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top best kpop female idol outfits 2022

Ranking of kpop female idol outfits 2022

In 2018, the fashion search engine Lyst identified KPop icons as ‘major global fashion influencers’. This stands true to date. KPop idols are no longer simply known for their Oscar-worthy music videos but also the fashion they have come to embody. Today we see a beautiful collision between the world of fashion and KPop, with bands and independent singers being spotted in some of the most stylish outfits.

With the growing popularity of KPop style clothing among fans, several brands now cater specifically to designing these. Styleupk is one such brand where you can shop for your favorite KPop idol outfit at reasonable prices. KPop fans take to several charitable causes and follow their favorite stars when it comes to style.

This article will guide you through some of our most popular KPop female idol closet style. So girls, gear up to purchase some crazy outfits and twin with the stars!

Black Pink Outfits

Blackpink Fashion StyleupK

Source: Koreaboo

Black Pink is an all-girls KPop band that ranks as the most-followed K-Pop girl group on Instagram. All 4 members of the band have been spotted in some of the most iconic outfits that have stolen the show, be it at the 2021 FROW or the 2020 spring/summer Celine show.

One of the most sold KPop idol outfits available on our website is the OIOI 5252 2021 Signature Hoodie worn by Rose to promote the company’s pre-fall collection. It can be paired with slim black bike shorts, as Rose can be seen wearing in the photograph, or you can style it with other pants as well.

Next up we have yet another KPop female outfit worn by Blackpink Jennie. This one is the Aqo Studiospace Bear Knit Vest. Jennie has been seen wearing this cute Aqo sweater vest in one of her videos. This outfit will surely keep you warm and fuzzy throughout the winter. You can wear it over a basic long-sleeve shirt and pair it with a skirt as Gfriend Ye-Rin styles it.

Another Blackpink outfit that got instantly popular after Jisooo was seen wearing it is the Nieeh tie-dye hoodie. This comfy and stylish hoodie can be paired with pants, skirts, shorts, and so on. Perfect for a casual but chic look for a meet-up with friends or a date, you need to get your hands on this super cool hoodie now.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Fashion StyleupK

Source: KBIZoom

When it comes to the KPop girl band, Red Velvet, there is one lady we cannot take our eyes off, and that’s Seulgi. Her sense of fashion has a classy and mature edge to it. If you are looking for a style that will not let others take their eyes off you, we recommend Seulgi’s wardrobe. At various events and regular outings, she has been seen sporting chequered skirts with long coats, pant-suit co-ord sets, dresses in eye-catching colors, and so on. Seulgi has an outfit for every mood.

Twice outfits

Twice Fashion StyleupK

Source: Inkistyle

It is widely known that the Twice girls can pull off any look in style, be it in their on-cam wardrobe, their official music videos, or just casual outdoor looks. Each member has a unique style that reflects their personality, but they all look great in coordinated outfits as well. We have several KPop style clothing that has been inspired by or worn by the members of Twice.

First up is the Aqo oversized short sleeve t-shirt worn by Twice Jeongyeon at an event or a casual outing. The t-shirt has a small teddy bear logo at the front and a big one at the back. This outfit looks simple yet chic, depending on how you style it and it goes with anything from pants to skirts. Extremely comfortable and available in colors like orange, lime, ivory, black, and sky blue, this t-shirt took the internet by storm when Jeongyeon wore it and has been in great demand ever since.

Another KPop idol outfit we thought worth mentioning is the Graver Elbow Fleece Jacket worn by Twice member Mina. She has been captured wearing this extremely soft and warm jacket by the paparazzi. Gear up for the fall with this cool oversized jacket worn by your favorite KPop star.

The last piece of KPop female outfit that fans are digging right now is the Louie Ooie Andy Marine Cap worn by Twice Momo. This marine cap is not only well suited to a street-style look but also ideal to be worn with dresses and skirts. You can style the cap in any way you like and allow it to do magic. Momo boasts an exciting amalgamation of casual style and explosive, charismatic personality. All of this is evident in how she dresses, and we are always in awe of it.


IU Fashion StyleupK

Source: IU Instagram

IU is an icon all by herself, independent of any band. She is a South Korean singer-songwriter well-known for her KPop female outfits. It is always aesthetically posh and feels like she just stepped out of a K-drama. However, her outfits are so beautiful because they are simple and elegant. From long-pea coats, berets to classic heels, her style is what we call timeless and evergreen.

Jeon So-mi

Somi Fashion StyleupK

Source: Koreaboo

The last icon whose KPop style clothing is worth mentioning is Jeon So-mi, a part of popular girl bands like I.O.I, Unnies, and is currently in ‘Girls Next Door’. So-Mi’s style perfectly depicts girls who love fashion and express it in a simple and youthful manner. It’s always cute and elegant. Her style has appealed chiefly to teenagers who are gradually becoming interested in the world of fashion. You can simply tuck in a shirt into a pair of skinny jeans or shorts and pair it with your favorite sneakers to have a great look put together, just like So-Mi.

To sum up

KPop fans are omnipresent on social media, which is why KPop bands are held in such high regard when it comes to visual aspects like fashion. Millions of people across the globe follow the style and fashion promoted by these KPop sensations. So hop into the latest KPop fashion trends and embrace the style icons the world is talking about.

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