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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
K-Pop Idols Who Are Loved By High Fashion Luxury Brands

K-Pop Idols Who Are Loved By High Fashion Luxury Brands

As Hallyu gains popularity internationally, K-Pop stars are flourishing not just in the music industry, but in the fashion industry as well. Many top luxury fashion brands have started working with K-Pop idols, and there are a handful of idols who stand out in the fashion scene.

Kai (EXO, SuperM)

While EXO has no shortage of members who have made an impression on the fashion industry, Kai is on an entirely different level, having been Gucci’s Global Ambassador for the third year straight. Not only has he attended multiple Gucci shows and events, Kai has also released his own capsule collection with Gucci.

Kai Gucci Cruise 2020

Kai wears a dusty blue formal suit styled with leather ankle boots and a studded choker  to the Gucci Cruise 2020 / Image: Pinterest

Affectionately referred to as a teddy bear by his fans, it’s no surprise that the motif of his ready-to-wear capsule collection with Gucci is a cuddly teddy bear. Whether it’s a coincidence, or proof of Kai’s influence on fashion trends, teddy bear designs have been a rising trend in K-Fashion this year.

Kai Gucci capsule collection

Kai’s collaboration with Gucci features teddy bears that are almost as cute as Kai himself / Image: Twitter

Not only do brands such as Ambler, AQO Studiospace, and Teddy Island feature teddy bears as the main motif of their designs, teddy bears have also made their way onto the designs of other streetwear brands as well.

Winwin (WayV, NCT)

WayV and NCT member Winwin is also making a mark for himself in the fashion industry. He attended his first fashion week back in 2017, and has worked with a number of different high end brands since then. In 2019, Winwin was invited to a front row seat at Prada’s 2020 Spring / Summer Menswear fashion show.

The pandemic has not hindered Winwin’s foray into the fashion industry, and he even attended the opening of Maison Margiela’s pop-up store and exhibition earlier this year.

Winwin Maison Margiela 2021

Winwin attended a Maison Margiela Exhibition in 2021 / Image: Weibo

Winwin recently made waves when he attended the opening of Louis Vuitton’s pop-up store in Shanghai, even trending on Chinese social media platform Weibo for his unedited fantaken photos during the event.

Winwin Louis Vuitton Shanghai 2021

Winwin’s multi-coloured and multi-patterned leather jacket takes the spotlight during the Louis Vuitton event in Shanghai / Image: Twitter

He was dressed simply for the event, allowing the multi-coloured Louis Vuitton leather jacket (as well as his visuals!) to take the spotlight. The eye-catching jacket made for the perfect statement piece, its many colours and patterns standing out against his simple black and white outfit.

Jennie (Blackpink)

Ever since her debut, Jennie has been praised for her luxurious aura. She was frequently referred to as the human Chanel because she embodied the brand’s classic and elegant vibe so well, and it’s no surprise that she is now officially a brand ambassador for Chanel.

Not only has Jennie attended multiple Chanel fashion shows and been seen in the latest Chanel collections, she has also shown off her collection of vintage Chanel items. Not only does this prove how fashion-savvy she is—vintage and retro designs are a popular K-Fashion trend—she also shows that she cares about sustainability in fashion and investing in high quality items.

Jennie Chanel S/S 2021

Jennie attended Chanel’s runway for their Spring / Summer 2021 ready-to-wear collection / Image: Twitter


Nostalgia has always been an inspiration for Jennie’s style; her collaboration with Gentle Monster was inspired by nostalgic childhood memories, and the iconic high teen aesthetic that she is known for is also heavily influenced by fashion in the early 2000s.

Jennie Gentle Home collection

Jennie promotes ‘Jentle Home’, her collaboration with Gentle Monster / Image: Kpopping

Fashion trends are often cyclical, and other than the ability to look good in anything she wears, Jennie’s eye for classic designs is just one of the many reasons why she has made such a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Lisa (Blackpink)

Even though Lisa was only recently named as Celine’s global ambassador in September 2020, her relationship with the brand goes back further than that. Not only did she attend Celine’s womenswear show during Paris Fashion Week in 2019, she also attended their menswear show as well.

A quick peek at her Instagram account will also show her love for the brand, as Lisa can often be seen sporting Celine designs, even in posts that are not paid advertisements. Lisa has also spoken about how much she admires Celine’s director Hedi Slimane, and the admiration is clearly mutual, as Slimane has also personally photographed Lisa for one of the brand’s campaigns.

Lisa Paris Men's Fashion Week 2019

Lisa attended Celine’s show during Paris Men’s Fashion Week in 2019 / Image: Twitter 

Most recently, Lisa was revealed to be one of four muses for Bvlgari’s Magnifica campaign, alongside other internationally popular fashion icons Zendaya, Lily Aldridge, and Vittoria Ceretti. 

Lisa for Bvlgari 2021 Magnifica campaign

Lisa modelling for Bvlgari’s 2021 campaign for the brand’s Roman high jewellery inspired collection Magnifica / Image: Twitter

While Lisa’s onstage styling is often edgy or more streetwear inspired, her more feminine side can be seen in her personal style. Lisa is an expert at blending masculine and feminine styles into a single outfit, and it is not uncommon to see her rocking elegant handbags and dainty jewellery with baggy jeans and bucket hats.

Bonus: BTS

All the BTS members are fashionistas in their own right, each with their own distinctive personal style. However, in addition to being fashionable individually, BTS are also making a name for themselves in the fashion industry as a group. BTS has collaborated with a number of clothing brands, Fila being their most well-known one.

Recently, BTS has accepted their very first luxury fashion endorsement deal, and are now the official house ambassadors of the globally renowned Louis Vuitton.

BTS for Louis Vuitton

BTS rocks pastel colours that are reminiscent of their styling for Dynamite in their photoshoot with Louis Vuitton / Image: Twitter

Not only have they done photoshoots for Louis Vuitton and worn custom Louis Vuitton suits to the Grammy Awards, they have also taken part in Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Fall / Winter 2021 show in Seoul, modelling the brand’s latest collection both individually and as a group in a moving-image performance.

BTS for Louis Vuitton F/W 2021 Seoul

BTS made their first promotional appearance as Louis Vuitton ambassadors during the brand’s F/W 2021 show in Seoul / Image: Twitter

While this is only BTS’s first luxury fashion endorsement, we’re sure that it won’t be the last! They have the star power and visuals to give justice to luxury fashion brands, and we’re excited to see them venture into the fashion industry.


Not only are K-Pop idols at the forefront of Korean fashion trends, they are also making a name for themselves in the international fashion scene, and are influencing fashion lovers all over the world.

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