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Free Shipping to SG above SGD100 (above USD190 to the USA)
CPGN Studio (Compagno) - Streetwear with Creative Designs

CPGN Studio (Compagno) - Streetwear with Creative Designs

Are you looking for outfit inspiration that perfectly balances comfort with style? If yes, streetwear is definitely your go-to option.

It's simple to wear and really comfortable. No wonder leading influencers, celebrities, and the general public can’t get enough of this fashion genre.

However, some might feel that streetwear is a bit too bland, with similar designs. Thus, the stereotypical streetwear attire is just a oversized logo T-shirt and shorts.

That is because you haven't heard about upcoming streetwear brands. They are disrupting the status quo with their creative designs and style!

cpgn studio styleupk

Today, we will be using the Korean streetwear brand Compagno (CPGN Studio) as an example. Streetwear is no longer just oversized logo T-shirts!

moon dial cpgn studio tshirt

CPGN Studio Moon Dial Short Sleeve Oversized T-shirt Black retailing at SGD 60 at StyleupK.

Say hello to a trendy formula that mixes simple yet creative designs with minimalist details. Their designs celebrate innovation and inspiration from nature elements or daily life.

The Meaning behind the CPGN Studio Brand

CPGN Studio is the abbreviation of the Compagno brand.

First things first, where did this upcoming Korean fashion brand get its name from? It doesn't sound Korean at all, doesn't it? Psst, any Italian learners here?

In fact, Compagno is an Italian word for ‘companion’ or ‘partner'. Unsurprisingly, their designs are inspired from our natural environment or daily life.

oasis tshirt cpgn studio

CPGN Studio Oasis Pigment Washed Oversized T-shirt Cream retailing at SGD 60 at StyleupK.

It is also their mission to create trendy clothing which are not only unisex, but also are suitable for the old and the young.

CPGN Studio’s History- Realizing the Dream Design

CPGN Studio was established in 2015. Within a short span of a few years, it has differentiated itself from the usual streetwear with its unique designs and comfortable fit.

No wonder famed Korean actors, singers, and the general public can’t get enough of this fashion brand!

Perhaps the unique designs is a result of their design cloud sourcing. Anyone can participate as a designer for the brand. In that way, COMPAGNO welcomes aspiring designer students, serving as a stage for opportunities.

The biggest advantage of this idea is the level of uniqueness that every individual brings to the table. Therefore, you can only expect to wear exclusive streetwear staples.


What to expect from CPGN Studio’s fashion style?

CPGN Studio offers oversized shirts, hoodies, and T-shirts. While the brand originally focuses on designs for men’s streetwear, you can’t help but notice the love it receives from female trendsetters too. For this reason, it would be fair to call it unisex for all the heartwarming designs loved by all.

A great amount emphasis is placed on styles that stem around all things natural. Whether it’s the solar system, trees, astrology or nature in general- the dynamic designs are a breath of fresh air. Unique and versatile too, you can’t help but admire the diversity across their collections each season.

CPGN Studio also does justice to its creative designs that celebrate animals. Combined with its intricate use of embroidery, it’s alluring to see how the brand instill detailed touches to transform a simple T-shirt.

Color wise, buyers will find an array of hues that pop in more ways than one. Whether it’s subtle shades of brown to bright purple and blues- pick a favorite and allow your outfit to do the talking.

Material wise, it is thicker than usual cotton T-shirts but not too thick as to make you feel uncomfortable on a hot day.

The best thing is their shirts have a drop shoulder fit. Thus, it will give you a nice silhouette and not just a baggy T-shirt dropping down from your shoulders.

Also, emphasis has been placed on the collar material to make sure that it does not become loose easily with washing.

We love how Korean streetstyle brands like this - where one piece is enough to complete your stylish outfit of the day.

Grab a hold of a CPGN Studio oversized T-shirt, and then pair the look with white sneakers and faded jeans. That’s all you need to embrace casual chic.


Which Korean Celebrities Wear CPGN Studio’s Clothing?

Without a doubt, the oversized hoodies are a part of CPGN Studio’s top selling merchandise. The streetstyle staple is great for casual as well as semi-formal looks too.

bts v cpgn hoodie

BTS V in CPGN Studio oversized hoodie. Image credit: @taehyungcloset

bts v cpgn hoodie

For all the BTS ARMY fans, catch heartthrob V striking a similar pose with his brown graphic CPGN Studio hoodie. Comfy and stylish, the leading look is a fan favorite for obvious reasons. And with the winter season in full swing, what better time to embrace the effortless trend?

Ong Seong-wu cpgn hoodie

Ong Seong-wu in CPGN Studio Liberation Oversized Hoodie.

Here’s another stunner in the oversized black graphic hoodie worn by former Wanna One member Ong Seong-wu. It is a commemorative hoodie designed for the Aug 15 Korean Liberation Day, with a focus on the Lushun Prison. Thus the Chinese characters and the prison graphic at the back of the hoodie.

kim jae hwan cpgn hoodie

Kim Jae-Hwan in CPGN Studio Graffiti Oversized Hoodie.

Another former Wanna One member Kim Jae-hwan chose the CPGN Studio graffiti hoodie. It has a stick man pointing a gun to himself, with the wording "Don't Hate". Have you long forgotten the stick man drawings from your childhood?

apink cpgn studio hoodie

Jung Eun-ji in CPGN Studio Time Travel Oversized Hoodie.

CPGN Studio clothing doesn't only appeal to guys. Look at Apink member Jung Eun-ji looking good in her CPGN Studio Time Travel Oversized Hoodie!

seo kang joon cpgn studio hoodie

Seo Kang-joon in CPGN Studio Time Travel Oversized Hoodie.

K-drama Cheese in the Trap actor Seo Kang-joon was also seen in this CPGN Studio Pinocchio Grey Hoodie. Don't you feel the same way sometimes - As if we are living a life as puppets under someone else's control?

But the brand doesn’t only specialize in full-sleeve basics.

oasis cpgn studio tshirt

CPGN Studio Oasis Pigment Washed Oversized T-shirt Charcoal Gray retailing at SGD 60 at StyleupK.

This CPGN Studio Oasis Pigment Washed T-shirt screams casual bliss from a distance. Just look at the desperate cactus trying to find an oasis in the middle of the desert! Uber comfortable and funky, it will surely put a smile to your face and those around you when you wear it!

Check out the other CPGN Studio oversized T-shirt designs here.


In such a short amount of time, COMPAGNO gets full credit for delivering striking ensembles in street style fashion. This rising Korean fashion brand continues to surprise audiences with its distinct collections.

Through their creativity in natural elements, CPGN Studio creates designs with a combination of comfort and style.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Styleupk and shop for the latest K-fashion collections, hand-picked exclusively for you.

We provide worldwide shipping. For buyers in Singapore and Malaysia, we offer free shipping for orders above SGD 100!

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