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Must-Have Clothing Items for K-Fashion Lovers

Must-Have Clothing Items for K-Fashion Lovers

Are you new to Korean fashion and not sure how to start dressing like your favourite oppas and unnies? Read on to find out which clothing items deserve a spot in your closet!

What is K-fashion?

K-fashion, or Korean fashion, is an umbrella term that refers to fashion styles that are popular in South Korea.

These fashion styles can range from sweet and feminine to edgy hypebeast.

There may be some misconception that there is little to no variety in Korean fashion, but this is not true at all. While K-fashion may be heavy on trends, there are still many ways to personalize your outfit. Not to mention, there is plenty of variety within trends themselves!

Also check out the fashion style of female idols for inspiration!

Must-have items

Oversized T-shirts

Of course, it’s impossible to discuss K-fashion without talking about oversized tops.

Baggy clothes were once associated with American hip hop artists, but this style has since gained mainstream popularity.

aqo tshirt lime
AQO Studiospace Bear Oversized Short Sleeve T-shirt in lime, retailing at sgd50 at StyleupK

Many K-pop groups are also inspired by American hip hop artists, from the music to the style, and as more and more K-pop idols start to wear oversized fits, the Korean public also adopted the trend and turned it into their own.

romantic crown shirt
@benjaminjosiahtan styles his Romantic Crown shirt with structured fit trousers.

For a more authentic streetwear style, oversized tops can be paired with long pants.

However, Koreans have turned oversized tops into a versatile clothing piece and have matched it with various bottoms.

Many Singaporeans pair an oversized T-shirt with denim shorts. But, there are many different bottoms that go well with a loose fit tee too!

oversized tee with skirt

Pairing oversized t-shirt with same color bottoms is a great choice too. Image: pinterest

Also, if you'd like to go for a more feminine look, oversized T-shirts can also be tucked into a skirt. This makes the outfit look cute but casual, which is perfect for outings with friends, or even as a chill date outfit.

ambler laundry tee
@yyurilia wearing Ambler T-shirt as a dress. 

If they’re long enough or if you get the bigger sizes, oversized t-shirts can also be worn as a dress.

Just put on a pair of safety shorts (or even just regular shorts that are short enough to be covered by the tee) and you’re good to go!

For a similar style, shop AQO Studiospace and Ambler and Romantic Crown at StyleupK now! Worldwide delivery.


iamnotahumanbeing hoodie

I Am Not A Human Being Logo Oversized Hoodie in Black, retailing at sgd89 at StyleupK

Hoodies (and sweatshirts) are a good alternative for oversized T-shirts.

While Singapore does not have cold weather seasons, that doesn’t mean that there’s no reason at all to wear hoodies.

cpgn hoodie
CPGN Studio Stained Glass World Map Oversized Hoodie in Grey, retailing at sgd75 at StyleupK

While the weather may be hot all year round, most places in Singapore are air-conditioned and can get cold. A hoodie is good to have on hand for such occasions.

As compared to T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts have more room for design. Also, the long sleeve makes the outfit look less on the casual side.

hoodie in skirt
Hoodie tucked into skirt. Image: pinterest

Just like with oversized t-shirts, hoodies can also be tucked into a skirt for a more feminine look. If tucking a thick hoodie into your skirt is too much trouble, they can also be styled tucked out. The overall effect is a much more casual outfit, but still stylish!

Shop CPGN Studio and I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING at StyleupK now! Worldwide delivery.

Chunky platform shoes

chucky shoes white

Girl styled in oversized tee, checkered skirt and white platform sneakers. Image: pinterest

Most of us once thought that our days of wearing chunky shoes (often white) were over, only for Korea to bring them back into fashion.

Sneakers are a versatile item in K-fashion, as they match easily with pretty much any outfit.
23.65 shoes in white

23.65 v2 shoes in white. Image: @constancegohh

23.65 shoes

23.65 v2 shoes in white gives you a slight lift in height without going overboard. @constancegohh matches it with a white skirt here.

While all types of sneakers can be seen on Korean streets, platform sneakers are a more popular n than regular flat sneakers.

This is because, like regular sneakers, chunky shoes can be matched with almost any outfit. But they have the added benefit of adding a few centimeters to your height.

It makes you look stylish and fashionable in a pair!

sneakers and sweatpants
Platform sneakers and sweatpants look. image: pinterest

Chunky platform shoes are also perfect for an athleisure look. Paired with comfy sweatpants and a T-shirt, chunky shoes only add to the casual yet effortlessly stylish vibe.

This type of outfit is also great for light physical activity, so you’ll always be up for a spontaneous cycling session, or even a trip to the dance studio.
platform sneakers with dress

Fila disruptor 2 shoes with dress. Image: pinterest

While chunky shoes by themselves may not be particularly feminine, that does not mean that they cannot be paired with cute skirts and dresses.

In fact, Korea popularized the trend of wearing sneakers with dresses, creating a look that is both cute and comfortable.

fila ray tracer sneakers

Fila Korea Ray All White Shoes go well with all outfits with its clean sleek look.

Paired with a short skirt or dress, platform sneakers can elongate your legs and give you the illusion of being taller than you actually are.

Shop 23.65 and Fila at StyleupK now. Worldwide delivery.

Bucket hat

bucket hat

Cropped top with denim shorts, platform sandals and bucket hat. Image: pinterest

Accessorizing is a great way to complete an outfit, and bucket hats are one of the most popular accessories in K-fashion.

Bucket hats are especially popular among celebrities during their downtime. Why?

The wide and low rim of the bucket hat covers most of their face. This gives them privacy and allows them to go out freely even with a bare face.

bucket hat
Bucket hat with pants and tote bag attire. Image: pinterest

While covering up a bare face may not be as important for us regular folk, a bucket hat is still a great addition to your outfit on those days when you feel like keeping a low profile.

They are also a great way to keep the sun from getting into your eyes in sunny Singapore, and protecting your hair from the harmful UV rays too!

kangol bucket hat

Kangol Korea Vintage Washed Bucket Hat in Black, retailing at sgd120 at StyleupK

Bucket hats look great even when just paired with a simple top and shorts.

Accessories add layers to an outfit, and a bucket hat is a great way to add another dimension to your outfit without having to add a whole extra layer.

iamnotahumanbeing bucket hat

I Am Not A Human Being Handmade Washed Bucket Hat in Brown, retailing at sgd49 at StyleupK


Who said bucket hats can only be worn with casual outfits? Just as Koreans have popularized wearing sneakers with dresses, bucket hats can be dressed up as well.

If you wish to dress it up even further, choose a bucket hat of a different material or having a washed effect.

Shop Kangol and I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING at StyleupK now! Worldwide delivery.


Canvas bag

canvas tote

Image: pinterest

Canvas bags are popular as they are easy to match with any outfit, as well as easy to take care of.

They look less casual than a cloth tote bag and is also much more durable.

If you have a no frills character, canvas bags are your best option for a low maintenance yet stylish bag.

romantic crown crossbody bag

Romantic Crown Stripe Tote Bag in Navy, retailing at sgd89 at StyleupK, allows for tote bag and crossbody bag style.

A crossbody canvas bag is one of the more practical types of bags. By slinging it over your shoulder, you can keep your hands free. Many Korean crossbody bags also come with handles, allowing you to carry them as a handbag tote as well.

Tote bag has a school vibe. Image: pinterest

For students, you can check out the regular tote bags. This is also another must-have item.

kangol tote

Kangol Korea Canvas Tote Bag Cony Plus Ivory, retailing at sgd75 at StyleupK.

They’re often quite spacious, allowing you to fit all your belongings inside easily. They also come in a variety of designs and colors, so there will always be a tote bag that matches your outfit perfectly.

Shop Romantic Crown and Kangol at StyleupK now. Worldwide delivery.

Staple Clothing Items

One of the aspects of Korean fashion that makes it so popular is the ability to personalize outfits.

Some people might think that oversized t-shirts and hoodies are very basic clothing items. But, with suitable layering and accessories, you can look damn stylish too!

StyleupK offers a variety of popular Korean streetwear, and each item on the site is carefully curated to provide the most stylish options. 

If you’re having a hard time narrowing down your favorites from so many options, do check out our editor’s picks to get a better sense of which items are currently popular in Korea.

You can also take a look at our K-celeb picks and start your K-fashion journey by dressing like your favorite idols!

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