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The meaning of Acme de la vie (ADLV)

The meaning of Acme de la vie (ADLV)

What does Acme de la vie means?

acme de la vie meaning styleupk

Fast growing Korean fashion brand, ADLV, has made a huge name for itself. But what is the true meaning behind the streetwear label’s name?

ADLV is the short form for the French saying, Acme De La Vie.

While the fashion label is Korean, the terms Acme De La Vie are French. It represents ‘the pinnacle of life.’ That means reaching the highest point at a particular moment in time. 


The reason behind ADLV French name

There is actually a sad story behind the success of Acme de la vie. 

The twin brother founders of the streetwear fashion brand were both enduring a setback from their respective business ventures.

They finally came together to restart on a new business venture together. As they hope to reach success and the peak of life, they contacted their sister, who was studying in France. 

They were told that the peak is called Acme. And this is how the brand was founded.


The founders of ADLV

While leaving a lasting mark on Korea’s fashion industry, ADLV continues to excel globally too. Today, the label is turning heads in the global street style fashion era.

Launched in 2017, founders Jinmo Goo and Jaemo Goo knew exactly what they wanted from day one.

ADLV design concept

adlv gangnam store styleupk

(Source: frameweb)

The dynamic duo stayed true to their ambitious vision of fulfilling their life’s goal. And that included a trendy and affordable street style label. Today, the brand is famous for its zero compromise on clothing quality and endurance policy.

Meanwhile, ADLV’s design idea includes the use of trending fashion concepts in streetwear clothing. To help give wearers maximal comfort, they focus on oversized tshirt fits. And so far, the response is phenomenal.

adlv gangnam store styleupk

(Source: frameweb)

Adaptable to a number of urban themed wardrobe styles, their luxe designs grant wearers with cozy yet stylish vibes. In fact, their Gangnam flagship store is designed for the luxe retail experience. Check out the amazing ADLV Gangnam store.

ADLV clothing quality

ADLV clothings are all MADE IN KOREA. Most importantly, the brand began with just one flagship store in Seoul. In less than a year, it carved its mark in Korea’s street style fashion market.

And that led to 20 more store launches in the country. Today, the brand is enjoying massive success with over 50 stores around the globe and many more to come.

Watch the video to see the review of ADLV clothing and the ADLV Gangnam store (currently only in Korean). 

ADLV store locations

To help cater to the brand’s widespread Korean fan base, Acme De La Vie opened up a number of stores in various locations across Korea. The main store is situated at 34, Seolleung-ro, 152-gil, in Seoul’s Gangnam district. Similarly, you’ll find another ADLV store at Lotte Department store in Myeongdong.

On the other hand, ADLV also have duty free stores at Jeju, Busan, Myeongdong, Gangnam and Dongdaemun. You can’t miss out on the brand’s duty free store at Incheon International Airport, Terminal 1 too.

They also have 18 ADLV stores in Mainland China, and 4 others are in the pipeline!


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