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5 Korean Bag Brands Loved By Both Women AND Men

5 Korean Bag Brands Loved By Both Women AND Men

Much of Korean fashion is unisex, from the oversized T-shirts, to sneakers, and even accessories.

It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that there are also korean bag brands that are loved by both men and women. 

That's one major aspect of Korean fashion that we love - its genderless style!

Also, Korean fashion also favors minimalism. Think basic color tees with a printed logo, and pairing these with a pair of simple pair of jeans.

This same minimalistic style can also be seen in the bag designs of Korean brands.

Featuring simple colors and shapes, it’s no surprise that the following handbag brands are loved by both men and women in Korea.



Have you heard of Kangol? It is a UK fashion brand internationally known for its beret hats.

How about Kangol Korea?

Like MLB, National Geographic and several other brands in korea, Kangol korea has bought the license of Kangol.

What does that mean?

It means that Kangol korea can design and sell their own line of caps and clothing.

As an Asian brand, they focus more on the Asian fit, color preference and seasonal concerns.

That's why you will find that the color and material of their hats are different from the stores in Europe. Also, Kangol korea also has a greater focus on bags, especially totes!

Let's look at the why.

Kangol bags

Bags under Kangol are more suitably classified as tote bags or shoulder bags.

The shape and design of their bags are simple with basic colors, which make them the perfect match for a casual outfit.

jinsoul kangol
Loona JinSoul with Kangol Korea Canvas Bucket Bag. Image: twitter

JinSoul from Loona has been seen sporting the Kangol Korea Canvas Bucket Bag on her way to a broadcast station.

The drawstring of the bag allows it to be pulled shut for privacy, while also giving the bag a feminine touch as a canvas bucket bag.

Also, the adjustable shoulder strap allows this bag to be worn as a crossbody bag. On days when you feel more carefree, you can also remove the shoulder strap and carry it as a handbag.

stray kids kangol
I.N with Kangol Korea Canvas Shoulder Bag Zippi. Image: twitter

I.N of Stray Kids sports an even simpler Kangol bag design.

The Kangol Korea Canvas Shoulder Bag Zippi (retailing at sgd90 at StyleupK) is a larger and simpler version of a tote bag.

While it also has handles and an adjustable shoulder strap, the Kangol Zippi Medium features a top zipper.

kangol bag zippi

This simple design allows more items to be placed and the zipper keeps everything securely. It makes it a perfect companion for school or work.

Bonus: I.N also wears a Kangol beret hat, as well as a T-shirt from Mahagrid. He completes his outfit with jeans, rings and chain accessories. Doesn't he look effortlessly stunning?

Shop for Kangol and Mahagrid at StyleupK now. Worldwide shipping.


Marhen J

Of course, it would be difficult to write about well-loved handbag brands in Korea without mentioning Marhen J.

Marhen J is known for its sustainability. They use vegan leather and other eco-friendly material for all its bags.

The popularity of Marhen J has grown outside of Korea, and it would not be uncommon to see someone sporting a Marhen J bag on the streets of Singapore.

While Marhen J has a broad range of designs across different collections, their Rico and Ricky collections seem to be a particular shared favorite amongst both men and women.

yeri marhen j
Yeri with Marhen J Rico Comfort Bag Jetster Red. Image: twitter

In the photo above, Yeri of Red Velvet sports a Marhen J Rico Comfort Bag Jetster Red (retailing at sgd190 at StyleupK).

The Rico Comfort is large enough to fit A4 documents, and comes with a removable strap for a crossbody bag style.

Also, the structured shape of the bag allows even oddly-shaped items to be placed without worrying about them creating a weird bulge, which is the issue with bags made of softer and thinner materials.

Each collection of Marhen J bags also comes in a variety of different colors, so there’s always a bag to match any outfit.

Bonus: Yeri is also wearing a Kangol beret cap!

1the9 marhen j
1The9’s Sungwon with Mathen J ricky neutral. Image: twitter

1The9’s Sungwon carries the Marhen J’s Ricky bag in neutral. The light cream colours make the bag very easy to be paired with any outfit, and it also matches perfectly with his cream-coloured jacket!

Shop for Marhen J bags at StyleupK now. Worldwide delivery!



Although the shape and design of Donkie bags are simple, they often feature standout details, such as a gold clasp or gold eyelets, that add an extra bit of class.

donkie pineapple
Donkie Pineapple Bag Brown. Image: instagram

The Donkie Pineapple Bag has a clasp that goes over the top of the bag, and this simple detail really makes all the difference!

pineapple bag donkie black

Pineapple bag in black

The bag is also available in more neutral colours, such as ash brown and black.

donkie valley cross bag

Donkie Valley Cross Shoulder Bag in brown. Image: instagram

The Donkie Valley Cross Shoulder Bag is another bag that can be carried by both guys and gals. It features a long strap that allows it to be carried as a crossbody bag, but this can also be swapped out for a shorter strap and styled as a handbag.
donkie valley cross bag

Donkie Valley Cross Shoulder Bag in cream

The tote shape of the bag is not only gender-neutral, but also a practical design. The bag also comes in two different sizes, which is very convenient.

Good news: Donkie will be releasing their 2021 SS designs soon and they are just gorgeous. Take a sneak peek at them below!

donkie 21ss

donkie 21ss

donkie 21ss

Shop for Donkie bags at StyleupK now. Worldwide delivery!

Romantic Crown

Romantic Crown is known as an atas elegant brand. Just wearing Romantic Crown clothing enhances your class immediately.

But do you know they carry a line of popular bags too?

Romantic Crown Stripe Tote Bag
Romantic Crown Stripe Tote Bag Navy, retailing at sgd89 at StyleupK.

The Romantic Crown Stripe Tote Bag is a canvas bag that you can carry both as a tote or shoulder bag. The striped design makes it look very posh, different from the vibe of the usual totes.

rmtcrw tote bag

The shape is unisex and the bag is so spacious! You can search for items easily in the bag.

For moms: We recommend this as a diaper bag too! You will look like an elegant mom while bringing your kid out for a shopping spree in Orchard Road!

romantic crown waistbag
Romantic Crown Ceremony Cordura Waist Bag, retailing at sgd85 at StyleupK.

The Romantic Crown Ceremony Cordura Waist Bag is another bestseller.

For guys and girls that prefer convenience on a day out with friends, you will love this bag.

It has many pockets for you to place your wallet, phone, earphones, keys etc. Snap this hipsack bag across you and you are ready for a fantastic day out!

Romantic Crown Ceremony Cordura Waist Bag

The stripe detail of the strap is a nice contrast to the simple background of the bag.

And did we mention the mesh material at its back? A must for breathability and comfort in hot weather Singapore!

Shop for Romantic Crown bags at StyleupK now. Worldwide delivery!


Alice Martha

Although Alice Martha focus is on women’s bags, there are plenty of men who also proudly carry their designs!

Similar to Marhen J, Alice Martha features simple and classic designs that are available in a variety of colours.

But, they have a wider range of designs of different sizes to choose from, ensuring that there is a bag that suit everyone’s taste.

alice martha amber
Alice Martha Amber bag. Image: instagram

Their Amber bag (as seen above) is one of the designs from their 2021 Spring-Summer collection. It is a more traditionally feminine shape with an added flap that covers the top of the bag. The shape is casual enough for the bag to be worn in the daytime, but the covering flap really elevates the elegance of the design and makes the bag just as perfect for a night out too.

alice martha canna
Alice Martha Canna bag. Image: instagram

Alice Martha also features designs that are much more unisex, such as their Canna bag. Its tote shape makes it suitable to be worn by both men and women. Don't you think it makes for a cute couple’s item for you and your bae?
alice martha rosie

Alice Martha Rosie bag

Alice Martha’s Rosie bag is popular for its simple yet classic design, and that makes it the perfect bag to be carried by both men and women. A black and white pair could also make for a cute couple bag too!


This is a few of our top picks bags here at StyleupK! Which is your favorite?

Tote-shaped bags are particularly popular amongst Korean men, as their minimalistic design is not too girly and provides ample space to carry all of their belongings.

However, just as more women carry hipsack bags, we would not be too surprised to see more men exploring different types of bags too! (We’ve already seen male idols rocking bags initially reserved for women’s , proving that korean bags can be unisex too).

All the brands mentioned in this article can be found on StyleupK. If a particular design that you like is not featured on the website, you can place a custom order as well.

StyleupK is an online korean fashion platform that sells 100% authentic items and ships worldwide. Shop for korean bags at StyleupK now.

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