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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
Relive 2000s Teen Movie Fashion With Twice 'The Feels'

Relive 2000s Teen Movie Fashion With Twice 'The Feels'

Twice recently released their first full English single ‘The Feels’, and not only is the song a total bop, the choreography for it has also gained viral popularity—especially that one dance move during the chorus. Apart from the catchy tune and addictive choreography, we also have the feels (pun intended) for the fashion of this comeback.

2000s teen movies

The music video for ‘The Feels’ seems to be influenced by teen movies of the 2000s, from the girls rocking plaid fashion a lá Clueless, to the Burn Book-esque scrapbook that Mina flips open. Of course, the music video also ends with prom night, which is a quintessential aspect of every high school teen movie. 

While the Twice members look absolutely lovely in their prom dresses, in this article, we will be taking a look at their streetwear style outfits instead. Combining the schoolgirl look with a touch of grunge, Twice’s fashion for ‘The Feels’ takes a more alternative spin to the popular high teen fashion trend.

Let’s take a look at what each member is wearing, and how we can put together inspired outfits (that won’t break the bank)!


Tzuyu The Feels Outfit

Tzuyu embodies the schoolgirl aesthetic with a long-sleeved white button-up top and a black tennis skirt, adding some colour to the outfit with Nº21’s crochet knit pullover. She also sports a Vivienne Westwood orb brooch, as well as APM Monaco’s safety pin mono earring with pearl.

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Chaeyoung The Feels Outfit

Chaeyoung goes for a cosier look, rocking Red Valentino’s argyle cardigan and skirt. The cardigan has also been decorated with various pins to add a slight grunge vibe, especially when paired with a thick leather belt around her waist. As a base layer, she wears a Vivienne Westwood illustrative logo t-shirt. 

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Dahyun The Feels Outfit

While not a teen movie, Britney Spears’ schoolgirl outfit in her music video for ‘Baby, One More Time’ was an iconic aesthetic back in the early 2000s, and Dahyun embodies that look with this outfit. She wears a Diane von Furstenberg tie front shirt, layered underneath an ALAÏA cropped cardigan and paired with an AREA heart bow check skirt. Like Chaeyoung, Dahyun’s cardigan is also decorated with various pins.

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Mina The Feels Outfit

Mina fits right into the ‘girly grunge’ aesthetic that seems to be the style for this comeback, with Acne Studios’ Kaecee lace-up cropped wool sweater styled over a sleeveless checkered patterned dress. Apart from some circular pins, Mina also has Saint Laurent’s Opyum YSL brooch in metal pinned to her sweater. 

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For those of you who want to achieve the ultra-cropped look, but don’t have the heart to cut up your clothes, we have a little DIY trick that you can pull off without scissors! Simply fold the hem of the sweater inwards until it is cropped enough for your liking, then secure the folded fabric with some safety pins, and you’re all set!

You don’t have a worry about the safety pins showing either, as they will only add to the grungy vibe of your outfit.




Jihyo The Feels Outfit

Jihyo’s outfit leans more towards the grunge aesthetic, with a plaid button-up layered over Coperni’s buckle pleat wool mini dress. She also sports fingerless fishnet gloves on one hand, matching with her fishnet leggings worn underneath her Doll Kills platform knee high boots.

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Sana The Feels Outfit

On the other hand, Sana’s outfit is definitely more schoolgirl inspired. She wears DSQUARED2’s cropped shirt, layered underneath a cropped waistcoat and paired with a striped tie. The stylist adds a fiery touch to her outfit by styling her top with Chopova Lowena’s red and black checkerboard skirt, along with Vivienne Weswood’s blue and silver tone earrings.

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Again, if you’re hesitant to take a pair of scissors to your clothes but want to achieve the cropped look, we have a styling tip for you. Button only the top half of the shirt, and then tie the two halves of the unbuttoned shirt into a knot at the front. Alternatively, if you want a cropped look without having to show any skin, you can also simply tuck your shirt into your skirt.








Momo The Feels Outfit

Momo wears a modified version of DSQUARED2’s check print dress. This isn’t the first time Twice’s stylists have modified existing fashion pieces for the members, such as Twice’s Alcohol-Free outfits. Originally a sleeveless dress, Momo sports some extra fabric across the chest decorated by pins, along with removable sleeves.

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An alternative to stitching extra fabric onto your dress is to carry a hipsack instead. The strap of the hipsack acts as extra fabric, and would look good with some pins attached to it.




Jeongyeon The Feels Outfit

Momo isn’t the only one sporting a customised outfit! Jeongyeon’s asymmetrical t-shirt is actually a combination of two different shirts, one of which is Vivienne Westwood’s Crash t-shirt. Over that, she wears the Lou Lou Spencer dusk jacket (also by Vivienne Westwood). Layered over her checkered tennis skirt is Chanel’s Camelia chain belt, on which Vivienne Westwood’s I Love Orb keyring hangs. 

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While the concept of stitching two shirts together to form an entirely new one is cool, not all of us possess the skills to make it look good, or might feel hesitant to cut up a perfectly good shirt. In that case, go for a shirt that is already designed to look like a mish mash of different shirts, such as Quietist’s Vertical Mix T-shirt.






Nayeon The Feels Outfit

Nayeon exudes Cher Horowitz vibes with this matching top and bottom tartan patterned set from Vivienne Westwood, layered over a True Punk t-shirt (also a Vivienne Westwood). She adds a touch of luxury to the outfit with Vivienne Westwood’s Relief pearl necklace, and ends off on a strong grungy vibe with lamoda’s Shelter From The Storm platform boots.

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New style of high teen fashion?

Fashion inspired by 2000s popular culture is not new in Korean fashion, and Blackpink’s Jennie is well-known for popularising the ‘high teen’ aesthetic in Korea. However, while Twice’s styling does have the youthful vibe as expected of high teen fashion, instead of a luxurious vibe, their outfits lean more towards being grungy.



While teen fashion and grunge may seem like a strange combination, they actually share a common pattern—plaid.

Back in the early 2000s, plaid and checkered patterns were popular for being aesthetically similar to boarding school uniforms, as well as amongst followers of the grunge subculture. By merging these two aesthetics with such different vibes, the result is a more alternative style of high teen fashion; instead of being youthful and luxurious, the members of Twice feel more youthful and rebellious.

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