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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
How to wear ADLV Baby Face shirts

How to wear ADLV Baby Face shirts

Say hello to ADLV signature Baby Face collection. Designed for the modern day fashionista in mind, this look is trending for obvious reasons. The giant baby logo is a staple that’s loved by korean celebrities. It’s all about experimenting with different child expressions, each emitting a unique charm.

You can pair the quirky oversized adlv tee in so many ways. And that’s the type of versatility that keeps buyers coming back for more.

ADLV Baby Face Hoodie Donut Boy Black retailing at SGD 148 at styleupk

Here’s KPop sensation Tzuyu in the trending ADLV Baby Face Hoodie Donut Boy Black. We love how the youngest member of TWICE is posing away in the fun filled attire, giving the look a charm of its own. Pair the hot seller with sleek bottoms or ripped jeans for a trendy look this season. The tshirt version is also a must-get!

ADLV Baby Face Donuts 5 tshirt retailing at SGD 70 at styleupk


ADLV Baby Face Tshirt Black Rabbit retailing at SGD 70 at styleupk

Check out how cute this ADLV Baby Face Tshirt Black Rabbit is! It creates such a great outfit combination just by pairing it with a pair of black slacks. You’ll have to admit, the adorable rabbit baby face graphic is also screaming for attention.

ADLV Baby Face Black Shock retailing at SGD 70 at styleupk.

Julius Tan showcases the adorable ADLV Baby Face Black Shocks. The baby face boy looks so shocked from lighting up the lightsticks. The big graphic at the front of the black tshirt is an instant head turner. It goes extremely well with a pair of khaki pants and bucket hat too!


200605 - Princess Jihyo from r/twice

ADLV Baby Face Snow Tshirt retailing at SGD 70 at styleupk.

KPop idol Twice member Park Jihyo knows exactly how to startle audiences with her public appearances. Here’s the sensation in an ADLV Baby Face Snow T-shirt. The pop of purple bottoms against the black t-shirt is what mix and match combos are all about. Isn't the adorable sleeping baby face graphic just so cute!! Check out ADLV Baby Face Snow Hoodie too!

ADLV Baby Face Snow Hoodie retailing at SGD 148 at styleupk.

Who would have guessed that pairing the ADLV baby face hoodie with a pair of black shorts and coat would give you just gorgeous results? The snow baby is really so strikingly adorable, we feel like giving it a hug! 

ADLV Baby Face Donuts Boy Tshirt retailing at SGD 70 at styleupk.

A classic of Acme de la vie that never goes out of style, the ADLV Baby Face Donuts Boy Tshirt is one of the oldest and most popular baby face design! No wonder, the boy holding the two donuts with the open lips is just too cute to miss! A staple in your wardrobe!

 ADLV Baby Face Donuts Girl Tshirt retailing at SGD 70 at styleupk.

The girl version of the donut boy version, this ADLV Baby Face Donuts Girl Tshirt is also a popular choice too!

 ADLV Baby Face Jewelry Tshirt retailing at SGD 70 at styleupk.

The ADLV Baby Face Jewelry Tshirt showcases a luxe style with the crystal teardrops on the baby face against a dreamy blue backdrop. Don this shirt for a more glamorous ootd!

Check out the other t t-shirts and hoodies from the ADLV Baby Face collection at styleupk. These arise in both big baby face and mini baby face styles. Choose a design that best suits your preference! Worldwide shipping and free shipping to Singapore/ Malaysia with purchases above SGD80.

To get your favorite ADLV apparel even faster, check out the ADLV Singapore instock collection. Shipped out with 1-2 day, receive it faster and at the same great price!

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