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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
Twice Mature Fashion in Concept Teasers for 'Formula of Love: O+T=<3'

Twice Mature Fashion in Concept Teasers for 'Formula of Love: O+T=<3'

On November 12, Twice released their third Korean studio album ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’. In the 6 years since their debut, we have seen the members of Twice grow, both as artists and people. They have also shown a lot of growth in terms of fashion and styling as well! 

When we first saw them in their debut title track ‘Like Ooh-Aah’, they were dressed like cute schoolgirls. Now, the first concept teasers for ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’ showcase a more mature and sophisticated side of Twice. With a title track like ‘Scientist’, it makes sense for the members of Twice to be dressed like professors at university that every student has a crush on.

College professor aesthetic

Twice Formula of Love Outfit

Are you a fan of the preppy aesthetic but want to take it to the next level? Then you can totally take a page out of Twice’s style book and go for a college professor inspired look. While there are some similarities between Twice’s outfits and the typical preppy aesthetic—button-up collared shirts are a must-have item for both looks—how has Twice managed to add a touch of maturity to the preppy aesthetic while still retaining a youthful vibe?

In order to do that, let’s take a look at each member’s outfits in detail!


Jihyo Formula of Love outfit

Leader Jihyo wears Thom Browne’s long-sleeved button down point collar shirt with a lace up back, styled with a custom pair of flared dress pants. While a collared shirt and dress pants are a very basic combination, Jihyo’s outfit features details that make it more interesting, such as the lace up back. The flared shape of the pants also has a distinct retro vibe, which is super trendy recently. The outfit is completed with a pair of Valentino soul rockstud slingback pumps.


Chaeyoung Formula of Love Outfit

Chaeyoung is decked out completely in Thom Browne, from her button down slim fit shirt, to her red-white-blue trim ribbed pencil skirt. Additionally, she also wears Thom Browne’s medium grey kid mohair classic tie and V neck cashmere cardigan, which has been modified for a cropped fit. Adding a cropped cardigan to the outfit gives Chaeyoung a more youthful and trendy vibe, which contrasts and balances out the formalness of the rest of her outfit.


Momo Formula of Love Outfit

While Momo is also wearing similar items as Chaeyoung, her outfit has a completely different style and vibe. The Thom Browne button down shirt she wears features vertical stripes down the torso, and 4 horizontal bars on the left sleeve. These 4 bars are also seen on her cardigan, as well as her pencil skirt. Keeping with the striped theme, Momo’s outfit is accessorized with a white solid cotton poplin bow tie. She also wears a pair of Thom Browne’s long point brogue pumps.


Dahyun Formula of Love Outfit

Dahyun’s outfit is truly one-of-a-kind, having been custom-made by the styling team. She is wearing a layered dress that is fitted from the waist down, while the upper layer is draped loosely over her shoulders. This gives the illusion of a smaller waist. The dress features two rows of buttons, as well as two pockets, giving it an appearance similar to a double-breasted blazer. The outfit is completed with a pair of 130mm Janis pointy leather pumps by Saint Laurent.


Sana Formula of Love Outfit

Sana’s outfit is probably the most formal out of all of the members. Her button down shirt from Thom Browne features red-white-blue stripes on both arms, although this is not visible underneath the single breasted wool blazer she wears over the shirt. The sleeves of the blazer are slightly cuffed in order to reveal the red-white-blue inner lining, which matches with the side stripe featured on her pencil skirt. The cuffed sleeves also add a touch of casualness to the outfit, keeping it from being overly formal and stuffy. She completes the outfit with a pair of Prada iridescent pointed toe pumps.


Tzuyu Formula of Love Outfit

Like Chaeyoung, Tzuyu also wears Thom Browne’s button down slim fit shirt. However, instead of buttoning it all the way up and wearing a tie, Tzuyu leaves the top button undone, letting the open collar reveal the inner red-white-blue lining along the buttons. The shirt is styled with Thom Browne’s bow pocket pencil skirt and enemal strap block heel loafers, both of which also feature red-white-blue stripes.


Nayeon Formula of Love Outfit

Nayeon wears Thom Browne’s button down slim fit shirt in light blue, styled like Tzuyu’s with the top button undone to reveal the red-white-blue inner linking. Her shirt is paired with a high waisted pencil skirt and a classic single breasted coat in navy. The sleeves of the coat have been shortened, and the sleeves of her shirt can be seen extending beyond the coat sleeves, which gives the illusion of an additional layer and adds more depth to her outfit. She completes the look with Roger Vivier’s Viv’ in the city 65 patent leather pumps.


Jeongyeon Formula of Love Outfit

Jeongyeon wears Thom Browne’s logo patch cotton shirt underneath a single breasted jacket. While the shirt is completely buttoned as she also wears Thom Browne’s Super 120s twill necktie, the sleeves of the jacket features the red-white-blue stripes along the sides, matching with the other members whose outfits also feature the iconic Thom Browne red-white-blue stripes.


Mina Formula of Love Outfit

Mina’s outfit is simple and clean. She wears Thom Browne’s classic grosgrain placket Oxford shirt in light blue, styled with a knee length pencil skirt in dark navy. Because of the simplicity of this combination, the stylist adds a little oomph to the outfit by adding a Maison Boinet buckle belt, and the shiny buckle definitely stands out at first glance. The outfit is completed with a pair of Casadei’s blade pumps.

How to dress like Twice

From all of Twice’s outfits, we can clearly see that there are a few must-have items in order to pull off this look. Firstly, most of the members are wearing a button down collar shirt as the base of their outfit. In order to achieve a similar aesthetic, you will have to pick a button down shirt that is plain, or with simple designs such as Thom Browne’s striped accents.

The Near & Dear semi overfit long-sleeved shirt is available in a work-appropriate light blue colour that is similar to what Nayeon and Mina are wearing.

For a striped version, Romantic Crown’s striped tie shirt not only makes it look like you’re wearing a tie, the stripes also come in red, white, and blue.

For bottoms, pencil skirts are the perfect item for the mature preppy aesthetic. Not only is the fitted A-line design flattering on most body types, Twice has shown that this look can be pulled off with both short and long skirts.

Quite a few members of Twice are wearing an outer layer as part of their outfits, from the more formal blazer jackets, to the more casual cardigans. You can go for either of those, depending on whether you want to dress your outfit up (blazer) or down (cardigan).

For footwear, most of the Twice members are wearing pumps. For a more simple look, you can go with classic pumps. Pointed toes and a skinnier heel are good for a more elegant look, while rounded toes and chunkier heels have a slightly more casual vibe.

For a more modern look, go for a pair of slingback heels, similar to what Jihyo is wearing.

Mature preppy — yay or nay?

Now that pandemic restrictions are easing, more people are no longer working from home and getting back to the office. This aesthetic is perfect as office workwear, and not only will you be able to meet all the requirements of your office dress code, fellow Onces might just recognise the Twice inspired look.

Shop for a Twice ‘Formula of Love: O+T=<3’ outfit at StyleupK today, worldwide delivery available! Free shipping to Singapore and the US if you spend a minimum of SGD100 or USD190 respectively.

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