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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
Style up with Ambler Korea Oversized T-shirts

Style up with Ambler Korea Oversized T-shirts

Ambler is an upcoming Korean streetwear brand that focuses on comfort and nature. Their name itself means ‘a person who takes a walk for pleasure’ and Ambler’s clothes are made for a relaxing walk.

The designs of this fashion brand take inspiration from animals like teddy bears, tigers, etc., and the current Korean street culture. Youngsters love Ambler for the cute animal or flower graphics and also the comfortable loose fit shirts!

How to wear Ambler Oversized T-shirts

Ambler shirts are designed for the streetwear fans to wear it easily on a day out. You can tuck the shirt in and pair it with jeans, shorts or skirts. The loose fit shirt creates a longer sleeve compared to the usual Tshirts.

For a more casual look, you can choose to tuck them out too! You can pair if with a sweatpants and do a dance workout too!

For help to find the right Ambler clothing size, check out the Ambler sizes article.

Go quirky with the Ambler Beam T-shirt

Ambler Beam Tshirt retailing at SGD 40 at styleupk 

Ambler Beam T-shirt is very quirky. Just looks at the design! It shows an alien zapping a teddy bear with the phrase that "Teddy Bears are Terrible!" Does the phrase resound with you?

It creates such a different personality from the usual "Teddy Bears are cute!" It will definitely grab the attention among your friends! Style this shirt up with loose pants or jean shorts for a day out in the city.

Go cutesy with Ambler balloon bear T-shirt

The Ambler balloon bear t-shirt has a bold design with the teddy bear holding its own head as a balloon. There is also the additional Ambler logo at its side in rainbow colors!

A teddy bear holding its own head as a balloon might have seem as a strange but oh my look at how cute the shirt looks!

Ambler balloon bear tshirt in black retailing at SGD 40 at styleupk 

Ambler balloon bear tshirt in white retailing at SGD 40 at styleupk 

Match this shirt with your friend, or wear it as a trendy couple tee! Simply pair the loose fit tee with shorts or skinny jeans, half tucked in for a comfy casual vibe.

Wear it tucked into a pair of loose fitting beige or black cotton sweatpants to the gym or dance class. To spice it up, tie it up and wear it as a cropped tee during dance practices!

Wear Ambler Korea Bear T-shirt like Mamamoo Wheein does

Ambler X-bear tshirt in purple retailing at SGD 40 at styleupk 

Kpop idol group Mamamoo Wheein got this cute Ambler bear t-shirt as a gift from a fan. Look at her casually pulling off this Ambler oversized ‘X-Bear’ t-shirt in purple! Style it like she does by tucking the shirt out and pairing it with sweatpants.

Ambler X-bear tshirt in white retailing at SGD 40 at styleupk 

The same shirt in white is also very pretty too!

Go couple tee with Ambler Trust Teddy Oversized T-shirt

Ambler Trust Teddy Tshirt retailing at SGD 35 at styleupk

Ambler teddy bear t-shirts are a huge hit, and they include the Trust Teddy design too! The loose fit shirt features a cheeky faced teddy bear with the phrase "You Me Ma Laugh". This shirt will definitely lift up your mood just by looking at the cute bear graphic!

Feel hopeful with Ambler Day T-shirt

Ambler Day Tshirt in lime retailing at SGD 40 at styleupk

Enough of teddy bears, are there non bear graphic shirts you might have asked. Yes there is! The Ambler Day Tshirt features a beautiful flowers at its back, with the phrase "Hope is the only love in life".

How many of you agree with this phrase? Hope is definitely one of the most important quality to have in life! The cursive title and the flower design create a more feminine vibe for this shirt which we love it a lot! Switch the usual bear graphic Ambler shirt for this one on days when you want to showcase your feminine vibe!

Worldwide shipping of Ambler Korea T-shirts at styleupk

Ambler is the streetwear brand that you will not regret investing in. Their quirky, comfy and colorful selection of loose fit t-shirts and sweatshirts, etc. will make all your outfits look effortlessly good and instragam-able. For easy online shopping for this Korean fashion brand and worldwide shipping, check out the  Ambler collection at styleupk.

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