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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
Twice Alcohol-Free Stage Outfits and How They Did It

Twice Alcohol-Free Stage Outfits and How They Did It

While fast fashion has made our lives easier by giving us access to a wide variety of ready-to-wear clothes. However, it has been said to also make our individual fashion less unique.

Of course, we can still express our individuality by styling different items together, or wearing a single item in various different ways. However, there might still be instances where we end up wearing almost the exact same outfit as someone else.

If we accidentally wear the same outfit as one of our friends, we might be able to laugh it off. But what happens when celebrities have overlapping outfits with other celebrities? 

Unique K-pop Stage Outfits

K-Pop is also an industry that prides itself on uniqueness, so how can K-Pop idols ensure that their outfits are completely unique and one of a kind? 

Twice on The Ellen Show

Twice rocking one of a kid stage outfits for their performance of Alcohol-Free on The Ellen Show / Image: JYPE Twitter

Believe it or not, Twice’s outfits for Alcohol-Free were made almost entirely from scarves!

The only way to ensure that an outfit is completely unique is to design and make it from scratch, and that’s exactly what Twice’s stylist did for their latest comeback.

Jeongyeon Alcohol-Free Outfit

Jeongyeon’s dress was made out of a single scarf design / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

Dahyun Alcohol-Free Outfit

Dahyun’s top and skirt were made using different scarves / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

Tzuyu Alcohol-Free Outfit

Tzuyu’s dress features two different scarf designs / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

Other than making outfits entirely from scratch, Twice also makes use of the scarves to customise existing clothing items, such as adding sleeves to a sleeveless top.

Just like Twice, we can also get creative with our existing clothes, modifying them using other materials we have on hand, or combining them with another piece of clothing to make a new clothing item entirely.

Chaeyoung Alcohol-Free Outfit

A sleeveless top turned into a long-sleeved top with some tailoring / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

Sana Alcohol-Free Outfit

Sana’s dress was cropped and modified with scarves / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

This type of modification isn’t exclusive to scarves either! In their teaser photos, Nayeon wears a ruffled cropped top over a tube bustier dress, giving her some extra coverage while still looking super cute.

Nayeon Alcohol-Free Outfit

The sleeves of the cropped top were removed to emphasise the ruffles / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

For a similar look without any customisation on your own, try the Near & Dear shirring blouse which features a similar ruffled collar. This fashion piece would look cute both on its own or layered over a cute sleeveless dress.

Near & Dear Shirring Blouse in White

Near & Dear Shirring Blouse in White, retailing at sgd115.90 at StyleupK

Of course, not all of us can afford to make a whole new dress out of expensive luxury brand scarves, or sew different pieces together to create a new look, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two from Twice’s stylist! 

Other than making new clothes entirely, Twice also sports modified versions of existing clothes. For example, The checked mini dress that Mina sports in the teasers for Alcohol-Free was actually a midi dress that was tailored to be shorter.

Mina Alcohol-Free Outfit

From a cute midi dress to a cuter mini dress / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

For a similar look at a more affordable price, you can try this flower and checkered pattern dress by Near & Dear! Not only does it have a similar pattern, it also features puffed sleeves and side slits. Like the original dress that Mina wears, this dress is also a midi.

This dress comes in only one size, and this is quite common with Korean clothing brands. While free-size clothing may seem like a gamble, any issues with the fit can actually be fixed easily with a little bit of tailoring!

Near & Dear Flower & Checkered Midi Dress

Near & Dear Flower & Checkered Midi Dress, retailing at SGD149 at StyleupK

During their Open Mic performance, Jihyo wears a blue floral patterned maxi dress. Unlike Mina, the dress was not cropped to make a mini dress, but the stylist did add a thigh-high slit to the dress, giving it a completely different vibe from the original.

Jihyo Alcohol-Free Outfit

Jihyo wears a modified maxi dress for their Open Mic performance / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

Jihyo in TWICE "Alcohol-Free" (Live Performance)

The added slit changes the vibes of the dress completely / Image: TWICE "Alcohol-Free" (Live Performance) | Open Mic

If even simple sewing is too daunting, modifying your clothes can even be as simple as tying a patterned scarf around your waist. Like Momo in one of the Alcohol-Free teaser photos, the patterned scarves around her waist add a pop of colour to her plain solid-coloured shorts.

Momo Alcohol-Free Outfit

The patterned scarf makes Momo’s shorts more eye-catching / Image: @jypetwiceclothess on Instagram

Twice is known for their sweet and feminine charms, and their styling for comebacks definitely highlight these charms, making use of soft pastel colours as well as floral patterns. However, like many of us, the members of Twice still prefer to dress casually in their downtime.

TWICE “MORE & MORE” Dance Practice Video

Oversized t-shirts and sweatpants are Twice’s go-to when dressing down / Image: TWICE “MORE & MORE” Dance Practice Video

Despite being dressed down though, the members of Twice have coordinated their outfits, from the t-shirt-and-sweatpants combination, down to the pink / purple accent colour.

In the dance practice video, Dahyun, Tzuyu, and Mina sport ADLV’s flame logo sweatpants, while Jeongyeon rocks ADLV’s retro trackpants. 

ADLV Flame Logo Embo Pants Men White

ADLV Flame Logo Embo Pants Men White, retailing at sgd135 at StyleupK

ADLV Retro Track Pants in White

ADLV Retro Track Pants in White, retailing at sgd145 at StyleupK


Getting clothes tailored doesn’t always have to be for the purpose of making your outfit more unique either. Because there are so many different types of bodies, there may be certain clothes that don’t fit you very well. 

For example, short girls may have trouble finding a mini skirt or dress that actually fits like a mini.

But that doesn’t mean you should give up on mini dresses! A quick trip to the tailor can solve that problem—and if you’re handy enough, you can even learn how to do some basic tailoring so you can customise your own clothes.

Shop for your own K-Pop inspired outfit at StyleupK today, worldwide delivery with free shipping to the USA above USD190!

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I’ve been looking for those gladiator shoes that all of them use in black and white! Are you telling me those are tailored too?

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