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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
Quietist: Clothing with a Splash of Colors

Quietist: Clothing with a Splash of Colors

Quietist is a korean streetwear brand with their name inspired from a state of quietness.

quietist logo

They are made up of a group of underground artists like tattoo artists and graphic designers. Through the clothing, they showcase their unique viewpoint of their world, with a splash of colors.

Male oriented designs

quietist korea tshirt

Quietist cute T-shirt designs. Image: @photogrower__

Unlike many other korean fashion brands, Quiestist focuses more on the male community.

Of course, all their oversized tops like T-shirts and sweatshirts are unisex. But take a look at their designs and colors and you would understand why.

No pink and other pastel colors thanks. Say hi to more guys oriented colors like black, white, grey, blue and green!
quietist pants

Quietist Canvas Balloon Long Pants Khaki

In addition, they also carry a line of short pants and long pants too. This is so important as it is usually much difficult to find a stylish and nice pair of male trousers, compared to a nice top.

Detail-orientated Difference

Inspired from underground artists, Quietist like to mix and match colors and materials to create unique artwork of their own.

1. Color block


quietist color block shirt

@riu__v looks perfect with the Quietist Corduroy Color Block Shirt Jacket Green

Just look at how they manage to re-create a long sleeve shirt by using using color block.

It is not easy to have each sleeve in a different color and have the shirt look so stylish!

quietist color block shirt

Unlike the usual cotton material for long sleeve shirts, Quietist also opt for corduroy material. And also brass snap buttons!

quietist color block shirt looking amazing in the Quietist Corduroy Color Block Shirt Jacket Red

quietist color block shirt

 It looks great on gals too! Look at how stylish DIA Jung Chae-yeon look in the same shirt!

This gives the shirt a posh sophisticated look. No longer it is loved by so many korean celebrities!

2. Contrasting colors

You would find that the base colors for most Quietist clothing are of a basic, darker shade.

quietist tshirt

Quietist Poster Art Oversized T-shirt Black

quietist tshirt

Quietist Milk Carton Oversized T-shirt Black

However, they spice it with colorful designs. Just look at their milk carton and art poster T-shirts.

The multi-colors give a nice contrast to the base color and brings attention to the cute designs. Yet, these colors are soothing to the eyes and not strikingly bright.

3. Furry Elements

Quietist also opt for furry material to give a more realistic feel to the clothing.
quietist sweatshirt
For example, for the Quietist Socks on Blanket Oversized Sweatshirt, they include furry material to create a more realistic blanket design!

quietist dog tshirt

Cravity Jungmo in Quietist Puppy Polo T-shirt. Image: @allday_com

quietist dog tshirt

Cravity Allen in Quietist Puppy Polo T-shirt. Image: allday_com

This doggy T-shirts worn by Cravity Allen (right) and Jungmo above also are made with soft furry material! 

4. Pants design

Being a male-focused clothing brand, they also pay attention to the design of pants.
quietist shorts

Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants Beige looks good on both guys and gals.

quietist balloon pants

Quietist Canvas Balloon Long Pants Beige with a relaxed loose fit for a casual vibe

The material are specially selected for both structure and comfort. The short pants also have a tuck design at the knee, while the long pants opt for a more wide balloon style for a more casual vibe.

Korean Celeb Picks

Quietist is also frequently seen on k-pop idols and also actors.

1. BTS V

bts v quietist

Image: @qoo_kp

BTS V Taehyung chose the Plasticate multi-logo T-shirt in blue. The nice blue color showcases his tanned skin and is such a beautiful color set against the ocean backdrop! 

2. SHINee Onew

shinee onew quietist

Onew opts for the Quietist Corduroy Shirt Jacket in red. The bright red color makes him look more radiant and cheerful.

He wears it as a jacket here and layers it up with another shirt underneath.

3. Mystic Popup Bar

mystic popup bar quietist

Image: @allday_com

In the k-drama Mystic Pop-up bar, Yook Sung-jae (Han Kang-bae) is also wearing a grey hoodie from Quietist. It gives him a casual vibe while he moves busily around helping spirits.

4. Super Junior

quietist super junior

Super Junior Shin-dong in Quietist Parsley Pocket T-shirt Blue. Image: @styleofsuju

quietist super junior

Super Junior Heechul in Quietist Silhouette Logo Oversized T-shirt White. Image: @allday_com

Super Junior Shin-dong and Hee-chul have also worn Quietist T-shirts! Hee-chul wears the white Silhoutte T-shirt with a nice blue logo, while the one that Shin-dong wears has a nice patterned pocket design.

5. 2D1N

quietist 2d1n

Yeon Jung-hoon wearing Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants Beige in variety show 2D1N. Image: @allday_com

Quietist is also featured in the korean variety show 2D1N. This member wears the Quietist Unisex Canvas Shorts Pants, which is comfortable and helps him to move around easily to complete missions.

6. (G)I-DLE

quietist girl idol

Image: @allday_com

K-pop idol group (G)I-DLE member Shu Hua also wears a Quietist blue sweatshirt in a variety show. The blue and yellow colors of the sweatshirt forms a nice color combination.

7. Victon

quietist victon

Image: allday_com

This Quietist T-shirt worn by Victon member Jung Su-bin has a sky blue base and a quirky Not for Bargain quote at its front.

8. Golden Child

quietist golden child

Image: allday_com

Golden Child member Lee Jang-jun wears the Quietist Surfing Dog Oversized T-shirt for one of his radio broadcast show. This cute T-shirt looks so casual yet makes this heartthrob look even cuter in it!



Quietist is a male oriented korean fashion brand that differentiates itself with their colors, materials and fit. Instead of going for very bright colors or bombastic designs, it opts for more subtle tones and more extricate details.

The brand remains aligned with their intention in showcasing unique designs through the power of quietness.

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