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Where To Buy Fila Disruptor 2 Shoes In Singapore

Where To Buy Fila Disruptor 2 Shoes In Singapore

Do you love Fila brand? This brand is sporty and casual, and has a huge collection of shoes, clothing and even golf attire!

But, do you hesitate to get them in Singapore because of their prices?

A Fila disruptor 2 shoes or Fila ray shoes easily cost over SGD200 in Singapore. The Fila slides also cost over SGD70 in retail stores too!

Aren't there other ways to get these authentic pair of shoes at cheaper prices?

Fila is a Korean brand

fila korea logo

Do you know that Fila headquarters is located in South Korea? This international sports brand has 11 offices globally. But its main office which is in charge of design and distribution is located in Seoul.

Of course, many wouldn't associate this international brand with an Asian country. You are right! Fila was founded in Biella, a city in Italy. But the brand has been sold to Fila Korea since 2007. Thus, the Fila brand has officially become a brand from Korea since then!

Where to buy cheap and authentic Fila shoes in Singapore

We always recommend you to buy from the country that the brand originates from. This ensures that you will get authentic goods at the cheapest possible price!

That's the reason Charles & Keith and Bee Cheng Hiang are cheaper in Singapore! You also need not doubt its authenticity since they are Singaporean brands too!

As such, to get cheap and authentic Fila shoes, purchase from Fila in Korea!

Special Fila Korea sneakers design

With a strong team of Korean designers behind the brand, no wonder you will find the widest selection of Fila clothing in Korea. They understand local color preferences well and design to suit the needs of Asians.

Some of these designs are also unique in Korea and cannot be found in other countries! We will introduce some of the Fila Korea shoes here.

1. Fila disruptor 2 shoes pink shoes

fila disruptor 2 singapore

Fila Korea disruptor 2 shoes in pink, retailing at sgd140 at StyleupK.

The Fila disruptor 2 shoes is one of the most popular platform shoes from Korea.

The high platform of the sole and the spikes on the bottom of the shoes give it an edgy vibe. Many love this chunky sneakers that elevate their height.

This Fila platform sneakers come in many colors too!

2. Fila ray prism shiny pink shoes

fila ray prism pink shoes singapore

Fila ray prism pink shoes, retailing at sgd 110 at StyleupK.

The Fila Korea ray shoes is also a platform shoes. The difference with the Fila disruptor 2 shoes is that it has a more casual vibe.

If you look at the bottom of the shoes, there are no spikes. Instead, it takes on a flat sole design and gentle contours on its design.

This type of Fila platform shoes is suitable for a casual day out, and is a more suitable pair to wear for casual Fridays compared to the Fila disruptor.

Tip: Wear the Fila ray prism to the Garden by the Bays! It'll make for a great picture against the beautiful backdrop of flowers.

3. Fila ray tracer yellow grey shoes

fila ray tracer yellow singapore bts

Fila ray tracer yellow shoes, retailing at sgd140 at StyleupK

As an in-between of the Fila disruptor and the Fila ray, the fila ray tracer mesmerizes with its layering of colors.

Looking at its design, it retains the edgy soles of the Fila disruptor sneakers, yet is a more subdued version of it. Its unique point is that it includes suede material and color combinations to make this shoe an artpiece in itself.

4. Fila Korea como mules

fila como mules slip on singapore

Fila Korea como mules, retailing at sgd70 at StyleupK.

This slipon type shoes take on the shape of a canvas sneakers, but it is oh-so-convenient to wear.

Going to NTUC Fairprice or Orchard or for school or tuition? No problem, just slip on this Fila Korea como mules and you will be ready to go. It is comfortable yet will make you look more well kept than the usual T-shirt, shorts and slippers combination.

5. Fila Korea slides

fila tapey tape slides

Fila tapey tape white navy slippers, retailing at sgd59 at StyleupK.

Wanna go for something simple? Or just need a stylish slippers to go to the neighborhood mall?

Check out the Fila Korea tapey tape slides and also the Fila Korea sleek tender slippers.

fila sleek tender black sore

Fila sleek tender blackretailing at sgd59 at StyleupK.

fila sleek tender black sole singapore

Fila sleek tender slippers have a softer sole than the usual Fila slides.

They both exude a casual stylish vibe, and looks more sophisticated with their cover top design.

The sleek tender Fila slides is suitable for those who prefer a softer sole. The Fila tapey tape slides has a harder sole and is suitable for those looking for the classic Fila slides.


Look no further than Fila Korea for its range of beautifully designed shoes at affordable prices. With BTS as the ambassador of Fila Korea, you'll be sure to see this brand more often in the near future!

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