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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
K-Fashion Style Wide-Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

K-Fashion Style Wide-Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

Do you want to dress up for a night out, but don’t want to replace your comfortable sweatpants for tight jeans? If that’s the case, then wide-leg pants are the perfect solution for you! 

Some people might think styling wide-leg pants is difficult, or are worried that they might look frumpy or unkempt. However, wide-leg pants are actually just as easy to style as regular jeans! Let’s take a look at some simple outfits that you can put together with a pair of wide-leg pants.

Go classy with a tank top

Wide-leg pants with tank top outfit

Image: Pinterest

One of the concerns with wide-leg pants is that they look too ‘heavy’, because of all the fabric. If this is what you’re worried about, then it would be a good idea to style wide-leg pants with a top that uses less fabric in order to balance it out. 

Tank tops are a great option, especially if you’re putting together an outfit for a night out. This outfit is especially great for pear-shaped women, as the wide-leg pants will help to make your hips look smaller, while the tank top gives the illusion of wider shoulders, giving you an overall more balanced look.

Cute and casual cropped top look

Wide-leg pants with cropped top outfit

Image: Pinterest

Employing a similar logic as the tank top outfit, the small amount of fabric utilised by a cropped top can help to balance out the wide-leg pants. Cropped tops are also more convenient, since you don’t have to worry about your top coming untucked. 

Generally, cropped tops have a more youthful vibe. However, that doesn’t mean outfits with cropped tops look childish or immature. Because wide-leg pants have a slightly dressier vibe, if you style it with an equally dressy cropped top, you can look your age while retaining a youthful vibe. 

Fight fabric with fabric

Wide-leg pants with untucked oversized top outfit

Image: Pinterest

Balance is generally the key to good styling, but when it comes to K-Fashion, oversized tees can be styled with anything, even wide-leg pants! The loose fit silhouette is a popular trend in Korean fashion, inspired by the fashion of America’s hip hop subculture, and you can pull off this style by wearing an untucked oversized t-shirt with your wide-leg pants.

And if you switch up the accessories a little (for example, switching out your bucket hat for a beret, and replacing your hipsack with a canvas tote bag), you can go for an artsy look as well.

Wide-leg pants with tucked in oversized top outfit

Image: Twitter

If going completely shapeless is too much for you, try tucking in an oversized shirt into wide-leg pants instead. The waistband of the wide-leg pants where the shirt is tucked in becomes the midpoint, and the excess fabric from the oversized t-shirt and from the wide-leg pants balance each other out.

This style is also great for rectangle shaped women, as the tucked in shirt will help to create the illusion of a cinched waist.


Wide-leg pants are more comfortable and breathable than regular jeans, while still looking ‘dressy’ enough that you can wear them on a night out—or dress them down for a more casual outing.

And if you happen to be a pear-shaped gal, wide-leg pants are a definite must-have item to include in your wardrobe, as they help to minimise the emphasis on the hips by creating a more flowy silhouette, while also emphasising the waist.

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