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How to get Korean items overseas and how to meet korean celebrities

How to get Korean items overseas and how to meet korean celebrities

We had the pleasure of meeting with Clarissa last month in Singapore. A regular customer at styleupk, she shared some of the items she bought from Korea, what they mean for her and also more importantly, tips to get informed on newly released limited edition Korean items and how to meet Korean celebrities!

Korea is a shopping paradise 

Q: What are some of the items you have bought from Korea?

A: I have bought SPAO SSAK3 shirts (wearing the SPAO SSAK3 neon tshirt), Covernat Snoopy shirts, MLB Mickey shirts, many kakao friends items like the car vacuum, utensils, Ryan plushes, Daniel apeach plushes, Ryan wireless charger. I have also bought the cute marimong plushies! The mandarin orange marimong plush still have a slight fragrance to it. I have also bought Angel-in-us snoopy tumbler, Starbucks tumblers, Daiso pooh and snoopy collaboration items and also dog tags for my dog. There are too many to remember all of the Korean items that I have bought!

 styleupk fashion mag interview with clarissa

Clarissa with kakao friends Ryan station master plush and wearing Spao SSAK3 neon tshirt

Q: You know about the newly released Korean items faster than the average person, even the limited edition ones! Can you share how you know about their releases even though you are living overseas in Singapore?

A: I follow the Korean brands on social media actively, I got informed about their new releases through their updates. For some of the items like the SPAO SSAK3 collaboration, I got to know about it through my friend.

styleupk fashion mag interview with clarissa items

Some of the korean items bought by Clarissa

Difference of Korean clothing with Singapore clothing

Q: What makes you like the Korean clothing? Can’t you find similar ones in Singapore?

A: I like Korean fashion brands. Korean clothing have good quality and superior design. They have local designers to create the flattering designs and styles. For example, SJYP brand is founded by Lee Hyori’s good friend who is a fashion designer. I prefer the nicer Korean Tshirt designs. Similar ones can’t be found in Singapore, and thus I get them from Korea. I also like the loose fit T-shirts that are trending in Korea now. It is very comfortable.

Q: How did you get to know about the Korean fashion brands?

A: I like to watch Korean dramas and variety shows. I get to know about the Korean fashion brands as they were featured on Korean shows like Running Man and Happy Together. For example, I got to know about the Covernat brand as the Running Man crew wore it several times on the show. I then tried to track the brand down. It’s difficult to get it in Singapore though, so I always shop for it when I visit Korea. Nowadays, the Running Man crew wear more Mahagrid shirts.

Send personalized cakes to korean celebrities

Q: You also asked us to help you create a personalized cake to be sent to Kwang-soo on his birthday this year. Can you share more about this story?

A: Yes, I like Kwang-soo from Running Man. We sent him a present last year but we would like to send him a cake too. My friend and I thus really hoped to send it to him this year, but the problem is that he doesn't visit his office everyday and we really hope he could see the cake on his birthday at the time when he arrived at the office. We engaged styleupk for the service to create a personalized cake from a rough sketch. The cake managed to be delivered to him on the date of his birthday before he reached the office. He took a picture with the presents he received and our cake was placed at the very front!

 lee kwangsoo birthday cake drawing styleupk

Clarissa sketched this birthday cake for Korean actor, Lee Kwang-soo

lee kwangsoo birthday cake styleupk

Lee Kwang-soo personalized birthday macaron cake created! Yums!

Lee Kwang-soo shared presents and well wishes from his fans. Cake in picture - mission accomplished 

Q: You seem to like Kwang-soo a lot to have sent him a personalized cake on his birthday!

A: I know him through Running Man. I like to watch Running Man. Sometimes I travel to see the Running Man team. The best place to chat with them used to be at the airports, because sometimes they will stop to have a short chat with the fans. But nowadays, security has become stricter, which makes it much much difficult to meet them. It's totally impossible to have a chance to chat with them now outside of their official fan meet or fansigning events.

Q: It is the current trend for the fans to rent a cafe truck for their celebrities nowadays in Korea. Have you considered this idea?

A: Yes, but this is usually for filming crew who are situated in a fixed place for the entire day. The Running Man crew usually travel to several locations throughout the day and it would not be a feasible idea to rent the café truck for them. But, this used to be a good way for fans to meet their favorite korean idols or celebrities as usually they will come out for a chat as a form of appreciation. It has become much harder now though.

Meeting the korean celebrities had been difficult a few years back. We had to rough it out with few hours of sleep. But nowadays, it has become so much harder to even meet the korean celebrities due to enforced security. Now I'm happy and contented if I get a chance to join their official fansigns or fanmeets.

How to meet korean celebrities

Q: Did you see the Running Man crew in action during filming?

A: Yes, on some occasions when I’m traveling in Korea, my friend and I would go down to their filming locations. We stood at a distance so as not to disrupt their filming. A long time ago though. The last time I caught them was in 2019 in Vietnam I think. A chance to chat with them was even longer back. It's been such a long time..

Q: Why don’t you catch the Running Man team at the Singapore Changi Airport?

A: Singapore Changi Airport has a separate VIP linkway for the celebrities to go through. So, it wouldn’t be possible to catch the Running Man team at the airport in Singapore. *sobs* 

Q: How do you use the Korean items that you have bought?

A: I wear the Tshirts bought from Korea. They are comfy to wear. The kakao wireless charger and handheld car vacuum I’m using them well too. The plushies I hand some of them on my bags and some others I put them on display. I’m thinking of getting a display cabinet to place them inside. Oh, and I hang the personalized dog tag on the collar of my dog. It has my phone number at the back of the tag, in case my dog got missing.

styleupk fashion mag interview with clarissa dog tag

Personalized dog tags for Clarissa's dog Bailey

Difficulty in getting korean items overseas

Q: What are some difficulties you face in getting the Korean items yourself?

A: There are many limited edition collaborations in Korea by my favorite brands like kakao friends, or like the collaborations with Snoopy, a character which I really like. Many of these items need to be hunted and there are only a limited amount to be the purchased within a limited period of time. I won’t be able to get them myself and will require someone in korea to help me with the purchase of the Korean item.

I find it difficult to gauge the sizes of some Korean clothing brands. For example, Covernat shirts seem to have a slight difference in sizing for several designs. And also some limited edition items like the SPAO SSAK3 shirts do not list the sizing guide prior to the limited time sale. It would be difficult to be select the sizes to get before the limited edition items are released for sale! But, most Korean brands sell loose fit shirts these days so it’s still ok. And some other brands have more consistent sizing guide and is easier to select their sizes.

Another difficulty is that many Korean sites do not accept international card payments, making it difficult for me to purchase it from the site. I will thus need someone to help me with the purchase and send it to Singapore for me.

 styleupk fashion mag interview with clarissa marimong

Clarissa with the cute Marimong plushies

interview with clarissa styleupk daniel apeach

Kakao x kang daniel apeach plush

Q: What are some of the qualities you look for when asking for someone to get the Korean items for you?

A: I really want those Korean items so I require someone who has a higher chance of securing those limited edition items. Thus, I prefer someone who is based in Korea as there were some cases whereby travelers were not able to help to secure some of the items that I wanted. It’s good that they have a sense of urgency as many items sell out fast in Korea.

How did you know about styleupk?

Q: How do you first know about styleupk?

A: I became aware of styleupk via another platform called Airfrov. It is a platform for overseas buyers to help purchase items.

Q: What parts do you like about styleupk in getting the Korean items for you?

A: It’s straightforward to get from the styleupk team. I will need to enquire about the item and they will get it and send it to my doorstep. I also like the prompt response.

 styleupk fashion mag interview with clarissa

Glad to be able to help Clarissa in getting her beloved items!

Unable to shop in Korea personally? No worries as styleupk is a trustworthy personal shopper for you! No more lugging your shopping items in Korea, styleupk will ship them straight from Korea to your home too!

interview with clarissa styleupk westgate

Clarissa wearing the Spao x SSAK3 neon tshirt in Singapore

Korean clothing is known for its good comfortable quality and affordable prices. No wonder many people like to shop in Korea! Check out styleupk for trending Korean brands like ADLV, Ambler, Mahagrid, Kodak and many more!

For Korean clothing not listed on our site, you can send a custom request on the “Custom Order” tab at the top of styleupk website or chat us up on Instagram or Facebook messenger. Some recommended brands are Kakao Friends, Line friends, Modern House or, if you are like Clarissa, you can even engage us for services like creating and delivering a personalized cake to your favorite Korean celebrities!

styleupk fashion mag interview with clarissa kakao

Clarissa holding Kakao ryan station master plush and Kang Daniel apeach plush

Follow Clarissa on Instagram (@cloudgreen2202) to get updates on Running Man! 

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