so this outfit is extremely important!

While it may seem daunting to those of us who have a more unisex dressing style, dresses are a great way to add a touch of sweetness to your outfit. Instead of going for a form-fitting dress, opt for dresses with a looser silhouette. Not only are they more comfortable, loose silhouettes also align with Korean fashion trends.

Neonmoon Flower Frill Dress in Blue

Neonmoon Flower Frill Dress in Blue, retailing at sgd95 at StyleupK


“Horror” is a very broad genre, and can take place in almost any setting. But if you’re a character in a horror themed Korean drama, then practicality is going to be an important aspect of your style. Luckily, Korean fashion is all about being both stylish and comfortable, so you’ll definitely be able to look good even while running for your life.

Sweet Home Korean Drama

Practical fashion is most important when it comes to horror / Image: Tistory

A good, sturdy backpack is an essential for any horror protagonist. While we don’t need to constantly carry around all our belongings, a backpack is still useful for carrying essential items whenever we leave the house.

Veteze Studio True Backpack Beige

Veteze Studio True Backpack Beige, retailing at sgd69 at StyleupK

And if there’s going to be running involved, you’re going to need a sturdy pair of sneakers. One of the great things about K-fashion is that almost anything can be paired with sneakers—even dresses! Of course, if you’re going to be running for your life in a dress, it’s best to pick one that’s easy to move around in.

FILA Korea Wavelet Alpha Mint

FILA Korea Wavelet Alpha Mint, retailing at sgd140 at StyleupK


Dramas like Sisyphus: The Myth and Times have shown that Korean dramas can tackle science fiction too! Many sci-fi dramas often take place in the future, and sometimes there’s even time travelling involved. Fashion is dynamic and ever changing, making it difficult to truly predict what fashion will look like in the future.

Sisyphus: The Myth Korean Drama

Imagination is important when it comes to sci-fi fashion / Image: HanCinema

However, there are definitely certain looks and styles that have a futuristic feel—doesn’t the carpenter stitching on this pair of Dominant jogger pants remind you of a circuit board?

Dominant Pintuck Carpenter Stitch Jogger Pants in Black

Dominant Pintuck Carpenter Stitch Jogger Pants in Black, retailing at sgd135.90 at StyleupK

While there’s nothing really super sci-fi about corduroy shorts, the time travel logo makes these shorts perfect for a subtle wink to the genre!

CPGN Studio Corduroy Comfy Short Pants in Navy

CPGN Studio Corduroy Comfy Short Pants in Navy, retailing at sgd65 at StyleupK

There’s also something about holographic designs that look distinctly futuristic—perhaps because the way they reflect light gives them a slightly metallic sheen. Either way, you can include clothing items that have a metallic sheen or holographic designs in your overall outfit for a stronger sci-fi vibe.

FILA Korea Ray Prism White Shoes

FILA Korea Ray Prism White Shoes, retailing at sgd110 at StyleupK


Just like Korean fashion itself, Korean dramas are also very diverse and encompass a lot of different genres, with each genre having its own style and fashion. Not only does this make K-dramas more interesting, it also makes them a great source of style inspiration!

While it may be difficult to recreate the exact outfits pulled off by K-drama characters (although you can totally channel your inner Park Sae-Royi with Dominant’s pigment embroidery oversized hoodie), you can definitely dress like the main character of your very own K-drama by following these tips and tricks.

Shop for the perfect K-drama character inspired outfit at StyleupK today! StyleupK is an online Korean fashion platform that ships worldwide. Free shipping to Singapore, Malaysia, USA and more.

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