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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)
Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD265 to the USA)

Shop for authentic BTS clothing - the exact same idol outfit as kpop group BTS. These BTS clothing are loved by the members and ARMY will surely love them!

As a group, BTS has collaborated with Fila for several collections, including BTS x Fila Dynamite, BTS x Fila Run Your Race, BTS x Fila Create Your Winter. Each of these Fila x BTS collections are unique and showcase the different theme. BTS look good on all these Fila x BTS collaborations, and each member showcases their unique style through their clothing selection.

Jungkook goes for casual outfits, Jungkook style is effortlessly stylish and his comfy chic airport fashion has inspired many. Jungkook outfits include the 23.65 v2 shoes that is fashionable yet lightweight, and the cute Lamodechief all eyes on me sweatshirt clothing worn during BTS dance practices.

Jin has a more witty style, and he likes to engage his fans through his clothing. Instead of flamboyant style, he goes for more down to earth clothing that has details. He has worn the Ames Worldwide Moving Smile sweat set during one of BTS vlive, and the Worldwide logo emphasizes his Worldwide Handsome status, making army fans excited by his witty fashion sense. He has also worn the Aambition sweatshirt and Aambition sweatpants, which are basic clothing with paisley patterns that make them unique and different.

Good looking Taehyung V looks good even in streetwear outfits. He has a playful personality which his off stage outfit helps to showcase. He has worn several cute clothing including the Cpgn Studio Joker Clown Oversized Sweatshirt and Tarket Goofy T-Shirt.

Jimin does not mind going for brighter colors, and his clothing sure helps to showcase his bright and youthful energy. He goes for a bright orange Shethiscomma New Good Day Long Sleeve T-shirt and Mukshimai Natural Water Drop Pearl Earring with smiley face design. These simple fashion choices make this BTS member shine through.

RM is known as the rapper of the group, and he is usually seen in basic color oversized shirts and comfy pants. He loves to layer with an oversized cardigan or jacket of a different color. Army with a keen eye would also notice he loves to pair with glasses or sunglasses too!

Suga is more laidback and the fashion style of this BTS member shows his personality. He is mostly seen in monotone hues like black or white outfits. He sure does know how to put together an all black outfits effortlessly. A style tip to Suga all black fashion is to pair clothing of different textures and fit to give it the nice structured look of Suga's style. Suga loves to pair his outfits with a hat or beanie too.

Jhope is a free spirited dancer of the group. He includes a diverse range of clothing, from cute to colorful to chic, and he looks good in all! As J-hope fashion style has a huge range, he keeps fans surprised on his next fashion outfit!