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Korean Accessories Brands to look out for

Which Korean Accessories Brands Are Popular in Korea?

Who does not love Korean fashion? It's no wonder, as the creative designs and great quality make people coming back for more. More importantly, they are more reasonably priced compared to their US or European counterparts.

Also, the clothing, bags and accessories are designed for Asian fit and liking. Woohoo!

In addition, the great outfit and fashion style of K-pop idols and Korean actors and actresses are really a thing of their own!

Their gorgeous fashion style have also created an international fan base who wish to re-create similar look and style.

One of the things about these celeb fashion style is that they pay attention to details and color combinations. They also use a lot of accessories and jewelry, both on stage and off stage.

Accessories make or break a look

A piece of jewelry or pouch might be small in size, but its capability to attract attention exceed that of a clothing. Not convinced? Check out the scenario below:

Have you ever worn a pair of shiny dangling earrings or a pretty ballcap or hipsack? Don't you find that the attention usually fall on these so-called accessories?

Accessories also complement a look and make it complete. Thus, it's highly unlikely that ladies do not put on some perfume, earrings or necklace on special occasions.

Likewise for the hippies, you will need accessories to complete your streetwear style too!

Korean Men Wear Accessories Too?

got7 Young-jae wingbling
GOT7 Young-jae wearing Wingbling Korea Minimalist Diamond Earrings, retailing at sgd36 at StyleupK

Did you remember the era when it was a no no for men to put on BB cream or any form of makeup?

Now, it has become the norm for men to take care of their skin.

On a similar note, past social norms only allowed men to style with ballcaps, hipsacks and maybe some chain bracelets, but this has slowly changed.

Just look at Korea, which is known as a fashion leader. The men have started wearing more accessories like bracelets and earrings. Of course, the men designs are different from the women!
That's the best thing about Korean accessories. There are so many choices for the buyers.

Depending upon your style there are various styles that you can choose from. You can go all cute, chic or elegant with them. We especially love the minimalist and elegant look.


Which Korean jewelry brand is famous in Korea?

red eye korea

Red Eye Korea store at Malaysia KLIA2 mall. Image credit: klia

You might have heard of Red Eye Korea. It is one of the korean jewelry store selling items like earrings, necklaces and hair accessories. Started in 2010, it has more than 90 stores locally, and have expanded to China, Malaysia and Singapore. Currently, it focuses on offline stores, and do not have an online presence.

But trust me, there are many other quality korean accessories brands too! These brands might be well known locally, but not as well known overseas as they usually only have online presence in Korea.

Today, we will introduce three korean accessories brands.

1. Wingbling Korea

wingbling moon earrings

One of Wingbling most popular earrings. Wingbling Korea Moon Goddess Luna Earrings, retailing at sgd38.50 at StyleupK.

One of Korea's most popular online korean jewelry store, their focus is on enhancing real beauty. The brand was founded in 2014, and have since grown to become a well loved brand.

Wingbling Brand Story

son ye jin wingbling

Wingbling Korea Moon Goddess Luna Earrings also worn by Korean actress Son Ye-jin.

The brand is famous because of its amazing range of jewelry and the story behind every jewelry collection. Their high quality fashion jewellery have also gained a strong following from popular K-pop idols and korean celebs.

Which celebrity wear Wingbling ?

IU is one of the many stars that love to wear Wingbling. You will see her wearing these gorgeous Korean earrings on multiple occasions.


Wingbling Korea Flower Diamond Dangling Earrings

wingbling iu
In the K-drama Hotel de Luna, IU wore these diamond dangling floral earrings.

Its design is a combination of two flowers, with a diamond teardrop at its bottom.

wingbling iu hotel de luna
Wingbling Korea Flower Diamond Dangling Earrings, retialing at sgd40 at StyleupK.

Just look at how bright this pair of earrings shine in the tvn drama and enhances the elegance of IU simple outfit.

Wingbling Korea IU Flower Dangling Earrings

wingbling iu flower

As a great fan of Wingbling, IU also wears their earrings off screen too.

In this picture, she wears a simple flower dangling earrings, which go so well with her floral outfit.
wingbling iu flower

Wingbling Korea IU Flower Dangling Earrings, retailing at sgd38 at StyleupK.

This one has a simple crystal flower hanging down from a thin metal piece, and is a minimalist everyday style.

Wingbling Korea Moon Goddess Luna Earrings

wingbling red velvet yeri goddess luna earrings

Red Velvet Yeri wears Wingbling Korea Moon Goddess Luna Earrings 

This is one of the most popular pair of Wingbing earrings. Its mystic design makes it so popular.

wingbling goddess luna earrings
The shape of the earrings is that of a crescent moons with one side dangling. On closer look, the moons are made up of small crystal stars. Stars and moon in the same earring. How pretty is that!

bambam wingbling

GOT7 Bam Bam also wore the same piece at Mnet M Countdown.

Wingbling Korea 925 Silver White Moon Necklace

silver moon wingbling
This interesting silver moon necklace is a popular piece too. It also glows in the dark!
silver moon wingbling
It was worn by Gfriend Yuju and Astro Yoon San-ha.

silver moon wingbling

Check out the Wingbling style of other Korean celebs below too.

momoland nacy wingbling

Momoland Nancy wears Wingbling Korea Shiny Diamond Crystal Earrings in an advertorial shoot.

everglow Si-hyeon

Everglow Si-hyeon wears Wingbling Korea Dangling Floral Earrings, retailing at sgd50 at StyleupK.

Anti-allergic Korean jewelry

Most of Wingbling jewelry are made from anti-allergic or hypoallergenic material. That is good news for people with sensitive skin.

Wingbling social aim

Wingbling also donates a part of its sales to WWF Korea to help curb global warming.

Not only do they help young people feel pretty with their beautiful jewelry, they also help the Earth too!

2. Salrang Korea minimalist wallets

salrang wallets

Salrang Korea dijon flap wallets, retailing at sgd56 at StyleupK.

Salrang is a local online wallet brand that provides people minimalist style of card wallets and purses.

Brand Story of Salrang


Salrang dijon wallets, here in beige, lilac and powder blue. Image credit: uniq moment

Started in 2015, Salrang observe the necessities of your daily life and then incorporate that into their wallet designs to enhance comfort.
dijon salrang beige
That explains why their purses have many card holders and are created in the perfect size for the modern young adults.

dijon back

And the back card holder makes it so easy to retrieve the transportation card or credit card you frequently use. That's the fruit of their observation, which translates to style meeting function.

dijon salrang beige
dijon salrang beige
Their wallets are sleek looking and minimalist, while looking oh-so-korean. We look how compact they look yet be able to fit in our many cards and also some notes and coins. The design is well matched for the epayment generation of today!
dijon salrang gray

Salrang Dijon Flap Mini Wallet Light Grey is also another beautiful color. Image credit: joseeandme

The wallets are made with vegan leather and all come with a cute tassel to increase the korean vibe!


3. Donkie Korea bags

donkie valley close bag
Complete your outfit with a korean bag made in korea. This women bag brand releases beautiful women bag designs which complement your outfit.
donkie bucket bag

Brenda carries the Donkie Almond Bag in white. Available Singapore instock. Image credit: @ontaechan

Besides designing their own bags, they also manage the manufacturing factory process. This results in more control over the quality of bags, and better cost effectiveness. In turn, you get better quality bags at better prices!

Read more about Donkie Korea here.


Korean fashion style always look so neat and on-point. Much credit goes to the details in their choice of accessories.

The small details can make or break an outfit. It is nice to incorporate a simple design to enhance your fashion style or features.

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