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Motivational Quotes from K-pop Idol Real Life Experience

Motivational Quotes from K-pop Idol Real Life Experience

It's a no-brainer that the k-pop entertainment world is a tough one to be in. The idols might have a lot of fame and fortune, but it does not mean that they do not go through hardships like the rest of us.

Today, we share with you some inspiring life experience from K-pop idols and what they learned from them.

1. Mamamoo Solar creates a new form of beauty

mamamoo hwasa

Mamamoo Hwasa transformational picture. Image credit: channel_korea

Mamamoo is not the typical girl group. They do not look like the typical pretty Korean idol. But they make it up with their extraordinary singing skills and stage charisma.

Hwasa, a member of the 4 people girl group, once shared her experience at a Mamamoo concert.

This curvy tanned skin k-pop idol recounted her audition experience, where the judge praised her for her singing ability. However, she was rejected because she was "fat and not pretty".

Hwasa went home and cried in front of her computer, before she came up with a resolution.

"If I do not fit into societal beauty standards, I will make one of my own." - Hwasa


Hwasa shining brightly on stage. Image credit: Hwasa

Fortunately, this talented woman managed to eventually debut under Mamamoo, which gained much recognition for their great singing ability. Hwasa is also now known for being a new type of sexy and pretty!

2. Super Junior Leeteuk fight against depression

leeteuk super junior

Super Junior leader Leeteuk. Image credit: kpopstarz

Super Junior leader Lee Teuk might seem smooth sailing, but it was filled with agony and pain.

In fact, Leeteuk parents divorced by he was young and he had been staying with his mother. He resented his parents, and admitted that he always chased happiness as a result.

Perhaps due to a lack of love since young, and the tough K-pop idol training at SM entertainment, the young entertainer had been dealing with depression.

leeteuk dad

Leeteuk attending his parents and grandparents funeral service. Image credit: jazminemedia

To make matters worse, his father suffocated his parents to death before committing suicide in 2014. This was when Leeteuk was still serving his mandatory military service.

This news shocked the world, and it was later revealed that Leeteuk's father had trouble making ends meet, and was in financial debt. It came to a point that he found it impossible to take care of Leeteuk grandparents, one who was suffering from dementia and the other lung cancer. He also left a message to Leeteuk which said, "Do you really think you achieved your successes all by yourself?"

This incident drove Leeteuk deeper into his depression. He was also left with his father's debt which amounted to 5million korean won (USD$4.2m).

leeteuk army

Leeteuk returned for military service after the incident. Image credit: Super Junior Fanpage

He suffered so much that the military wanted to release him earlier. However, he stayed on to finish the service and then took on any possible job so as to repay his father's debt.

In a motivational speech to high schoolers in 2018 titled "There is no hope without despair", he candidly shared his experience.

He also shared that:

"I am telling my story to inform you that idols also suffer hardships just like you." -Leeteuk

3. BTS relates to youngsters with their lyrics

bts love yourself

BTS Love Yourself album cover. Image credit: filmdaily

BTS is an anomaly in the K-pop scene.

For one, they did not have the strong backing of a big entertainment company like YG, JYP or SM. They were under Big Hit Entertainment, which had been a small fry with no other artistes under them at their point of debut.

Due to the highly competitive music industry in Korea, the 7 member k-pop group faced much rejections and difficulties in their journey to fame.

However, they turned the rejections and failures into inspiration for their songs. As such, their songs touched on many topics relevant to today's young generation such as competitive society, rich poor gap, acceptance of oneself and having hope.

They have since garnered a strong fan base as their messages relate to them and fans worldwide feel that BTS is like a brother figure beside them, giving them advice. This is different from the usual cookie cutter idol groups, which sang songs issued by their agencies.

bts un speech

BTS was invited to give a UN motivational speech. Image credit: billboard

Also because they endured numerous failures, Bangtan members were able to remain humble and kind, which made fans love them even more.

Check our some of the motivational quotes from BTS below:

"Even when you fall, get hurt, fall sick, run endlessly towards your dreams." - young forever

"After winter, spring comes again." -answer : love myself

"It is more difficult to love others, Iove myself."
"Did I lose myself from chasing after those stars?" -answer : love myself

"It is the darkest before sunrise."

"You are not standing put, but having a rest." -Tomorow

"The frustration you feel is a helpful emotion too." -LOST


Korean k-pop idols might look like they have it all, but they face difficulties like you and I too. Hopefully you have gained some inspiration from the above stories.

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