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BTS Members' Personal Styles and How To Dress Like Them

BTS Members' Personal Styles and How To Dress Like Them

Celebrity fashion has always been a hot topic among fans and non-fans alike. Non-fans who like a particular celebrity’s style might look to them for style inspiration, while fans might want to dress like their favourite celebrities in order to feel closer to them. No matter the reason, many of us want to look and dress like celebrities.

When it comes to celebrity fashion, it would be hard not to talk about BTS, who are arguably one of the most internationally known and loved boy bands. BTS’ concept styling has evolved quite a bit over the years, from the more hip-hop streetwear outfits of their rookie days, to the funky retro-inspired outfits of their more recent releases. But not only have their stage outfits changed, the members’ personal styles have also changed over the years.

In this article, we’ll take a look at each BTS member’s style. If you’re not already a fan of the group, you might just find some style inspiration for future outfits. And if you’re a die-hard ARMY like the rest of us, then read on for some great couple outfit ideas for you and your BTS bias.

RM – Laid back and casual

RM personal style

RM’s outfit looks both comfortable and practical / Image: Pinterest

RM’s style is laid back and comfortable. He often makes use of layers in his outfits, wearing jackets, cardigans, and outer shirts over a plain t-shirt. He also knows how to rock a statement piece. In the outfit shown above, RM’s deep red beanie stands out compared to the rest of his outfit, which consists of more neutral and muted colours, such as beige and khaki. He also favours larger bags, such as tote bags, which are both stylish and practical. 

If you want to dress like RM, layers are the way to go. While layering may seem impractical in the summer, the key is to find light, breathable pieces.

Practical accessories such as sneakers and tote bags are also must-haves for an RM-inspired look!

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Jin – Simple and clean

Jin personal style outfit

Jin likes to keep his outfits simple, letting his top-class visuals take the spotlight instead / Image: Pinterest

Jin’s style is the most minimalistic out of all the BTS members, and he can often be seen wearing t-shirts and jeans. While he likes to keep it simple, comfort is also a key aspect of his outfits. When dressed down even further, he swaps out his t-shirts for oversized hoodies instead. If you’re looking to rock a couple look with Jin, then oversized hoodies and plain t-shirts are your best options.

The eldest member of BTS is also not afraid to show his love for the colour pink! He can often be seen wearing pink, and has even rocked an all-pink outfit. For a Jin-inspired outfit, all you have to do is dress simply, and incorporate some pink into your outfit.

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Suga – Dark and edgy

Suga personal style outfit

Suga has more of a streetwear style and favours dark-coloured clothes / Image: Twitter

Before he became an idol, Suga was once an underground rapper, and his strong hip-hop past can be seen in the way he dresses. From looking at just a handful of different outfits Suga has worn, it’s obvious that black is one of his favourite colours. He often sports all-black outfits, or other dark neutral colours, such as navy. Because of the hip-hop influence, Suga also tends to favour streetwear. He doesn’t usually dress up, and prefers a more casual style, so hoodies and sweatpants are must-have items.

For even more of a Suga vibe, make sure to pick clothing items that are dark coloured or have grungier designs.

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J-Hope – Bright and cheerful

J-Hope personal style outfit

J-Hope incorporates bright colours into his outfits to match his cheerful personality / Image: Twitter

J-Hope is the mood maker of the group, and his style definitely reflects his vitamin-like personality. Unlike Suga’s dark outfits, J-Hope doesn’t shy away from bright colours in his outfits, and can often be seen wearing brightly coloured clothes and accessories. He’s also great at accessorising, keeping his looks fresh with interesting accessories. Unconventional designs are great if you want to channel your inner J-Hope, whether it’s a unique coloured jacket or interestingly-shaped bag, it’s all about getting people talking with eye-catching outfits.

One of the most important things we can learn from J-Hope when it comes to fashion is to not be afraid of experimenting and trying out unique combinations that other people might shy away from.

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Jimin – Elegant and chic

Jimin personal style outfit

Jimin keeps it simple but classy just like a prince out of a fairytale / Image: Pinterest

There is a reason why Jimin is often compared to a Disney prince. Like fellow members Jin and Suga, Jimin also seems to prefer a more minimalistic style. However, his outfits usually have a casual and chic vibe despite being casual. Jimin knows how to dress up without looking overly formal, and often gives off immense boyfriend vibes with his sense of style. Not only does he look like he’s always ready for a date night out, he also looks like the kind of boyfriend you would want to bring home to meet your parents.

Whether you’re simply a fan of his style, or you want to dress in a way to match him, the trick to pulling off the elegant and chic look is to look for good quality leather pieces. In the outfit above, the soft sweatshirt and loose pants give off a more casual vibe, but he dresses them up by styling the pants with a belt and completing the entire outfit with a pair of leather shoes.

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V – Artsy and refined

V personal style outfit

V channels his inner artist with this vintage preppy outfit / Image: Twitter

V has an artistic soul, and it shows in the way he dresses. His style aligns pretty closely with the dark academia aesthetic, which is sort of a darker version of the more well-known preppy aesthetic. He often wears knitted vests over plain tops, styled with dark coloured slacks. He also often wears hats that have a more artsy vibe, such as berets and newsboy caps, and carries messenger bags. His overall style is very put together and refined, and this is the vibe that you will want to replicate if you want to dress like V. 

Thankfully, knitted vests are quite trendy in Korean fashion, so you’ll be spoiled for choice when trying to pick the perfect vest for your V-inspired look.

Louie Ooie Boni Newsboy Cap in Mix Light Blue

Louie Ooie Boni Newsboy Cap in Mix Light Blue, retailing at SGD62.90 at StyleupK

AQO Studiospace Teddy Bear Pattern Knit Vest in Ivory

AQO Studiospace Teddy Bear Pattern Knit Vest in Ivory, retailing at SGD72 at StyleupK

Jungkook – Trendy and youthful

Jungkook personal style outfit

Jungkook’s style reflects his youth and knowledge of the latest fashion trends / Image: Pinterest

Being the maknae of the group, it’s no surprise that Jungkook’s style is trendy and youthful. Typical of Korean fashion, Jungkook often sports loose silhouettes, wearing oversized t-shirts and baggy pants. While some people may find this style too basic, it is a common misconception that basics are boring or unfashionable. Basics are extremely versatile, and if the bulk of your wardrobe consists of basic clothing items, then you will be able to put together many different outfits using the same pieces.

While he does favour basics, Jungkook is fashion-savvy enough to style his outfits in an interesting way, making use of patterns (such as the plaid button-up that he wears draped over one shoulder in the above outfit) as well as layers.

Lamodechief All Eyes On Me Sweatshirt in Black

Jungkook has worn this exact Lamodechief All Eyes On Me Sweatshirt in Black, retailing at SGD135 at StyleupK

Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt in Oatmeal

Drape the Romantic Crown Cross Checkered Oversized Shirt in Oatmeal, retailing at SGD129 at StyleupK, over one shoulder for a Jungkook-inspired look


So which BTS member is your fashion sense most similar to? Does your usual style match well with your bias, or do you match with an unexpected member instead? 

The members of BTS each have their own distinct styles. Despite the differences in their fashion preferences, it’s hard to deny that all seven of them are super stylish and know how to express themselves through their fashion. The different personal styles of the BTS members also make them great sources of style inspiration for fans and non-fans alike.

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