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Airport Fashion Spotlight: Blackpink Jennie High Teen Style

Airport Fashion Spotlight: NCT Taeyong 'Neo' Style

With 23 members in total, it’s no surprise that NCT has its fair share of fashionable members. However, NCT’s leader Taeyong is definitely one of the first members to come to mind when discussing NCT’s fashion. NCT is known for being an experimental group, and this is reflected in their stage outfits as well. While most of the other members of NCT prefer a more casual style in their downtime, it seems like Taeyong’s personal style seems to resonate with his professional style.

What does that mean? Let’s take a look at some of his best airport fashion looks and find out!


Taeyong mixes formal wear and streetwear for this outfit. While his turtleneck and houndstooth blazer have a more formal vibe, he dresses them down with a crossbody bag (worn under the blazer!) and a pair of “ugly” sneakers.

190222 Taeyong outfit

Taeyong blends streetwear with formal wear for this outfit / Image: Twitter

Fila Korea Oakment TR Green

Fila Korea Oakment TR Green, retailing at SGD130 at StyleupK


Taeyong has rocked a monochromatic outfit on more than one occasion, and this time it is his graphic t-shirt that is the focus of his outfit. The thick pinstripe pattern on his blazer matches the pattern on his pants, and he completes the outfit with a black beret.

190712 Taeyong outfit

This all-black outfit is both casual and sophisticated / Image: Twitter

Kangol Wool Beret Hat in Black

Kangol Wool Beret Hat in Black, retailing at SGD155 at StyleupK


Whether it’s an all-black outfit or a pastel-coloured outfit, Taeyong pulls it off effortlessly. Comfort is clearly the focus of this outfit, with the oversized button-up and wide-legged bottoms giving him a casual loose-fit silhouette. He completes the outfit with a pair of stylish yet convenient mules.

190721 Taeyong outfit

The pink beanie and tie dye  pattern gives this outfit a cool retro vibe / Image: Pinterest

Fila Korea Bumper Mule Ver 2 Black

Fila Korea Bumper Mule Ver 2 Black, retailing at SGD75.80 at StyleupK


The houndstooth blazer is back, but this time instead of using a crossbody as a middle layer between his shirt and blazer, Taeyong wears a cardigan instead. Because of the cardigan being such a prominent aspect of the high teen aesthetic, many people might have the misconception that cardigans are for girls only—but Taeyong proves otherwise with this outfit!

200229 Taeyong outfit

Taeyong shows that men can rock cardigans too / Image: Twitter

AQO Studiospace Bear Oversized Knit Cardigan in Black

AQO Studiospace Bear Oversized Knit Cardigan in Black, retailing at SGD85 at StyleupK


Taeyong plays around with colours in this outfit, pairing a bright orange beanie with a green jacket. In order to let these two coloured items stand out, he styles them with dark wash jeans and black leather shoes.

200309 Taeyong outfit

The green-and-orange palette makes his outfit more eye-catching / Image: Twitter

Heartclub Cross Dress in Green

Heartclub Cross Dress in Green, retailing at SGD59.90 at StyleupK

Alice Martha Kori Pouch in Orange

Alice Martha Kori Pouch in Orange, retailing at SGD49 at StyleupK


When looking at Taeyong’s casual outfits, it’s clear that he enjoys experimenting with fashion—hence, is very much in alignment with NCT’s spirit of experimentation. He rarely sticks to one distinct style, and can often be seen sporting outfits that have completely different vibes within a short period of time.

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