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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
10 Must-Have Korean Fashion Items For Fall

10 Must-Have Korean Fashion Items For Fall

As October reaches an end and the weather starts getting colder, it’s truly starting to feel like fall. The changing of seasons will bring about other changes as well; green leaves start turning into beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange, and the clothes we wear will have to change as well.

Unless you live in the tropics where it’s summer all year round, you’re going to need to add a little warmth to your usual wardrobe, and if you’re having trouble deciding what to get, we’re here to help! In this article, we share with you the 10 must-have Korean fashion items for this fall.

Long-sleeved top

Doyoung Long-sleeved Top Outfit

Image: NCT Doyoung Instagram

Summer is characterised by sleeveless tops, and fall is all about sleeves—the longer, the better! If you have a long-sleeved top that you want to show off, then fall is the perfect season to do it. And if the weather is not too cold, you can even get away without having to wear an extra layer on top, letting your long-sleeved shirt take center stage.

If you’re planning on rocking a single-layer outfit, you have to make sure that your top is eye-catching enough to capture people’s attention. In that case, bright colours and bold patterns are your best friend.


Oversized sweatshirt

Dahyun Oversized Sweatshirt Outfit

Image: TWICE Instagram

Sweatshirts are definitely must-have items for the cold weather, and if you’re a fan of Korean fashion, then you will know that your sweatshirt should be oversized for an extra trendy look. Not only is an oversized fit more comfortable, the extra fabric also makes the whole outfit look much cosier, and sweater paws are super cute!

Dahyun styles her oversized sweatshirt with a pair of wide leg jeans and sneakers, putting together an outfit that is both stylish and practical.



Got7 Mark Turtleneck Outfit

Image: Twitter

Turtlenecks (also known as polo necks) are a great option if you like the aesthetic of wearing a scarf, but it’s not quite cold enough for one just yet. During the fall, when the weather is only just starting to get chilly, you can opt for a thinner turtleneck. And if you would like to dress a little more warmly, you can throw on an oversized sweater over the turtleneck like Got7’s Mark.

The stitching on the collar of his turtleneck is also a nice detail, and AQO Studiospace’s turtleneck has a similar design, with its iconic teddy bear embroidered on the collar.


Midi skirt

Lisa Midi Skirt Outfit

Image: Twitter

Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to wear your thickest denim jeans, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear skirts during the colder months! While some girls might be brave enough to wear miniskirts (with stockings, of course) even when it’s cold out, midi skirts are great  for those of us who don’t deal too well with the cold. The hem of a midi skirt typically hits mid-calf, hence the name, and are slightly shorter than full-length maxi skirts.

Tennis skirts are especially trendy in K-Fashion, and if you’re a fan of the look, then you can take a page out of Lisa’s book and go for a midi length pleated skirt.


Knit vest

Yerin Knit Vest Outfit

Image: GFRIEND Yerin Instagram

Fall fashion is all about layering, and knit vests are one of the trendiest items to layer with in Korea. Not only are they practical for cooler weather, knit vests are also quintessential for the preppy aesthetic. Yerin styles her AQO Studiospace bear print knit vest with a white long-sleeved button up and a pleated skirt.

The knit vest’s pattern is already eye-catching enough on its own, but Yerin makes sure her vest truly pops with the clever use of colours. Because the rest of her outfit consists of black, white, and navy, the beige colour of her vest stands out even more.



Yangyang Blazer Outfit

Image: WayV Yangyang Instagram

Blazers are the slightly less dramatic cousins of the trench coat trend; both blazers and trench coats have collars and lapels that give them a slightly more sophisticated vibe, but the difference between the two lies in length. The shorter of the two, the blazer retains a more youthful vibe, especially when styled casually.

Yangyang rocks a monochrome outfit, styling his oversized black blazer with a black t-shirt and black ripped jeans. The blazer, along with the all-black aesthetic, give the outfit a more elegant vibe while still retaining his youthfulness.


Button-up jacket

Seulgi Button-up Jacket Outfit

Image: Red Velvet Seulgi Instagram

If blazers are too formal for your liking, then button-up jackets are a great alternative. While they come in many different materials, denim jackets are one of the trendiest fall fashion items in Korea. Usually, styling a denim jacket with a baseball cap might lead to a more lowkey and rugged aesthetic. 

However, Seulgi’s pink washed denim jacket is anything but lowkey. The slight patches of the original denim colour give her jacket an almost tie dye like pattern, which is also another top K-Fashion trend.



Jennie Cardigan Outfit

Image: Blackpink Jennie Instagram

Cardigans have a softer, more feminine vibe. Of course, that doesn’t mean men can’t rock a cardigan—as shown by many male K-Pop idols—but perhaps because of Jennie, cardigans are often associated with the high teen aesthetic. The good thing is, this means all you truly need to pull off a high teen inspired look is a pastel coloured cardigan!

In her Instagram post, while the rest of Jennie’s outfit does not necessarily fit the high teen aesthetic, the style of her cardigan and the way she wears it definitely gives her the same youthful and luxurious vibe.


Sporty sneakers

Dahyun Sporty Sneakers Outfit

Image: WeHeartIt

While sneakers are a big aspect of Korean fashion no matter the season, most casual wear sneakers are not suitable for exercising, although they are definitely comfortable enough for daily wear. Fall is widely regarded as the time of the year with some of the most beautiful scenery, and many people enjoy going for hikes during this season. 

Sporty sneakers will not only make you look like you’re ready for a hike, if styled appropriately, you actually can embark on an impromptu fall hike with your friends. Dahyun goes for the loungewear aesthetic, styling her sporty sneakers with sweatshorts and an oversized ADLV hoodie.


Leather accessories

Joy Leather Bag

Image: Red Velvet Joy Instagram

Fall is regarded as one of the most romantic seasons, and many couples choose to go for strolls down tree-lined streets during this time of year. And when it comes to dressing up for dates, the elegant chic aesthetic is the perfect style, and you can often see female leads in Korean dramas dressed in this style as well, adding to the romantic vibes of the look. 

The elegant chic aesthetic is defined by its more feminine and mature vibe, and leather accessories are especially suitable for this style. While the ripped jeans and open-shoulder top Joy wears has a more casual vibe, she dresses her outfit up with a large leather handbag, achieving the perfect date-ready outfit!


Apart from handbags, leather shoes are also a great option. If you’re not a fan of large handbags, you can supplement a small leather handbag with a pair of leather shoes, enhancing the elegant chic vibes.


Are you ready for fall?

Some items, such as oversized sweatshirts, knit vests, cardigans, and sneakers are essential must-haves for K-Fashion lovers, no matter the season, and thus should already be included in your wardrobe. However, items such as turtlenecks and blazers are definitely more seasonal, and should definitely be added to your closet if you don’t already own any.

How many of the items on this list do you already own? If you’ve managed to check everything off, then you’re absolutely ready for fall! 

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