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Korean Brands Worn by BTS That You Can Get In Singapore

Korean Brands Worn by BTS That You Can Get In Singapore

Famous for its unique oversized style, Korean fashion values aesthetics without neglecting comfort. Thanks to the K-Wave, there’s been a surge of Korean fashion in Singapore.

From celebrities to influencers, many have popularized streetwear styles. BTS, in particular, is famous for their streetwear style.

From designer brand over fit hoodies to sneakers, you can always trust the BTS members to portray a casual chic look.

Read on to see which korean brands they have worn before!
(Overview brands: Fila, Cpgn Studio, Romantic Crown, 23.65 and Aqo StudioSpace)

23.65 v2 shoes

23.65 v2 shoes jungkook

A great pair of sneakers go a long way in showcasing your style and personality. The 23.65 v2 shoes worn by Jungkook looks casual and matches his black monochrome outfit.

Although this is a platform sneakers, but some are lighter than others. These 23.65 v2 sneakers are made to be ultra-lightweight, which make them so comfy to wear as an everyday style!
23.65 shoes back
The combination of mesh and suede materials together with the various colors make this shoe unique. And look closer, and you will
see the cute smiley face detail at its back! Not only does it make you feel good wearing this shoes, you can make the person behind you smile too!

The 23.65 v2 shoes come in many different colors, with the multicolor one worn by Jungkook. It has a navy base and suit those who are worried of their shoes getting dirtied easily.

If not, the white and beige options are really nice colors and match easily with outfits too!

It's always a good choice to invest in good sneakers. If you don’t want luxury brands like Supreme or Balenciaga, 23.65 is a solid choice.

They look great and have excellent durability. Moreover, the brand is relatively affordable. Look chic, sophisticated and most importantly, comfortable with these 23.65 v2 shoes.


Fila Korea Oakmont Tr Green Sneakers

fila korea oakmont
Next, you can also try out Fila Korea’s Oakmont Tr Green. Doesn't BTS V look so good in them?

This platform sneakers is pretty edgy. It uses green leather lining that is not frequently used in other shoes. Also, the edges of the sole make it look sturdier and edgier too. It makes it a great pair of shoes for guys.

If you are looking for a pair of nice shoes to complement your basic outfit, this pair will make for a great choice.

Go for this shoe if you are looking for practicality and fashion.


Fila Korea Disruptor 2 Shoes

fila disruptor 2 shoes
Last but not least, we have the Fila Korea Disruptor 2 Shoes. This pair is very popular because of its chunky platform style and is loved by many!

Jungkook wore this shoe to a fan meet, and the simplicity of this shoe complements his outfit well without overpowering it.

It also has thick cushioning to make the fit comfortable. In addition, the PU exterior material of the shoes make it easy to clean this white shoes.

fila disruptor 2 black

As it is released in a large range of sizes, this unisex shoes also make for a great pair of couple shoes too! Match up with the different colors that this shoe comes in.

Overall, Fila is an excellent brand for K-fashion in Singapore because of their elegant and simple designs. Don't you find that the korean designs are nicer?


Cpgn Studio Joker Clown Oversized Sweatshirt

cpgn bts v

Check out BTS V in the Cpgn Studio sweatshirt during one of his jamming session. His expression matches the design so well!

The dark brown sweatshirt also matched well with a cap worn backwards and some white sweats.
cpgn bts v
Cpgn is known for their cute unique design. This one has a funny huge Pierrot clown embroidery (ergo the name) at its front.

Made with cotton and with inner fleece, it definitely keeps you cozy in air conditioned lecture rooms and chilly days.

With the rich detail in the embroidery, it makes the sweatshirt design look more exquisite.

It definitely make for an excellent statement piece, different from the usual basic sweatshirts.


Romantic Crown Striped Cuffs White Shirt

romantic crown bts v
Next up, we have V in Romantic Crown Striped Cuffs White Shirt. This long sleeve shirt is both trendy and sophisticated, with a European vibe.

The lines at the cuffs and the crest design make this white shirt give it a stylish edge. It might be a korean fashion brand, but it sure look different in a good way!

Just like V, you can pair it easily with a pair of black slacks. Tuck it in for more formal occasions and tuck out for an oversized fit thereafter.

It also gives off prep school vibes. And guys can certainly match their girlfriends when they are going for the schoolgirl short skirt look.


Aqo Studiospace Logo Loose Fit Sweatshirt

aqo jin

This Aqo Studiospace Logo Sweatshirt worn by Jin, is a simple and cute everyday fashion staple.

It is in a calm periwinkle blue which perfectly complements light and olive-toned complexions.

Apart from Aqo Studiospace’s cleancut logo, the shirt is pretty minimalist.

You can wear it as it is. Alternatively, if you want a bolder look, you can add on layers and accessories.

Either way, the shirt is an excellent choice for everyday use. It’s not only convenient for everyday tasks, but it’s also effortlessly fashionable.

Also available in grey and red.



In sum, Korean fashion in Singapore isn’t difficult to emulate. You simply need a few staple items like those on this list.

However, keep this in mind: fashion is always about taking risks with shapes and silhouettes. And most importantly, finding items that suit you best.

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