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korean fashion trend 2022

Korean Fashion Trends 2022

When it comes to fashion, Korea is always a step ahead in the race. If you’re someone who loves the fashion of Korea, you’re in luck. This year there are several incredible trends in store for you.

KFashion and Hallyu are already taking over the world. Artists like BTS, Blackpink, EXO and Twice are loved by the world for their fashion!

Want to keep up with what’s hot and happening in the world of Korean fashion? Don't worry because we’re sharing some of the hottest upcoming Kfashion trends in 2022!

Curious about the next fashion trends of 2022? If you’re planning to upgrade your wardrobe, these trends are just what you need to look out for!

1. Fleece Coats!

Taeyeon Nerdy StyleupK

Source: NERDY Instagram

Winter in Korea is yet to come. That means, a flock of winter outfits and fashion trends that will be coming your way this year! Woolen fleece was one of the most anticipated trends in the fashion of Korea this year. You can wear these as outerwear in the seasons of spring and autumn.

Not only are these coats chic and elegant, but they also work as a statement piece for both casual and formal fits. Pick one shade that you like; colors like black, white and beige are more popular. The best part? They look good with any fit and work well with any style. KPop Icons like Taeyon have collaborated with brands like NERDY. You can check out their fleece jacket on styleupk!

Pick bottom wear that compliments your outfit- be it jeans, pants, or skirts. Combine this with some chunky heels or combat boots.

2. Denim shorts

Source: Naver

If you love Kpop, you know how much Koreans love their shorts! While denim shorts have been a staple for Korean women, they are growing in popularity among men as well.

You know summer is around the corner when you notice that denim shorts and bright colors are making a comeback in K-pop! Twice, Red Velvet, Itzy and Aespa are often seen sporting denim shorts for a comfortable and cool look.
However, it won’t be surprising that denim remains a constant favorite for Koreans. Idols love their baggy jeans and oversized denim jackets!

You can pair them with cute minimalist outfits as you style them your way. You might also see them in various denim colors like pastels, frayed and even cropped. Add an accessory or two, sport them with your favorite sneakers, and you’re ready to rock them!

When it gets a little chilly, layer them on with your stockings or long socks and your favorite Doc Martens. While trends may go in and out of style, denim shorts are here to stay!

3. Minimalist style

Source: Jennie Instagram

No one emphasizes minimalism more than Korean Fashion. You can find minimalist trends not only in fashion but other aspects like home decor, design, and more.

Why is minimalist fashion so popular? Mainly because it’s easy to achieve. All you need is a few picks of similar colors and you’re all set. These minimal pieces are easy to style and sport.

Classic colors have always dominated Korean trends. Neutrals are another crowd favorite and loved by all genders. Whether it’s sweaters, blazers, t-shirts, or even shoes, minimalist fashion is a true winner in this field.

However, if you feel that this style just doesn't cut it for you, you can add a signature bag or a colorful one! Pair it with a few statement bracelets like Lloyd Rose Gold Bracelet and other accessories and you’re ready to roll!

4. Chunky Shoes

Source: MLB Instagram

Chunky Shoes have recently become massively popular in Korea, and this is expected to continue in the coming years. Chunky shoes can elevate any look, whether in summer or winter.

Shoes that have an extra pair of soles will add a few inches to your height. While these shoes may not resonate with every person and their tastes, they’re hot in the fashion of Korea. If you’re looking for a funky cool piece to elevate your plain fits, you may consider adding these. You will often find many k-pop idols and superstars sporting these shoes with their casual outfits as it gives them a unique and playful charm.

Not only that, did you know BTS member Jungkook has also made it to the headlines in the past for his love for chunky shoes?

Fila Shoes are taking Korea by storm these days, accompanied by streetwear brands like MLB. You can shop some unique MLB and Fila kicks at StyleUpK!

5. Knitted Clothing

Source: Sooyoung Choi Instagram

Colorful vests, cozy cardigans, sweaters, and tank tops! Knitwear isn’t something kfashion could miss out on. They add a cute and elegant touch to your fits. Their popularity has been rising over the years, and brands have also started curating their collections with knitted pieces. These clothes are a very versatile item and can work for both minimal and quirky outfits.

The cute designs and patterns on these pieces make them unique. You can experiment with a minimal yet quirky piece like the Graver Elbow Flower Smile Knit Cardigan and pair it with your favorite tennis skirt or denim. Combine this with your sneakers or chunky shoes and layer them if you wish.

So these were a few of the major Korean fashion trends that might make it big in 2022! We are definitely heavily obsessed with all of these. While some are new and others are evergreen, their versatility makes them worth investing in.

So, are you ready to update your closet? All you need to do is go to StyleUpK and browse through a unique selection of the hottest kfashion items that represent authentic fashion from Korea!

The Hallyu wave is truly a gift for all fashion lovers; so which one of these hot trends are you trying next?

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