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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
Somi Criminally Good Outfits in Music Video For 'XOXO'

Somi Criminally Good Outfits in Music Video For 'XOXO'

On 29 October, Somi released her debut studio album ‘XOXO’, as well as the music video for the eponymous title track. It’s difficult not to get hyped while listening to the anthem-like chorus of ‘XOXO’, and it’s definitely the perfect soundtrack for taking revenge on a cheating ex-boyfriend. 

We’re sure that this pop anthem will take over the charts, and as of 3 November (less than a week after its release), the music video has already amassed a whopping 33 million views. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you’re missing out!

E-girl aesthetic

It’s difficult to concisely describe the e-girl aesthetic, as it is influenced by a wide range of subcultures, but if we had to describe it in a single sentence it would be: 2000s mall goth, but make it cute. 

E-girl fashion is both edgy and cute at the same time—while that might seem confusing, the aesthetic is truly perfect for this music video. DC Comics character Harley Quinn has had a notable influence on the e-girl fashion scene, and by being dressed in the e-girl style, Somi seems to be channelling her inner Harley Quinn. 

If you’re not quite sure what exactly the e-girl aesthetic is, not to worry, you might have a better idea after taking a look at Somi’s outfits in the ‘XOXO’ MV.

Look 1:

Somi XOXO MV fashion

When she first embarks on the revenge plot against her ex, we see her in an oversized Barbie t-shirt. While she does wear a pair of shorts, because the shirt is tucked out, it looks more like an extremely short mini dress. Wearing an oversized t-shirt as a dress is not uncommon in Korean fashion, but Somi elevates the look by adding a belt to the outfit. The collar of the shirt is also stretched out and hanging off one of her shoulders, like an asymmetric off-shoulder top.

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Look 2:

Somi XOXO MV fashion style

In this look, Somi wears a shirt from Michael Jackson: ONE by Cirque du Soleil, which has been modified from a regular length t-shirt to a cropped top. The top is styled with a pair of Tripp NYC printed bondage pants and New Rock leather combat boots. From the Michael Jackson shoutout, to the plaid patterned low-rise pants, we can tell that the e-girl aesthetic is also inspired by fashion in the early 2000s. 

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Look 3:

Somi XOXO MV fashion style

The e-girl aesthetic is also influenced by rave fashion, where feather boas and neon coloured clothes are the norm. We first saw this influence in the first look, where Somi rocked a lime green feather boa. For this look, while not exactly a feather boa, the bright orange fur coat that she’s wearing comes pretty close. The rest of her outfit—her shirt, shorts, socks, and shoes—are all black as well, making the neon orange coat stand out even more.

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Look 4:

Somi XOXO MV casual fashion style

This look strays a little further from the e-girl aesthetic, but it still combines two very different styles. Somi wears Paco Rabanne’s mini skirt with circular mirror-effect discs, which (along with the single black glove and ribbon half updo hairstyle) has a 1920s flapper girl vibe, while her cropped number t-shirt and Valentino campsite combat boots have more of a modern streetwear vibe. 

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Like the Michael Jackson tee in the second look, the number tee in this look has also been modified into a cropped top. If you can’t find a cropped number tee, you can totally take a page out of Somi’s book and flex your DIY skills.



Look 5:

Somi XOXO MV dress fashion style

This outfit also doesn’t quite fit the e-girl aesthetic, but still makes use of completely different styles in a single look. We absolutely love the contrast of Somi’s fancy ACT Nº1 sky blue ball gown with her much more casual Converse Chuck Taylor 70s. 

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While not many people might choose to rock a ball gown as casual wear, the dress-with-sneakers combination is actually super trendy in K-Fashion.



Look 6:

Somi XOXO MV all black fashion style

We get back into e-girl territory with this look. The Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini crop fringe jacket that Somi wears has an edgy vibe, while AREA’s crystal trim heart top has more of a cute vibe—although the black colour and crystal studded lining definitely also has a punk vibe. This outfit is mostly monochrome, with the black top and jacket styled with a black clasp pleated skirt from Tripp NYC and black socks. However, this mostly-black look is completed with Demonia's pastel pink Camel 203 platform boots which keeps the outfit from looking too dark or ‘emo’.

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Look 7:

Somi XOXO MV all white outfit fashion style

In this scene, Somi serves tennis balls at her ex-boyfriend who is tied up on the other side of the makeshift court. And since she’s playing tennis, it’s no surprise that she would be wearing a tennis skirt, which is an iconic clothing item not just in K-Fashion, but also in e-girl fashion, where pleated skirts are commonly worn. This time, Somi’s outfit is all-white, and has more of a sporty vibe.

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Look 8:

Somi XOXO MV fashion style

It’s another blast to the past with this outfit, where Somi styles Junya Watanabe’s scarf detail asymmetric shirt (also modified slightly into cropped top) with mid-rise ripped jeans and platform ankle boots from Vetements. While high-rise bottoms are still in trend, recently low and mid-rise bottoms have started to see a comeback as well. Asymmetric designs have also been in trend lately.

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Look 9:

Somi XOXO MV mini skirt fashion style

There are not many things as dramatic as a fur coat, and Somi absolutely rocks this diamond check fur coat by Casablanca. We love that the green colour of the diamonds on the fur coat match the green of her asymmetric mini skirt, giving the whole outfit a cohesive colours scheme. The look is completed with Patou’s ‘Amour Amour’ shirt (once again, modified into a cropped top), and black platform heels.

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Look 10:

Somi XOXO MV denim jacket fashion style

We see this particular outfit at the start and the end of the music video, and it’s definitely a much softer and feminine aesthetic than the rest of her looks in the MV. It makes sense when you realise that the entire revenge plot is only Somi’s fantasy, and the difference in fashion styles helps to differentiate the ‘real’ Somi from ‘fantasy’ Somi. In the real world, Somi wears Urban Outfitters’ Guess vintage marble jacket over a tie dye sequin dress by ASHISH. 

We absolutely love how colourful this outfit is, and are also big fans of the colourful beaded necklace, which—along with the tie dye pattern—gives this look a 70s hippie vibe.

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Are you ready to be an e-girl?

Somi showcased a variety of different looks in this music video, and while some of them were a little different from the others, most of her outfits would fall under the category of e-girl fashion. It isn’t only her clothes that contribute to her e-girl aesthetic, but also her hair and makeup. 

Pigtails and space buns are common e-girl hairstyles, and we see Somi rock both in the very first look mentioned in this article. Asymmetric designs have been trendy recently, and we think it’s super cool that this trend is utilised not just with the off-shoulder outfit, but also with her hair.

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