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Aespa Fashion outside the AI universe

We are all familiar with how artificial intelligence (AI) is getting into the market, and monster K-Pop girl group Aespa is no stranger to it. With their concept being all about AI and each even having their own individual AI characters, there’s no doubt that Aespa is going to take the industry by storm.

With such a unique futuristic concept, we’re curious to know if the Aespa members themselves have their own one-of-a-kind style outside of Kwangya. Even with just four members, (eight if you include their AI characters), we’re sure each of the Aespa members have distinct and clear “Aespa fashion styles” that tear them apart from others!


Known as the team’s “rocket puncher”, Karina’s fashion style is no doubt the cool girl crush. From leather jackets, crop tops to beanies, Karina isn’t afraid to go for bolder clothing, especially with her unique strong features.

Even during dance practices she’s seen going for the more cool girl look with ball caps and cropped tees. The Ames Colored Ringer Crop T-Shirt was worn by Karina as well, giving her that girl crush look that has everyone falling for.
Aespa Karina Reinsein Crop Top StyleupK


As the rapper of the group, Giselle immediately exudes swag. Having lived abroad has definitely influenced Giselle’s style, making her hold the street style position within Aespa’s fashion. Graffitis, graphic tees and oversized hoodies are a must when it comes to Giselle’s closet.

The Clotty Big CC Logo Mix Hoodie worn by Aespa Giselle is just one of the many hoodies that she has. Nothing screams swag like a good oversized sweatshirt or hoodie with graphics and print! Luckily StyleupK has tons of them to choose from!
Aespa Giselle Ncover Sweatshirt StyleupK


Did you know that Winter fits the ideal Korean look? With her small face, large doe eyes, pale skin and slim nose, Winter makes everyone fall in love. Not to mention her sweet girl next door style that suits her soft features well. Whites, creams and pinks are a definite must in Winter’s style, showing off the innocent feminine look that many Koreans are into.

Don’t forget to add on dainty accessories as well to finish the look! The Engbrox Pearl Smiley Ring was worn by Aespa Winter as well, completing her sweet feminine clothing style.
Aespa Winter Near & Dear Dress StyleupK

Ning Ning

Despite being the youngest of the group, Ning Ning exudes confidence in her mature but chic style. Often in low buns and knit clothing, Ning Ning still shows off her youth through her fashion sense. Fans often give her the “girlfriend” title with the way she dresses and takes pictures. Clearly age is not a problem when it comes to fashion for Ning Ning!
Aespa Ning Ning Romantic Crown Cardigan StyleupK

To Sum Up

It’s true that Aespa seems very “out of this world” with their AI concept and futuristic vibes, especially with the way each of the Aespa members show off their personalities through their unique individual fashion styles. Aespa fashion is most definitely different from the rest!

However you don’t need to be an AI robot to follow Aespa fashion, especially with StyleupK, where you can shop for numerous inspired Aespa looks and Aespa’s clothing that the Aespa members themselves have worn!
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