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10 Simple Korean Inspired Halloween Outfit Ideas

10 Simple Korean Inspired Halloween Outfit Ideas

Halloween is one of the highlights of October. By now, most of us who will be celebrating Halloween might already have started putting a costume together. But even if you haven’t decided what outfit to wear yet, don’t worry!

In this article, we have put together a list of 10 simple Halloween outfit ideas, inspired by popular Korean dramas, K-Pop comebacks, and Korean variety shows. Plus, the best part of these outfits is that while they will definitely be iconic amongst fellow Hallyu lovers, they can also be incorporated into your everyday wardrobe post-Halloween!

Mr. Queen

Mr. Queen’s first episode aired in December 2020, and by the time 2021 rolled around, the drama was a hit. The premise of the series was based on a Chinese web-drama (Go Princess Go), and features a modern day chef whose soul is transported back in time to the Joseon era, but there’s a twist—he’s trapped in the body of the queen! 

Being set in the Joseon era, the hanbok, which is Korea’s traditional clothing, is the default attire for the characters, and through watching the show, viewers can truly gain a better appreciation of Korean culture.

 Mr Queen Outfit

Image: HanCinema

Recreate the look

While the hanbok is indeed beautiful, it may not be appropriate to dress in a full traditional hanbok for a Halloween party. However, modern hanboks and hanbok-inspired clothing have become trendy in Korean fashion, and can be incorporated into your Joseon royalty inspired Halloween outfit.


Girls Planet 999

While K-Pop survival shows are not a new concept, Girls Planet 999 keeps it fresh by introducing contestants from not just Korea, but Japan and China as well. While some of the contestants have already debuted in their own groups prior to the show, many of them are trainees who are working towards their goal of becoming a K-Pop idol.

Because there is so much for the contestants to learn and grow as a performer throughout the show, it is fitting that the official outfit for the show is an iconic pastel school uniform.

Look 1

Girls Planet 999 Look 1

Image: Twitter

Recreate the look



Look 2

Of course, it would not be practical for the contestants to spend long hours practicing in their uniform inspired outfits. Instead, they are usually dressed in a raglan tee and sweatshorts, resembling a gym uniform. This is definitely an iconic look as well, and a great option if you prefer a more casual outfit.

Girls Planet 999 Look 2

Image: Reddit 

Recreate the look



Red Velvet – Queendom

Due to the unfortunate incident at the end of 2019, Red Velvet did not make any comebacks in 2020, and were down one member for most of the year. As their first comeback in close to two years, Queendom was highly anticipated—and it did not disappoint.

Everything about it perfectly encapsulated Red Velvet, not only musically, but the whole concept, from the lyrics to the styling. While the members of Red Velvet showcased a variety of outfits in their music video, the denim on denim look was not only one of the most memorable, but also in line with the recent newtro trend.

Red Velvet Queendom Outfit

Image: Kpopping

Recreate the look

Denim on denim may be a tough look to pull off, but Red Velvet makes it work by incorporating non-denim pieces into their outfit. Instead of going for a full denim look, you can take a page from Wendy’s book, styling a denim skirt with a regular t-shirt that is layered with a denim jacket. The entire outfit is then completed with a beret.




Weeekly – After School

What happens when you combine the school uniform trend with the retro trend? Twice may be the latest K-Pop group to be rocking high school fashion, but Weeekly was one of the first groups to kickstart this trend with their March 2021 comeback ‘After School’. Broadly, their outfits fall into the newtro trend, but because of the high school concept, their outfits have a nostalgic but youthful vibe.

Weeekly After School Outfit

Image: Twitter

Recreate the look




D.O. – Empathy

Not only did the release of the album ‘Empathy’ mark D.O.s first solo music venture, it was also his first solo schedule since being discharged from the army. While we may be used to seeing him rocking out-of-this-world (pun intended) concepts with EXO, for his solo debut, D.O. takes a more stripped back and down-to-earth approach.

Not only does he go for a more acoustic sound for his tracks, his styling for the album is dominated by earthy and neutral tones.

D.O. Empathy Outfit

Image: Naver

Recreate the look

Throw on a pair of wireless headphones (maybe bring along a bicycle if you’re extra dedicated) and you’ll be able to recreate D.O.’s look in the music video for his title track ‘Rose’.



SHINee – Don’t Call Me

It’s no secret that SHINee’s Key is not only an avid fashionista, but also takes an active role in the styling for the group. As his personal taste seems to be quite loud and over the top (as seen in his solo release ‘Bad Love’), it’s no surprise that SHINee’s group styling is always unconventional.

One of our favourite looks from SHINee’s Don’t Call Me era is this faux monochrome look. While they are dressed mostly in various shades of brown, each of their outfits feature a pop of sky blue—which is a creative nod to SHINee’s official fandom colour.

SHINee Don't Call Me Outfit

Image: Twitter

Recreate the look

Like Minho, wearing a coloured turtleneck as a base layer allows for a pop of colour in an otherwise completely neutral coloured outfit.




NCT Dream – Hot Sauce

There is no concept that NCT Dream cannot pull off. Their styling for their first 2021 comeback ‘Hot Sauce’ is vastly different from the bad boy concept of their ‘Reload’ album last year, but they pull off this funky retro styling flawlessly. Getting dressed in bright colours and bold patterns to sing about hot sauce seems absurd, but it fits in with the beachy theme of the music video.

You might confuse more than a handful of fellow partygoers if you decide to dress in a ‘Hot Sauce’ inspired outfit, but it will be an eye-catching look for sure, and will also make for a good conversation starter. You might even recruit a few new NCTzens before the end of the night!

NCT Dream Hot Sauce Outfit

Image: Twitter

Recreate the look

When it comes to this look, less is more does not apply. Feel free to go wild, layering and mixing patterns and colours. Complete the outfit with an unbuttoned shirt as the top layer for the perfect beachy vibes.




BTS – Butter

BTS’ music and styling has evolved a lot over the years, from their rookie days with a heavy focus on hip hop, to the coming of age concept of their I Need U era. Now, ever since Dynamite, retro seems to be BTS’ newest style, and their styling for ‘Butter’ is no exception. Apart from featuring bright colours, BTS also rock colourful tracksuits in the music video for the track, reminiscent of early 2000s fashion.

BTS Butter Outfit

Image: Pinterest

Recreate the look

The exact numbered shirt that Jin and J-Hope wear in ‘Butter’ is available on StyleupK! Style the top with a brightly coloured tracksuit set and you’ll look like you just walked out of a BTS music video.



Squid Game

Of all of Korea’s cultural exports in 2021, Squid Game—which is now officially the most-watched Netflix show— is undeniably the most popular. We’re certain that characters from Squid Game will be popular this Halloween, not just because of the show’s popularity, but also the macabre setting of the drama is fitting for a night that is celebrated for being spooky. 

Squid Game Outfit

Image: HanCinema

Recreate the look

The best part about dressing up as a character from Squid Game is that the outfit is super simple! Pick your favourite character, choose a shirt that features their player number on it, and throw on a green tracksuit over it to complete the look.




Which look are you stealing for Halloween?

With so many K-Pop comebacks in a year, as well as countless new K-Dramas being released each month, there will never be a shortage of inspiration for the perfect Halloween outfit. A lot of these outfits are also fairly simple to put together, while retaining the iconic look of the original.

And because Koreans have such impeccable style, even if people don’t recognise what you’re trying to reference with your outfit, you will definitely still be one of the best dressed persons at any party you attend.

Shop for the perfect K-Culture inspired Halloween outfit at StyleupK today, worldwide delivery available! Free shipping to Singapore and the US if you spend a minimum of SGD100 or USD190 respectively.

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