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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
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Kep1er Sweet and Classy Outfits for Their First V Live

If you’ve been following Girls Planet 999, then you will know all about Kep1er, the girl group consisting of the top 9 contestants of the international survival show that featured trainees from Korea, Japan, and China. Recently, this newly formed girl group just made their first official appearance as Kep1er, hosting their very first V Live.

Throughout Girls Planet 999, we have seen the members in different styles as they performed a variety of stages; girl crush, retro, innocent—they have proven that they are able to pull off any concept. But with this V Live, we get a glimpse at what their concept as a fixed group might be, and we’re absolutely loving it!

Sweet and Classy

Kep1er First V Live Fashion

In their first V Live, the members of Kep1er swap out their pastel purple school uniforms for a more mature—but still super sweet!—look. It’s a fitting change, as the slightly more mature style seems to represent their ‘graduation’ from Girls Planet 999, and the change from trainees to full-fledged idols.

But despite the added maturity, their style remains feminine, with a distinctly sweet vibe. Let’s take a look at their outfits, as well as how they managed to achieve this sweet and classy aesthetic.


Kep1er Yujin Tweed Jacket Outfit

Yujin (who is also a member of CLC) looks her age in a black lucky knit tweed jacket by General Idea. While tweed jackets might be quite formal, it is age appropriate for Yujin, who is the oldest member of Kep1er. The mature vibe of the jacket also contrasts nicely with her baby face, keeping the whole outfit from looking too dull or dated.

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While not made of tweed, the collar and pockets of this Romantic Crown blazer have a similar aesthetic as the jacket that Yujin is wearing.




Kep1er Xiaoting Cardigan Set Outfit

Xiaoting, the only Chinese member of Kep1er, wears MSKN2ND’s weaving pattern tube top crop cardigan set. The cardigan has a more mature vibe, while the tube top is more youthful, and by combining the two, Xiaoting manages to pull off a style that is classy and playful at the same time.

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For those of us who live in the tropics but are a fan of this look, Hide has a tube top and cardigan set similar to what Xiaoting is wearing, but the cardigan features short sleeves, making it warm weather friendly.


For those who live in colder climates, just swap out the short sleeved cardigan for a long sleeved one, and you’ll be good to go!




Kep1er Mashiro Off-Shoulder Top Outfit

Mashiro wears a cropped linen off shoulder shirt from Korean streetwear brand Targetto. While Korean girls do not usually wear tops with low necklines, that doesn’t mean they’re against showing some skin, and apart from wearing a short skirt and baring your legs, it’s also trendy to reveal your shoulders. The off shoulder top also helps to give the illusion of wider shoulders, which can make your waist look smaller as well.

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Kep1er Chaehyun Knit Vest Outfit

Another way to make your waist smaller is to wear a belt around your natural waist. Chaehyun rocks the preppy aesthetic with ANOBLIR’s cable knit vest layered over a long-sleeved button up shirt, but instead of styling this with high waisted bottoms, Chaehyun emphasises her slim waist with a belt instead. To complete the preppy aesthetic, Chaehyun also wears an artsy black beret.

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Kep1er Dayeon Red Beret Outfit

Like Chaehyun, Daeyon’s outfit also fits the preppy aesthetic, wearing Beyond Closet’s nomantic cashmere knit styled with a logo beret hat from Maison Michel. The cashmere knit features a red heart logo on the left side of the chest, and it matches her red beret perfectly.

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Kep1er Hikaru Argyle Cardigan Outfit

Known for her charisma and powerful stage presence, it may seem strange to see Hikaru dressed in a sweeter and more feminine style. However, we think she looks amazing in her round neck argyle knit cardigan by Daylife. She looks absolutely cosy in this pastel coloured cardigan, and it matches her cute eye smile perfectly.

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Kep1er Bahiyyih Romantic Crown Cardigan Outfit

At one point during the V Live, Xiaoting reads a fan comment out loud calling Bahiyyih a princess, and we couldn’t agree more! Bahiyyih looks adorably regal in her Romantic Crown cable knit cardigan, styled with a black beret. The red lining of her cardigan adds a nice pop of colour to her otherwise neutral coloured outfit. The red accent colour also makes her outfit match Dayeon’s, creating a more cohesive group aesthetic.

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The exact Romantic Crown cardigan is available on StyleupK!



If you prefer the oatmeal colour cardigan, then you can opt for this similar Romantic Crown cardigan instead.




Kep1er Youngeun Mint Cardigan Outfit

Youngeun looks cute and fresh in this mint coloured round knit cardigan from Daylife. Like Hikaru, her outfit does not quite fit into the overall colour scheme of the rest of the members (namely, cream, red, and black), but because it is light pastel colour, she still fits the overall sweet and class aesthetic, and fits in nicely with the rest of the members.

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Kep1er Yeseo Red Cardigan Outfit

Yeseo is able to catch viewers’ attention immediately, not just because she is seated in the front row and somewhat in the middle, but also thanks to her bright red Beyond Closet cashmere round neck cardigan. While wearing a bright red cardigan is a bold choice, Yeseo manages to pull it off, and it definitely helps that the outfits worn by Dayeon and Bahiyyih also have a hint of red, making her solid red cardigan look less out of place.

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Must-have items

While each member is wearing a distinct clothing item with no overlaps, there are certain shared characteristics that help them look cohesive as a group. Quite a few members are seen wearing cardigans, or other knitwear. This style is especially suitable for fall weather, and the girls’ outfits are both stylish and practical.

Additionally, apart from Hikaru’s pink cardigan and Youngeun’s mint cardigan, the other members’ outfits all share a similar colour scheme of cream, black, and red. Apart from looking cohesive, these colours are also popular as part of the preppy aesthetic and for fall fashion. Cream and black make good base colours, and red works well as an accent colour—of course, if you have the confidence, you can pull off a red-based outfit just like Yeseo!

Shop for your own sweet and classy Kep1er inspired outfits at StyleupK today! If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend checking out the Feminine Sweet collection. Worldwide delivery is available, and free shipping to Singapore and the US applies if you spend a minimum of SGD100 or USD190 respectively.

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